11 Fashion Tips for Short Guys – Dress Taller Tricks

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6 Fashion Tips For Short Guys

So you’re a little less than average height.

Okay let’s be honest – you’re short.

All your life you’ve dealt with people calling you short stuff, little man and mini me.

And the worst part?

But just because you are short, it doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable.

The one thing you’ve got to remember is that you have to feel confident on the inside in order to look good on the outside.

These fashion tips for short guys are going to have you looking taller immediately!

1. Stick to Monochrome
Thinking about the best way to dress taller? Stick to dressing in one main color with varying shades to help create an illusion of height to streamline your appearance. If you should combine colors, keep the darker ones on the bottom and the lighter colors up. By attracting the eye up, it will create a lengthening effect.

2. Avoid Low-Waisted, Baggy Trousers
The look of legs that are longer is an important element in appearing taller. Sagging your trousers could be in for the under-20 guys, however it does not make it right. And that goes doubly in the event you are on the shorter side. You can increase the illusion of leg length by wearing your pants at your natural waistline.

3. Fitted Blazers Are Your Best Friend
A fitted blazer or suit coat is going to do several things for you. First, it’s going to help create slimming lines and decrease extra bulk. Additionally, by keeping it buttoned, (listen to Tom Ford and constantly keep your coat buttoned) it’ll produce a slender shape that’ll make your chest look larger and your waist appear smaller, that will create both a thinning and heightening effect.

4. Locate a Good Tailor
Among the top fashion strategies for short men (and tall!) would be to seek out a great tailor. Suitable tailoring is a requirement whatever your height, but is particularly crucial in the event you are short. Fit is everything in regards to appearing taller, and you’re going to want a professional that will help you eliminate baggy, loose clothing and accentuate the appropriate lines. Get a great tailor and tell him you wish to appear tall and slender.

5. Use the Hipbone Rule
In the event you’re a short guy and need ideas to dress taller, try wearing a button down top. It also make your legs appear longer and will provide you with a more slender line. But, in case you definitely have to un-tuck, or are wearing a top designed to be untucked (like a T shirt), ensure that the hem does not go past your hipbone. Anything more and make your legs appear stubby and it’ll consume you up.

6. Keep the Accessories Simple
Another way to dress taller is to keep your accessories simple and to a minimum. Also be sure to wear most accessories on the top half of your body and avoid anything which will attract attention below your torso. Steer away from loud shoes, showy watches, and large belt buckles (really, you need to make an effort to prevent belts completely). And in the event that you absolutely need some flash, go for a bright silk pocket square or a nice hat. If you want to dress taller as a guy – just remember this mantra for accessories: The lower you go, and darker, you need to go.

So how do you look taller?

If I’ve missed an awesome idea then please share it in the comments below!


Andrua Haque says:

I’m 17 and 5’8. I’m from South Asia. am i short

Jason Rush says:

These tricks are useful.

Nelson Rod says:

Nice tricks…


NEVER EVER WEAR LIFTS……..you worth more than that, buy some nike air max, or a slightly heeled shoe (not platforms) lol

rabilionaire says:

im 5,9 19years old feeling short

Victor H. says:

I’m 5’3 dude. do I have the permission to kill myself now

Kaleb McGrath Lee says:

Why the fuck would anyone take this fashion nazi’s advice. The cringe is real….

Yeoseff Gonzales says:

what his name man he so gorgeous

Llyr Jones says:

I’m 6’6, how did I end up here.

John-Jack Macca says:

No.1 tip of all time: WORK OUT. Seriously, us short guys need to stay slim (especially at the waist) to look in proportion. We can’t afford to be the same “width” as our taller counterparts, it makes us look stumpy. Unfortunately no amount of fashion tips can disguise that. If you’re in proportion, i.e. like a scaled-down taller person, people barely notice you’re particularly short unless they’re really looking for it. This is from experience. I am 5’5″. Used to be slightly chubby, even though I dressed well people said I was short. Now I’m trim, when I tell people my height their response is “Really? no way! wait let me check, oh wow you’re right. I never noticed”.

Martrezzzz says:

The very first tip is wearing lifts? I already give this video the side eye.. If anything I’m avoiding lifts, that defeats the purpose in a way.

Rob Z says:

it doesn’t really matter if you can reach certain height when you lie down.

Dark Warrior says:

I’m 5’7 maybe 5’8. Am I small? However, I live in South America and I’m taller than 90% of men, does this apply to me?

Tony Bravo says:

I’m 5 11 that’s still technically short

Strong Minds says:

Have a nice car then it won’t matter lol

Stylish Priest says:

Top tip! If you do have a shirt that is too long for you, only tuck in the back and leave the front hanging out. also you look cooler if you roll your sleeves up.

Creasey M says:

fob ass lol

Chur Akdov says:

Sole kefe I’m waiting for the psn card

praveen कावी says:

I’m 5 ‘1 but i really feel good ,Tips by you are really good .


im 5’5 and i work at a night club guess what guys hate me cuz i look good im like why im short but i guess confidence. i wear boots that works for me and try to stay lean because when i gain some weight i look lil taller

Strong Minds says:

Wear kids cloth but don’t wear high contrast colors for top and bottom.

debaditya bhowmik says:

5’5…. HA !

Ynffy says:

How do I dress wider?

Rhea Patel says:

As a girl, I’m glad guys like this suffer. This is only a taste of what every girl deals with on a daily basis.

Gaurav Kumar Das says:

Thank you.

bishalbgt says:

i am 5.1.how shoud i dress up to look tall

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