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White off the Shoulder Top | http://bit.ly/2LHs4rU
White Blouse | http://bit.ly/2NPk7yi
Mom Jeans | http://bit.ly/2K4LdPx
White Sneakers | http://bit.ly/2Oo6s2j
Block Heels | http://bit.ly/2mPR4Pw
Oversized White Tshirt | http://bit.ly/2NRvi9z
Classic Vans | http://bit.ly/2LPMcIA
Dark Skinny Jeans | http://bit.ly/2LXxn3l
White Mom Jeans | http://bit.ly/2Olb60S
Brown Mules | http://bit.ly/2uWOifJ
Stacked Necklace | http://bit.ly/2Lz45vW
Watch | http://bit.ly/2AopnXA
White off the Shoulder Shirt | http://bit.ly/2LIA9g4
Red Lipstick | http://bit.ly/2M0Yx9G

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Artesia – Hazy Day | https://soundcloud.com/artesiia/hazy-day
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BlxshingOcean says:

the strapless bra and the one where you tucked in your shirt

lu hao says:

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תמר טל says:

Girl u soooooo pretty.

Aa Zz says:

Why do people hate panty lines so much? Why should I have a constant wedgie because people can’t handle that I wear underwear?

elle parsley says:

lowkey if you can rock any of these bad looks with confidence and you’re happy then you don’t have to follow guidelines, it is nice to have guidelines and this video is lovely. *just letting people know*

Katriina Kallioinen says:

Girl your jeans are too big on you

Amz xx says:

it can’t be just me that thought the baggy pants looked better with baggy top than the skinny jeans did

Zoë Stroop says:

where did the girl in the second tip get her pants?

Allegra Dugan says:

i would love to see a styling video, where she styles someone or herself for a week

Maja Nastic says:

This is a really good video and you dress very trendy and beautiful!!

rueki akiya says:

you should try voice over because your room seems very echoing and its not pleasant

Júlia Araújo says:

the long haired one looks alot like twice’s mina lol

krewko says:

try matching your shirt to your shoes

the ultrawheeze says:

i love your styles so much

Idalys Perez says:

Sis I just loved the freaking outfits omg I need links

Tina Gec says:

it took me 3 and a half minutes to realize that these are actually two different people

Ren Seragaki says:

This was really useful and nice to watch~ I usually get bored of “tips videos” but I’m glad there are some exceptions on YT

prince royal says:

청바지가 전부 헐렁 헐렁 하는 건가?

Vera Grazia says:

this video was so welly put together and the tips were amazing! i need a strapless bra

c u t t e r says:

Um, the only awkward thing is that it seems like her thighs are big (which is no problem!) due to which she is not closing her legs lmao which is weird

The Singhs says:

How to make a strapless bra out of tights ( yes, a diy for all u broke ass bitches out there in including me xD)

Step 1: cut off the legs of the tights so u create a tube that fits around your chest.

Done :))

You can use nude tights if you want a nude strapless bra, black if you want a black bra, the choices are endless!

Hope this was helpful Xx

Sara Darstein says:

Did you get a haircut in the middle of filming this video?

apolline godard says:

I love the dress you’re wearing at the end

coucou cest moi says:

I love the way u said ” voilà ” I’m french and i find that cute af

Limelight says:

nice style!!

Sena says:

do a voiceover next time instead of yelling in an empty apartment

M Camara says:

So what if you didn’t think about what to wear in the morning. Why does it matter if you “look” like you put “effort” into our outfits? I mean, it’s your clothes. Do u <3

pineapple ish says:

I’m still too lazy

Pooped On says:

Where’d you get the dress?? It’s really cute!

Matthildur says:

Where’s the black dress from?

Ruby Walker says:

Just don’t wear a bra. Free yourself lmao


Omigosh I actually love this video that I actually liked it and it’s quite rare for me to like a video.
I always see loads of styling tips videos/articles but never really think much of them but somehow seeing this video made it make a whole loada sense!
I love the chill relaxed vibe and editing of the video with the captions. Defo gonna check out more of your videos now. Thanks for suggesting and recommending this Youtube! You did it right for once! ❤️

P.S. These 2 girls are cute and stunning! Girl goals! So glad I have some petite role models to follow.

Zoe Lloyd says:

Don’t say “girls”, just say boobs. That’s what they are

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