5 Fashion Tricks You Need To Know #1 + Men’s Style Tips

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Here is 5 tricks & tips that have helped elevate my style like crazy. Hope it helps you all out! Also, be sure to stay tuned for the inspirational message at the end!
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Mad Love, -Dre Drexler

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Gilbeys Valdemoro says:

The quote really hits me up! thanks for sharing this video…more power!

Bryan A Dominguez says:

I want to complete change my dressing style but idk where to start? I also find it hard to give and enjoy the new style of clothing I do want to wear when I have because I feel as if “it’s not me” but I truly just doubt my self on whether I look good or not

Abdullahi Adegoke says:

Hey Dre, do you mind doing a piece on what colors to wear/match so I don’t look like a total dork whenever I go out? thanks bro #MadLove

Harley Vincent says:

Hey Dre! Great video! Could you do a winter fashion video since it’s getting very chilly over here in England? Keep up the good work!

rennil ratnam says:

hey dre can u style a untucked dress shirt with chinos??

Troy du Plooy says:

dre do a series where you explain eveeything about hairstyling and hair

Carl Os says:

1:19 watches? Jose’s favorite topic haha

Santa Fe Fashion Week™ says:

Great information!

Steffen Harscher says:

Just have a look at the belts of kieljamespatrick, I love em. Even if it’s expensive for Europeans, it’s worth it. Trust me Dre 🙂

Seth Curry says:

at 3:37 what pants are those????

Joshua says:

Nice video you have alot of swag if you can reply can you make a video on how to make like that part of you hair to fall on you face I just wanted my hair to fall down like you did with yours I’ve been growing my hair for about 3 month’s so show me how long to get it to fall


Ur simply COOL BUDDY

Ronja ey says:

my godness u look good

multimanfail says:

Holy… them eyebags though haha

Эрик Кан says:

Dre, What brand of brown shoes and gray jeans?

Islam Ahmed says:

i think you nailed it when you pointed at being simple with your clothes

Liam Cariou says:

Where can I get
Those brown shoes

Larco_b says:

this was very useful for me. been trying to improve ny style for s while and the inspiration was totally on point for a kickstart. thanks a lot! looking forward to see New videos from you

J P. says:

Love it. Guys who spend too much money on that Fear of God oversized look need to wake up and realize how cartoonish they look. U spend a a fraction but cuz ur clothes fit, your style infinitely looks more polished and mature.

Shubham Dutta says:

will you date me….?

Ram Ram says:

Am I the only one who watch men’s fashion tips even though I don’t spend much in fashion, being a student and all LOL

Geron Nanini says:

I really love the quotes you say at the end of your videos.

Toy M3ch says:

Sometimes i watch your video just to listen to your inspirational message at the end. anw keep up the good work dre!

Bgr Karis says:

good job men,Dennis from Kenyan,can you take about glasses

Tanjil Malik says:

Did I hear trips and ticks?

dmikmusic says:

Is that belt tan or light brown?

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