2017 Fashion Trends – 15 Summer Fashion Style Tips & Trends, Dresses, Shoes, Fashion Trends 2017

2017 Fashion Trends for Summer outfits are here! Top 2017 fashion trends for summer outfit ideas with 15 big fashion trends for 2017! I’ll cover style tips for dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, high heels, flats, boots, pink, yellow, off the shoulder, denim, all white, and tons more! All the summer fashion trends for the year right here! What is your favorite fashion trend? Thumbs up this video for more fashion videos!

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All the clothes in this video were loaned to me from Urbanog.com

LINKS to all fashion outfits for the summer outfits I’m wearing in this video are listed here: https://youtu.be/f4YveDN989M

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Thank you for reading all the way down here! Comment: “I love Summer!“


hope wright says:

I would be summer without​ a doubt!! I mean who doesn’t love wearing less clothing and soaking in the sun??!!

ZombiesGoRawr5 says:

I would be fall. In fall you can wear a light cardigan and still wear some of your summer clothes

Moni Moon says:


Aisha Cean says:


Its Ekcho says:

I’d be Fall. I like the Maxi top. I need it in my closet ASAP lol.

erikisoita says:

I would be spring for sure !!

Pinky Jassal says:

spankie yr sooo cute

rubi patino says:

I will be fall because i always falling hahaha.. no.. okay

Brittney Gordon says:

Bucket list: Meet Spankie ❤❤❤

afia says:


Jayde Kowalski says:

Yasssss x you look adorable here x
Love your content xx

Keira Holder says:


livefromVA1 says:

I would be winter. more clothing options

don al says:


Stacey Lace says:

I would be summer.

RoxyRocksTV says:

Your cat ears are so cute !!!!

Kristin Prusi says:

love the pank and teacup print trends, will definitely don those. if I was a season, I’d be Spring.

Aidalis Perez says:

I like them all Spankie if I was a season I would be Summer

Myra gue says:


Tudy Cookings says:

According to my constant gloominess, wanting to be in solitude and left alone, I guess winter would be me. Despite me hating winter so… Yeh…

Ryan Wright says:

You are such an amazingly fun to watch dork. I love how passive Micheal Douglas is. My cat would rip me up if i did that. Oh and your and your outfits are gorgeous.

don al says:

i love your makeup in this video
ps you are queen of fashion

MsMarie0072 says:

Spankie I would be fall….I love the purple burgundy gray nail polish hot cocoa leggings booties black hats the weather is perfect

Reina Lippert says:

I would be fall because then I wouldn’t have to shave my legs as often. Lol. And also because the leaves are gorgeous too.

Potter head 101 says:

I would be spring because it’s not to cold but not to hot with some days being warm. Everything is staring to bloom and it’s pretty and not dry.

Darlene Sterling says:

Love the off the shoulder tea cup dress. It looks great on you but how is the quality for real. On the urbanog website, doesn’t look as long lasting. #HesitantPurchase lol

Christine's Life says:

Id be fall!

Spankie Valentine TV says:

Thanks for another great livestream #NotificationSquad !!! Watch 20 SUMMER OUTFITS here: https://goo.gl/mpJ447

Anna Platas says:

winter because I don’t know how to deal with heat

Kaitlyn Bowman says:

Autumn for sure!!!

jerrica bouldin says:


LadyLA01 says:

@Spankie Valentina TV I would be spring. Since its not to hot and not too cold which allows the flowers to bloom.

navywifehealthy4ttc says:

Where are the black glitter sparkle shoes from? What brand are they?

jerrica bouldin says:


Imama Noor says:

i swear even if you wear a potato sack, you’ll legit look like a queen!!! slayyyy!!!

btw if i were a season, I’d be spring.

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