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Topic of discussion: Which of the 5 tips for teens was your favorite?

TEEN STYLE TIPS, Teen Style Tips, I said Teen… Style… Tips! You guys have requested this so many times, and I think it was time to finally address fashion and style tips for the young men out here watching my channel. I decided not to talk specifics (brands, specific styles) because you need much more than that when you’re in school. You need to explore and try different styles and outfits until you find something that really resonates with you. You need to learn to shop on a budget and find affordable clothing, and invest only in what makes sense. Watch the video to see my top 5 style tips for teens!

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Best Style Tips For Teens | Top 5 Teen Style Tips

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Akash Yadav says:

Which conditioner to use

lazy rider says:


aakash sharma says:

Hey Alex i likes your styles i would do them i wanna that
You can make the video for Indian teenagers
i would try all tips for denims shirts watches and so on

Jason Yang says:

that’s it. I’m dressing good to school tomorrow

Bob Boro says:


Distance zDelta says:

Very true about the haters…Ignore them

RISHI yadav says:

sir i am from india and i am your biggest fan and i watch your all videos but my parents absuing me because i style myself and i am a teenager
so please suggess me what i do

Abhi Ghosh says:

Did conditioning daily is harmful?

ss ki jaan says:


Viji Raju says:

Alex, Do a Shopping vlog for Back to School Shopping!

Ali Malik says:

That haters tip was incredible

Harsh Sharma says:

Nice tips bro…I am sure they are going to help me. Thank you and keep going cause your every video helps a lot

Steve Gama says:

How did you grow out your buzz cut successfully? I am currently growing mine out but don’t know how to ask for a trim.

Alex Costa says:

Guys don’t forget to check out Vincero watches in the description! They’ve been such great partners and really helped my transition from Google employee to full time YouTube creator. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support! ⚡️

Justin Pascasio says:

This actually happened to me in school during a Christmas party some of my classmates teases me for wearing black dress shoes, black jeans, and a button down and said you look like you’re going to a wedding they also teased my hair for being slicked back and said you hair looks weird. P.S. they wear a plain t shirt and baggy shorts with sneakers that day and their hairstyle is not even close to being called a hairstyle.

Jay Oyervides says:

Best Youtuber

Santi Fer says:

Hey Alex! Where did you get the bracelets you showed in the style secrets video? Please answer I need to buy them all.
Thanks in advance

Mohit Sharma says:

Today’s video is filled with full of energy alex tell as about you more what u do every day after leaving Google

Tom Costigan says:

Could you make a video on how to stand out at prom

Jason Vlogs says:

I’m loving it

M R Q- The real gentle man says:

I love you alex bro, love from india you’re my fav youtuber…

the millenial says:

SEIKO is the way to go. not a fan of the vincero/mvmt/DW alibaba watches.

dbl says:

As a teen myself everything Alex said is very true. Try checking out my channel that talks about style/lifestyle from a current teen.

MoneyChasers5000 says:

Great vid

Goat money says:

Yo.. im 7 years old u really helped me to get then chiccs thank u alex

Ronaldo Rojas says:

Hey Alex, where can I get the henley t-shirt you’re wearing in the video?

subbrata das says:

do you have any girlfriend? ?

Ajay Marndi says:

Very nice video bro. Thank you so much.

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