10 STUPID Style Rules | Men’s Fashion Tips That Make No Sense | Outdated Menswear Guidelines

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Video Summary:
0:47 – Everything Must Match
1:52 – Never Buy A Matching Set
3:30 – Arbitrary Color Rules
4:33 – Don’t Mix Black & Brown
5:15 – Always Wear Your Tie Clip At A Slant
5:49 – Don’t Wear French Cuff Shirts Without A Jacker
5:53 – Never Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt With A Jacket
6:34 – Always Wear A Necktie When Asking For Money
7:23 – Always Match Your Trousers With Your Socks
7:44 – Never Wear Trousers With Pleats

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John McGrath says:

……get more miles out of it, lol

Austin StyleGuy says:

Love this video. I don’t necessarily agree with the wearing black and brown together. But that’s just me. Love your channel!

Ivan Vinogradov says:

Hi Antonio! I’ve been looking for some information on nail care on your channel. You do have a couple of videos, but they talk mostly about the tools that men can use. So here is my situation: my nails are usually pretty mess; I DO cut them, so they are always short, but they crack, they have scratches and weird lines on them, this is all due to me playing guitar professionally and using my finger tips and nails for it. Is it important for a men to have nice nails, or can we go with more “manly” and messy look? How far should we go with nail care and is it appropriate for a man?
Thank you!
(probably a topic for a video)

Nicholas Johnstone says:

Always wear funky socks and pocket squares! No matter what you do its a great way to add something….

agntsmth77 says:

Matching underwear has metrosexual written all over

Elephant Groove says:

Funny enough..I have put some thought into this on many occasions and I feel like you have laid out well the majority of “rules” I have decided work for me.
I am probably a tad more lenient…and not as formal as often… but you laid out the basics well here.
earned your like

Philippe Audet says:

could: “don’t wear dark blue and black at the same time” be another stupid rule that we can bend or brake?

Spazzsticks says:

Thats one nice pocket square! Is it floral? 🙂

Lionel Giron says:

Some of these rules keep the community safe lol it may be hazardous to break some of the rules unless you have a stacked wardrobe and a higher level of confidence and security. Thanks for the input, had not considered buying tie/pocket square kits at all and now it makes sense to just wear them separately.

ujprlk43r m9ir43 says:

I have green dress shirts that my wife brought me but i don’t know what colors suits will go with the dress shirts and ties

Thomas Lahr says:

That suit / shirt color combination is killer!

HammerBlow500 says:

This black/brown thing is really confusing me. I wear a brown leather jacket with a black T shirt and I think it looks awesome..

Austin StyleGuy says:

Love this video. I don’t necessarily agree with the wearing black and brown together. But that’s just me. Love your channel!

Jack Flynn says:

Should a belt match your shoe color? Black/brown?

DeAndre Riley - D.R.speaks says:

Oddly enough, I like to match my underwear with my socks, so I’ll definitely be checking out your sponsor.

Xavier Cruz says:

5:44 grand Frank shirt!!!

Sheldon Cooper81 says:

Wow this dont combine black and brown rule is really stupid
brown is my Favorite colour for leather jackets and leather shoes

Vladimir Spasojević says:

You said that silver and brown work well with your skin-tone. Which colours work well with a pale skin-tone? Blue eyes, ginger beard, ash-colour of hair? Some Slavic genes here..

Patrick Newton says:

Whenever I wear a blazer or a suit, Is the best alternative for a backpack a briefcase? I am a college student.

Chris Louis says:

Antonio is smart and occasionally funny,Dude really gives good advice.

alealeale ale says:

I think they all make sense… except for #10.

noahconstrictor100 says:

This lapel combination looks different than the sport/notched lapel combo. I like Antonio Centeno’s advice, but the uneven lapels drive me nuts. This one looks like shawl/notched, even though it is probably sport/notched.

Larque Fausse says:

Some “style rules” just seem ridiculous to begin with. As Antonio said, these guidelines are meant for novices. When you’re adept in any subject, you can bend and even break customary rules when you know what your doing. Fashion is no different. One that I absolutely hate is the matching 3pc suit. It looks awful when your vest/waistcoat makes your 3-piece look like you’re wearing an expensive onesie — especially when it’s a patterned material. Another one is the “Don’t wear ventless jackets” rule. Probably stemmed from a dated reference to 1980s fashion when they were quite popular. They’re not as en vogue as they were back then, but I don’t see a reason to write them off if it’s cut right. Plus, they’re kind of practical during cold weather in that they keep a chill winter breeze from blowing across my booty.

Ann Gepp says:

Pleated trousers are great for guys with a larger “package”, and who don’t want to reveal it to everyone.

Matthew Villarreal says:

Aye, S/o from Austin, Texas!

Vince Offer says:

Qué rompe pija qué sos con los sponsors la concha de tu hermana

mitchell bolsover says:

Hi please read and reply if you see this

I’m going back to school shopping I have a black and gold accent pair of Jordan’s and I have a black and gold snap back is there any really stylish jackets and pants that will all match (I’m a hefty person)

_Damian 48 says:

Stupid style rule: Crocs with a suit.
I think that looks great idk why people hate on that?

Xavier Cruz says:

Antonio, that outfit looks amazing!

JLConawayII says:

I have never, ever heard #5. Why in the hell would you intentionally make your tie clip slanted?

Abhishek Sunkara says:

Why did you wear the same colored shirt and jacket? Were you making a point with that?

TinnedTommy says:

I can’t imagine that chocolate shoes are terribly practical, especially in warm weather.

Eric Vannatter says:

love your vidoes. im 20 and im learning about style and your vidoes have helped alot

gaston0770 says:

Hello Antonio. Is dressing in a monochromatic fashion consider STUPID? What if the pocket handkerchief doesn’t match? Thank you sir. Great video.

Saigon Wh0re says:

I agree with 6 and 7

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