15 Cheap (But AWESOME!) Style Tools UNDER $15 | Inexpensive Men’s Fashion Tips

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Video Summary:
0:01 – Replace buttons
0:51 – Shaving cream
1:12 – Aftershave
1:29 – Styptic pencil
1:58 – Nose hair trimmer
2:16 – Tongue brush
2:28 – Deodorants
2:54 – Hairbrushes
3:30 – Hair products
3:57 – Suit brushes
4:50 – Sweater stone
4:56 – Sweater shaver
5:04 – Money clip
5:22 – Business card holder
5:47 – Shout wipe & go
6:04 – Tie clips
6:39 – Tactical pens
6:52 – Pocket square
7:13 – Neutral shoe polish
7:48 – New shoelaces

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Nikhil Parmar says:

Again a great video sir. A quality handkerchief is also a must requirement for me.

Thim Bl says:

I have a question. In a business occasion is it acceptable to mix and match colours in the suit or its better to just have one colour suit?

radhey paliwal says:

Love these type of videos keep em comin

Rick Bignall says:

Love this video. It showed just simple things to use for a man to use. Keep up these great vids!

Mohammad Jalloul says:

Awesome video!

Žarko Čubrinoski says:

Antonio thorough like always. Greetings from Macedonia!

Paulz says:

If you have a beard then a beard brush is a must! I just use a beard conditioner with the brush and voila. No more flyaways or crazy shaped hairs on my beard

Sheriff says:

pocket square and lapel pin! I actually get a lot of comments on these 2 items! I have some lapel pins I got from a souvenir store in Switzerland on my holidays. people always try to get up close and read it and they ask questions as well which lead into lots of stories I can tell. its great conversation piece! I recommend picking one up if you travel somewhere

Zed Hiro says:

There is also shave oil, 3 to 4 drops on moist skin and you are golden.

Also I would add silk knot cuff links, you can get a lot of various colors for ~$15. Even if you do not have a shirt that takes cuff links, you can put the lapel hole to add a bit of color.

Carlo Anardu says:

wow the SPQR Eagle in the gym *_*

DjBox61 says:

I use rubbing alcohol as aftershave and so far all is good

BubbleBlue says:

If you wanna check out guys,
I’m making Daily Stage Editions of Youtube Models,
of course, credits are in video description.

Ramón Checo says:

Crappy video Antonio

Barry Monteiro says:

Great tips! thanks!!

Jason Cortenbach says:

This was video was perfect. And perfect timing! I especially like the suit maintenance tips! Great job at another great video!

Eóin MacLean says:

On the subject of pens, if you’re considering a fountain pen, you can get a Pilot Metropolitan for $15 ;).

Dennis B says:

Great advice Antonio love your vids

Lowline Truth says:

I like the pen, one mind any weapon, Semper Fi

Abd Alhaleem Bakkor says:

That was really helpful

Soleil DeParis says:

In Europe and the rest of the world we wear suits and ties and I have my collection of them. When I moved to California about 15 yrs ago I was shocked to see everyone is walking everywhere in their bathing suits and pajamas. It pissed me off and still does.
You forgot sunglasses.
Feels good to see there are still some real men with real style out there and I’m not the only one. Thanks

Garland Jones says:

Hey Antonio, could you do a video on how firearms carrying affects your image?

defensebydesign says:

Solid info, Antonio! A good pocket knife is also not a bad accessory you “can” buy looking around for under $15.

Punam Parteek Singh says:

Hey why don’t you make video on taking care and polishing boots

Positive Vibes says:

Great quality video today. Another great item under $15 are rings. they are really cheap these days on amazon and last a long time. You just have to make sure you get the right size for the specific finger you want to wear in on. you can go to a jewelry shop to get sized or get a cheap plastic sizer off of the internet.

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