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– It’s getting colder. Bout time for 5 fall fashion style tips for 2017!
– 5 Awesome Style Hacks That Save Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuKQDrmTJlg

Items Featured:
Red Flannel Shirt:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/shirts/checked/flannel-shirt-c529012p5105034.html
Yellow Bomber Jacket:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/jackets/bomber/classic-bomber-jacket-c763565p4625561.html
Dark Jacket:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/jackets/faux-leather/leather-effect-jacket-c527506p4913014.html
Khaki Green Leather Boots:
– https://us.riverisland.com/p/khaki-leather-boots-303478
Blue Sweater:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/knitwear/view-all-c733867.html (can’t find specific one)


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Today I’m bringing you 5 fashion style tips for fall 2017! You’ll find all the style advice to ace mens fashion for this fall. I’ll tell you what colours you should be wearing, the best shoes for the season, and what jacket you should have on your back! If it’s fall fashion, I’ve got it!
Make sure to keep watching the BluMaan channel for the rest of 2017, I can’t wait to share what’s coming up. We’ve more fashion advice, hair hacks, style hauls, and tutorials. Hope you enjoy!


KungFuWuTang says:

Joe what brand are your white shirts from?

Cindi Kinsily says:

Outerwear pieces are honestly my favorite part of my autumn wardrobe! Great video!

David Seihyun Jeong says:

Blumaan fashion line?

Specializing in skinny jeans, earth tones and outerwear lmao

DEATH says:

Next thing you know this guy is doing fashion tips too now

Tham Shouren says:

What jeans were you using in this video?

LuBano says:

Yesss I was waiting for this

Miguel Antunes says:


reppenandtearin says:

Any tips for how to dress so you’re warm enough outside in the cold yet cool enough inside when the heat is on without having to strip down or layer up every time?

Anthony Melgar says:

I’m looking for a watch ambassador. I will send you a free watch from purposecollections.com all you have to do is send me a high quality picture of you wearing the watch. Contact me on Instagram @PurposeCollections

MrGreenOtaku says:

Wow, great moves Ethan. Keep it up!

Austin Clark says:

Great vid.

I tuk says:

no homo but I’d smash
no homo thou bro

Bioniking says:

Papa bless

Daniel says:

What jeans are they? 2:34

ジョークを言う白平 says:

Where did you bought the jeans ?
Can I buy the jeans in Japan ?

Izuan Usman says:

You spelled subscibe wrong

PinkyyDog says:

Am I the only one seeing a compression error at around the one minute mark?

BluMaan says:

I gotta say… this is one of my most favorite vids I’ve posted in a while. In the past I never really took my “fashion” content thaaat seriously, just kinda posting a vid when I got some new clothes, (and sometimes the pieces weren’t that great/ content not really thought through that well). I’m on a mission to branch out from hair and I’m hoping that you can tell the difference in research and the way this video was put together compared to some of my older fashion related content. Hoping to prove that I’ve got some good tips out there that isn’t just about hair! 😛

Hope ya’ll enjoy, feedback is always appreciated 🙂

p.s. hair content will still be a thing before some of ya’ll freak out

Nav Skrt says:

Hey idk if u already did this but can u make a video talking about how many hair strands you lose throughout the day. Like how many strands u see on your hand while shampooing cuz im rly self conscious when it comes to hair. My dad is bald but my hair is similar to my mom who had thick hair. Im worried im losing more then i shud so i dont shampoo and clean as much as i shud even tho everyone says im not losing more then i shud. Thanks

Jorge Ribeiro says:

In Portugal are 30 degree Celsius Soo…

Pandamonium says:

I like that mustardy colored jacket, it looks nice 🙂

Rapidn911 says:

please make more videos like this .. style video

Philip Randy Quesada says:

Hello Joe, how often you go to barber for haircut per month?

Michael Faucett says:

Im just getting started with mens life style/fashion, what types of videos are good to start with??

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