25 Quick & Dirty Style Tips | Men’s Fashion Do’s & Don’ts | INSTANTLY Dress Better Advice For Men

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Video Summary:
0:15 – Lay Out Your Clothes The Night Before
0:33 – Always Keep Your Dress Shirt Tucked In
1:12 – Use A Water Resistant Dopp Kit
1:51 – Only Buy Interchangeable Pieces When Starting
2:30 – Know The Measurements Of Your Best Fitting Clothes
3:00 – Know How To Properly Wear A Necktie
4:09 – Own A Shoeshine Box
4:33 – Use Batch Processing
5:03 – Develop A Skincare Routine
5:50 – Use Magnetic Collar Stays
6:20 – Treat Stains Immediately
6:41 – Only Buy Clothes You Love
7:02 – Have A Signature Fragrance
7:22 – Have A Go-To Outfit
7:50 – Travel Light
8:40 – End – Rapid Fire Last 10 Tips

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Philippe BetterBodyFitness says:

Great advice. Really helpful.

Jeffrey Bocanegra says:

I want to attract relationships

TiedUp inSydney says:

Love this video! Well done mate. Simple tips everyone should know.

No Name says:

Bullshit. Your fashion frame of reference is just too narrow.

I’ve been into fashion for many years. Back in 1990s London, it was actually fashionable for a while to wear cargo trousers, nike air max, and g-shocks, with your keys on a carabiner. I remember a whole The Face shoot based on it, it was kind of a dorky media worker look, the sort of look that said ‘I’ll be running my own media conglomerate in a few years but for now I know how cables work’. Then for a few years, everyone wore that Issey Miake final home stuff – baggy all-in-ones made from recycled/disposable paper, lots of 1960s retro stuff, wraparound shades and silver hair – a kind of way of saying ‘hey if we’re going to see in a new millenium, I want to look like they promised me the future would look like as a kid’. Then just as we hit the 2000s everyone started wearing skinny jeans and upcycled rock band t-shirts, and we haven’t moved on much since then.

See, I’m a fashion guy but I’m also a metalhead. I watch this stuff at one remove. Some of it I jump on board with, and some of it I don’t. Sometimes telling my own story with my clothes is more fun and more stylish than retelling the story everyone agrees on. And I can tell you man, I’ll rock a pair of long camo cargo shorts with an old tour t-shirt, an allsaints selvedge jacket, a battered old leather battle gillet, and a pair of crisp white air force ones, and I will make those cargo shorts sing like Nina fucking Simone.

It’s OK to be into this current tasteful normcore look – lots of uniqlo and outlier, fitted well against the body, in colours which subtly compliment skin tone, clothes which hum quietly with good taste and restraint. But don’t fool yourself – it is itself just another cycle in fashion. It’s understandable that at a time of financial crisis people want clothes which fit in. But in five years time people will be bored of these sorts of clothes and they’ll be edging towards bad taste again – because (and this is the thing normcore guys often forget) – bad taste might be ugly, but it has character. And character always comes back into fashion, some day.

Syed Khalid says:

plz tell in urdu


I feel bad for people who have to wear this dumb shit

huronautodetailing says:

The Hidden Tailor works well too. Used it on the police force for years.

Young Spray Bottle says:

omg how could i be so black!? I FEEL SO FILTY

Cvetan Kunchev says:

I bet you spend most of your time taking care of your looks instead of what is actually important

Michael Potts says:

Ive got my late wife’s grandfathers shoe shine box. I love it.

schmeed0000 says:

25 ads in 10 minutes, nice!

I mean says:

I was told by a laundry man that using water could worsen the stain, instead just dab with soft tissue.

enelgee says:

SWORD SHARPENING TIP: baby oil (fwap fwap fwap fwap)

Alvaro Sánchez says:

two to three minutes to iron a .shirt?!
it ussually takes me more than 5 minutes per shirt. Please Antonio, make a video on ironing shirts, I must be doing something wrong…

تمويلواحد التمويلواحد says:

smd biitch i like the way i look

Brad Ostdick says:


MrCapeCanaveral says:

What is this? QVC?

Dr. Cox says:

47,32% Styling tips

52,68% Advertisement

oscar rodriguez says:

What was the product in the beginning where you had all the clothes laid out? I’ve never seen that layout

Zain Ahsan says:

style for o level students
just tricks plz

Hindustani lion says:

important information good

Butt hurt shit says:

Mr. future husband will be thankful that I’ve this covered.

Usman Raza says:

plz tell me some thing give a video on wooden watches

Richard Reuben says:

Don’t let those hairs on the back of your neck get out of hand.

Anton Malhin says:

Reminds me of Brian Tracy

jaswinder madahar says:

Black hairs .. are u thinking not good… we all indians have this and we are enough handsome.. specially punjabies .. we like beard mustache and black hair..

Claudia Jahic says:

very good..

zagashow says:

Companies working hard to sell their over priced toys as Fashion statement . Just Hype Nothing else .

joel fletcher says:

your just a sales man

XxDEC98xX says:

Got in the school’s auditorium with a blue suit, everyone was wearing a black suit. Let’s say everyone said it was sick af

ELITE xboxTeam says:

I want to renew my wardrobe but I don’t know what’s in fashion.

I like the slim fit checked suits.

plus is a cheap suit alright.

I really like Burtons Menswear London.

DannY 13 says:

If we did what u told in tip no. 2. But what if we sit down then see what will happen

Denzil D'souza says:

Guys…Alpha.m @5.33

Luis Salazar says:

thanks, for the advice , hello my favorite stores

Panda Claw says:

Guy trying to sell you shit through these videos…pathetic

mikael máni ingason says:

I really like the bag…… The D-Bag 😉 1:40

rmcdaniel423 says:

Tip #26
(this tip is multi-step)
Buy stuff at Salvation Army or Goodwill Thrift shops but . . . BE VERY SELECTIVE.
Get a sewing machine and learn how to use it. It’s a high precision power tool, and guys dig tools. Learn how to take in seams, hem trouser cuffs, fix buttons, etc.
Buy nice new custom stuff when you can, but know that once you have gotten used to buying name brand shirts for $5.00 or less, you will forever be ruined for going to the mall.

Abil Pa says:

thank u…………

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