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Happy Fashion Friday!
Each Friday I’ll be posting some things on fashion while posting makeup videos on Makeup Mondays!
I will post an official announcement video later explaining Marste. I decided to start this business because I was tired as a plus size woman not having great quality items that were comfortable and fit me well. My goal is to provide high quality pieces that fit everyone, are comfortable, and are made in a fair trade facility where workers are treated fairly. More info on that soon!
Have an amazing weekend! Thank you all SO much for your continued love and support- I treasure each of you and hope you get to be part of this journey with me.
xoxo, Marlena

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Tori Carrillo says:

Yes! Thicker/stiffer fabric makes such a huge difference!

Jessica Dupre says:

Thank you for ur tips and tricks. This is the 1st video I have seen of yours and I want to tell u that u r gorgeous and ur personality is just wonderful!! I will continue to check ur channel out and subscribe! Ty again

Mrs. Queen says:

I am a thicker girl. I find that blue jeans never fit me right and they are uncomfortable. Love your tips girl

Amy Ernst says:

Alterations and getting my nice fabric clothes I get dry cleaned, expensive but worth it!

Your necklace & silk wrap-jacket gorgeous!

Ana Velez says:

Thanks for the tips … I will keep them in mind please tell me if your store is open I want the skirt so bad !!! ❤️ xoxo

Wendy Iacono says:

Hi Marlena, love u girl! I am 44 and it’s only been the last 2 years that I have been getting back into makeup ( after always wearing but never being great at applying in teens and early 20’s. Having trouble finding an influencer my age that still keeps a youthful outlook. Now I watch and always will watch and love girls like Kelly Strack , I love to see someone my age, that maybe has some tattoos, piercings( nothing crazy)or maybe some color hair color while still being tasteful and respectful.
Also I’m a larger girl ( but who has been told I’d be so pretty if I lost weight) , I love my curves. Thank for this video especially the link for your #1

COMPRESSION GARMET, now I’m not seeing it

Rebecca Sweeney says:

LOVE THIS ! ! ! Xoxoxo

Eugenie Genereux says:

Love this!!!

karen1air says:

Thanks for these tips. Let’s all declare personal style. No more being bossed around by what anyone says is or isn’t our fashion.
#rockinmylook (did you catch my southern drawl? lol)

Alicia Garten says:

Plus size southern girl here lol. WV is fluent in y’all lol.

juicytiana94 says:

Love this video ❤️ thank you for these tips!

Brittany Smith says:

I want that camo top

katka says:

You’re absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for all the great tips.

Awkward Beauty by Aly says:

You are SO beautiful! I found myself watching and thinking, “Why can’t I be that beautiful?” Guess I have some work to do on my self esteem.

Baldina Molino says:

Good tips for young women! But older women curves aren’t as well placed as on a young beauty! (Think beer belly situation).

CindyRose says:

Marlena, have you ever considered weight loss surgery? I know you have journeyed through the ups and downs of losing weight.

Laura Martinez says:

Where’s the link to the undergarment? I’m always looking for a good one!

country says:

Spanks is a joke

Niki Rose says:

What sizes will Marste be???

CindyRose says:

Marlena, have you ever considered weight loss surgery? I know you have journeyed through the ups and downs of losing weight.

Jennifer Bryan says:

Enjoyed this!! #curvygirlsrock

Sharanjit Chana says:

Marlena could you do a video on the compression garment you use.

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