10 FASHION RULES TO LIVE BY: tips from a stylist

10 fashion rules to live by! After talking about what fashion rules to break, I thought I’d discuss some fashion “rules” to live by that I think can help make anyone look really put together and stylish.

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Farida Ruto says:

Wow thanks always waiting for your videos

Doll Faced Beauty says:

God I wanna share this video so bad with so many “fashion bloggers/influencers” who look cheap & walking around looking like stuffed fashion nova sausages!

Cami S. says:

Love your earrings! Where can I get them?

Lauren says:

Love that nail color you’re wearing in this one, would you please share what it is? Thanks! Great video btw!!!

Simone Janse van Noordwyk says:

Having respect for the occasion is so important! I love this. A pet peeve of mine is people pitching up underdressed for a theatre show. I have a deep love for the theatre and I feel like they have no respect for the performing arts showing up in their plaid shirt and worn jeans.

Bbymks5 says:

Thank you for mentioning to respect the occasion!

Someone recommended “dressy” joggers for the office. I have worked in several offices and spent 7 years in HR at a corporate office and I can tell you, joggers would not be appropriate in any office setting. Dress for the position you want, not the one you have.

Belinda Hearn says:

Love your channel and thanks for the continued great content. I work in a environment where we connect people to employment and deal with businesses but I live in a laid back state and they always say I am dressed up. I feel that I am dressing appropriate for the work that I do but oh well, I like to look nice. Please keep the great content coming.

Regina Lechleitner says:

Video on dressing for the occasion! That would be great.

Susan Schafer says:

Christie , I really enjoy these types of videos where you give us general principles that can be applied to a lot of different situations and different outfits. Btw, you looked especially pretty today. Thx for the fantastic video! xo, Sue

Allison W says:

Thank you so much for all that you share. I love how gracious you are and always allow for personal differences in style. You are a lovely person. <3

Kentucky Frey'd Fun says:

Thank you so much for sharing these tips!! ❤

Carol Melancon says:

I once saw a woman I knew slightly go in for a job interview at a doctor’s office in stiletto boots, skintight jeans and a sweater that seemed painted on; bless her heart… It was pitiful to see.

Timeless Beauties Studio by Jacqueline says:

Wonderful video Christie lots of great tips. I see so many that need to hear these tips that come into the change rooms where I work lol! Have a wonderful week xxoo

Heather Rush Crestol says:

Hi Christie, Your videos are very informative! How do you wear an over sized sweater and look really put together?

Samia Meah says:

Loved this! But where are your vlogs? 🙁
Have literally watched all of them now + miss seeing the animals + the stationary/crafting stuff 🙂

Petit White says:

Indians and Arabic people wear everything big…big earrings, big necklaces, big bangles…big everything and it looks good.

Briana says:

i would love a video (or even series) on dressing for different occasions! great video as always 🙂

Fabiola Patrice says:

you ALWAYS look amazing!!!! but that red popping lip looks sooooooo great on you!!!!

HelloWorld says:

Can you make a video talking about “how to dress properly for any occasion”?

Deborah Craven says:

Hey Christie , come to Ireland and we’ll go shopping , you can help me find the right clothes !!

coconat says:

now for shoes, do those have to be trendy? I have the hardest time for fall boots. I can’t find a trendy bootie I truly enjoy so I just resort to my Uggs lol.. is that bad?

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