5 Important Fashion and Beauty Tips for Women OVER 30!

Today I’m sharing some of the most important fashion and beauty tips for women over the age of 30! If you’re under the age of 30- keep watching! Implementing these now will get you ahead. This video was inspired by the fact that my birthday was this month and I’m officially in my late 30’s (eek!) so I decided to share some of the tips that I found have had the most positive effect on my appearance as I’ve gotten older. If you’re looking for a serum to try I highly recommend StriVectin Wrinkle Recode Transforming Melting serum (still using and loving it!!) And remember what I said- you can go cheap when it comes to clothes but never when it comes to your skin. You MUST drop some coin on the good stuff!

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Michelle Holly says:

great tips Lindsay I am a skin care junky. But I love your fashion tips Keep sharing

makeuphappy1 says:

Your hilarious Lindsay ❤️

TheArgella says:

omg!!!! if this is 38, i am looking forward to each birthday <3

Meital 315 says:


Zed says:

You look early 30s!

mademoisellesss says:

The Nars one is good, but not the Soft Matte! That one is so not for undereyes unless they’re flawless. The RMS Uncoverup is also great as a light moisturizing concealer 🙂

Kristen Linton PhD says:

Oh I need this. 33 and 2 kids has aged me!

Maggie Gauvin says:

41 here! Great tips, Thanks for sharing!

TRJE114 says:

What a geat video and lm only 1 minute in.

Candy Feyrer says:

How about 54yrs and I think I care more about myself now than ever before I have lost all my wt,and take care of my skin all my life tone my body the picture is old I need to update it I will I just been very busy I really love your video,s

Lori Weinrib says:

Don’t feel bad Lindsay- you look very young- like early 30’s!! I’m older than you but I am lucky and never looked my age either! The one thing I can tell is to keep doing your sunblock- you are very smart- it will not only help with wrinkles it also will help with dark spots!! And i use baby wash cloths- you can buy a multi-pack in Marshall’s, or TJMaxx.

Vidhu Shukla says:

Please do your daily makeup routine.

snowflake550 says:

I turned also turned 38 this month!

minnie starr says:

Lindsay, u caught me off guard with your age. I really thought u are just in your late 20s or very early 30s.

Giovanna Urrego R says:

I’m 34 (almost 35) and in my case is usually my aunts which tell me I’m too old to wear some jean shorts or a mini-dress. It is a bummer really :-/.

Denise Younger says:

Diet water lots of real food keeps u young. I’m 62 and just starting to see changes ! I don’t believe in age boundaries but I don’t wanna dress like a 20 yr old love the concealer tip. Vit c for the hands

super nuss says:

You dont show your age at all lindsay! You look gorgeous and i must say your fine lines are so minimal you really took great care of that! Keep up that work! ❤️ rocking 38!

JarofArts says:

I’ll be 30 in 5 years so yeah these tips were helpful 🙂

Step 4head says:

Your intros are getting soo good!!

Dee B says:

Almost 57, love fashion of all types. Count on you Lindsay to keep me up to speed.

Shelley Eaton says:

You look amazing. Never would have guessed your age!!

MJen 180 says:

Yes, about the concealer less is better. I do set it with talc free, but very minimal. No baking lol…

Carli Smith says:


Kellee Green says:

Happy Birthday Month! I too, turned 38 this month on the 9th!

snowpuffxx says:

Are muslin cloths biodegradable? And I can’t believe you’re 38!!! I would’ve guessed more like 28!

Princess Julia says:

Hi I’m 62 yes you got it 62 lol and you are correct about conslor DONT wear powder on top. And your right a couple of dots under eyes does the job. Drinks lots of water lots. I hit the gym 3 times a week do weights .eat fish and veg. I must say I look and feel fab. Having said that after being married for 33 years I’m actually in the middle of a divorse! Which is horrible and shocking. My husband I forgot to turn his mobile off and for 17 min I overheard him talking to his lover. (our cleaner) !!!!! Anyway sorry it’s 5am in London and I needed to talk. Sorry. Have great day everyone. Wherever you are. X

Hand craft at home says:

Nice video

Lisa Bowden says:

I love this Lindsay! I’m 27 and have recently gotten into anti aging. Not doing a ton but just maintenance to slow down aging. But the concealer thing is so right! I use a tiny bit of concealer and don’t wear foundation. I’ve found when I wear a lot of concealer and powder it and/or do foundation, my face looks way worse than before. I’ve tried so many products and everything looks cakey or makes the texture of my skin look horrible. I use ByTerry CC serum that Lydia Millen uses and that’s all! It’s wonderful! Yay for saving money and hopefully helping our skin by not putting a ton of stuff on them! Great video!!

Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr says:

I also only use a little bit of concealer but I make it even crazier. After a few minutes I pad it in again with my micro beautyblender and then I take a little bit of faceoil on my finger and dab that on! I know it sounds crazy but I get the creasing because of the dryness and when I put on just a little bit of oil:: no problems for the whole day !!!!

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