5 Summer Style Tips ONLY stylish Men KNOW (You Should Do!)

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Zachary Tucker says:

Hanker chiff

Arcade says:

1:35 what was that again?

LingLingPlayz says:

When will esentl restock?

Sentinel says:

Ironically, I’m wearing my Sloan undershirt today.

Ryan Gause says:

I’ve never understood how people layer/wear long pants or shirts during summer, I gotta wear shirts and a shirt or I get way too hot

Måns persson says:

by the thumbnail i really hope its eating ice-cream

Charles Weston says:

Damn, lost a lot of gains bro. Weird, your head looks too big for your body.

vinay pardeshi says:

Jose what’s you opinion to fila sneakers. tell me please.

Fantastic King says:

I m your 1404th subscriber

Amado Fuentes says:

Hey man great videos, where do you get great short sleeve shirts?

Calvin Dagucci says:

Yow did he just say nigga in his intro

ronas Aydilek says:

I liked your tipses in the start befaure i understanded that this was a gay Chan

mBrooksHD says:

Did he really just say, “he’s here to turn realities into possibilities”…? Flip that, bro.

Wyrenpanda says:

Your advices are shit

George Malgarinos says:

Jose, can you make a gym wear video? I am thinking about starting going to the gym so I don’t want to be looking like a tool!
Cheers! <3

Rex Erection says:

Jose the type of Zuniga thats teaching metro fashion.

Dipu Nakarmi says:

Which house did u bought jose ???? Pls inform us

David Bahena says:

Honest question about the Sloan undershirt, hope someone can help. Should I consider buying one size smaller than my regular size shirts? For example, most of my current, plain white undershirts, are size small. Should I consider buying extra small Sloan undershirt?

Sean Cercado says:

Do your products/sponsors works in the Philippines? Or ship?

Affan Khan says:

Speak more clearly …please.

rickey maharjan says:

i will get pinned..
(love you)

Jover Serafico says:

Long sleeves and summer doesnt add up well..

VPowerUnlimited says:

I want that wankerchief!

Sheldon Cruz says:

He just said reality into possibility lol. Shouldn’t it be other way around. Still a great vid aslways

Quim Mapa says:

Yo jose. Pls also think of Super hot places like tropical countries so we can also get some of that good stuff

KH_ ALEX says:

is it good to get blanc on base layer?

Callum Huston says:

Long sleeve shirt under button up tshirt is probably the most autistic tip I’ve ever seen

ראובן אטלס says:

Reality into possibility??

Lee Dillon says:

Like your channel pal but any chance you could chill on the intro

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