4 Fashion Tips for You

Need to change your hair or outfit? We have some tips for you. GMM 365!
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David Vallès Montesinos says:

i have seen all gmm videos and this is my favourite one hands down

Cole Moore says:

Shirts can never be too ironic

Bashar Zainal says:

The little crack

Aaron M. Lichtanski says:

Best part = Links chorus “Dishwasher Painter”


3:53 thanks link

Gaming Puppies says:

20,000th like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soccer_ _Bubble says:

I’m right handed. Hair parted to the left. :3

Soccer_ _Bubble says:

I’m right handed. Hair parted to the left. :3

Karen Laurvick says:

Me, 16 year old female, wears crew socks. “I guess I’m an unfashionable dad now.”

#hate eyedoctor says:

offense taken, I am no unfashionable dad, in fact, I am female

chloe strawn says:

i am right handed and my hare is parted to the left

Bashar Zainal says:

Can u tell me why does link’s hair in the start looks like illuminati

L&K Studios0706 says:

7:23 link looks uncomfortable

june says:

i had the same backpack as some girl for two years we were the only two in the school with that bag … one time i accidentally picked hers up so i ended up putting pins on and drawing on mine

MindUp says:

hahahaha that ending was the BEST ever

Jamison Rooney says:

I saw a tank top that says (I FLEXED AND THE SLEEVES FELL OF).

Croconaw_Mate 78 says:


k1773ns says:

i miss the laid back gmm

Kelly Watkins says:

“Just lean in, maintain eye contact, and be like, ‘Hey, take off that shirt.” KTDKTDJTSJEJSTAJTSKTSKTSKKTS IM

Isaac Teslaa says:

start at 1:38. and be confused

blossombloomaj says:

i hold a brush in both hands but i part it to the left , i wear knee or ankle socks , but all are mismatched

Michael Moseley says:


Mermaid Wave says:

I where no shows I’ve always known I was a person with OCD but the surfing part not so sure

Azalea Raleigh says:

dishwasher painter

rainbow bananas says:

tim H. you realize that you are dressed in fashion (because lots of people dress like you)

Dakota Hutchinson says:

I love you Link. But that shirt is STDs

Desiree Marti says:

I’m not an ocd person and I wear noshows ^_^ 🙁

TheLuulen says:

my favourite episode of gmm!!

EthicalThug says:

Am I the only one who came here only to see if Rhett and Link had noticed their 1 year worth of youtube videos…….

BlazertronGames says:

Damn, links hair looks so diffrent

Nest Hopkins says:

This makes sense…I’m ambidextrous and I make a middle part

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