10 AWESOME Commuter Style Hacks | Fashion Tips For Subway Train Bus & Tube Travel

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Video Summary:

1:05 – Hack # 1 – Level Up Your Bag
1:40 – Hack # 2 – Have Separate Office And Commute Shoes
2:29 – Hack # 3 – Get A Classic Piece of Outerwear
3:48 – Hack # 4 – Have Some Color In Your Accessories
4:27 – Hack # 5 – Have Fun With Shirt Colors And Patterns
5:27 – Hack # 6 – Own A Quality Leather Notepad And Pen
5:47 – Hack # 7 – Wear The Perfect Sunglasses For You
6:17 – Hack # 8 – Own A Pair Of Great Fitted Gloves
6:38 – Hack # 9 – Own And Wear A Functional Hat
7:03 – Hack # 10 – Master Your Fragrance


JustAPerch says:

The issue I have with my bag as a student is that every leather bag I’ve ever found can’t possibly hold all I need for the day. My current one is a 28 liter bag from fjällräven and it is amazing in terms of quality and storage. Only possible issue is that it looks like any other backpack and it isn’t classical.

Marc Thibault says:

Trench coat is way too big!

Chris Peng says:

I was hoping there was a bag sponsor in this video, I actually want to upgrade my old bag.

Myrslokstok says:

Trenchcoat to big and lether jacket do not work with a jacket.

Filip Petrovic says:

Great vid, Antonio!

Tom Ings Chambers says:

Could you do a video on how to tie scarves and then how to wear them and what to wear them with? Thought it would be a great winter video

Michael Downing says:

I commute in and out of the city every day, I carry a nutsac bag and freakin love it.

sai baba says:

can you make a video on blazer’s that we can wear in summer , i am from india , i like blazers & suits but its hot except winter night times plz suggest types of light blazer materials

4wingbird says:

im a brick layer. im going to be the best dressed guy on the job site . thanks

Kelly Fagan says:

I’d argue Navy is a classic traditional color

Boots! says:

Carry appropriate fare for the bus. Don’t want to see you digging around your pockets looking for the right change, making the rest of us wait. Be prepared.

leosedf says:

Grand Frank doesn’t have the floral shirt anymore 🙁

Jason Wilkins says:

The need to be ready for a first impression couldn’t be more true. Yesterday, I ran into a famous local TV anchor and thanks to everything Antonio has in his videos, I was ready for an opportunity. Here I was just going to the DMV when I saw one of the employees I know chatting with him and he introduced me. Thank you Antonio for being such a good inspiration. You truly are the best one on YouTube offering men advice about being a better man

Juan says:

We might run into you, Antonio!

Spring Fox says:

But the real question is…

Does Antonio wear pants on his videos?

Ray Wei says:

What sort of trousers/pants are you wearing when paired with this sports jacket? I love the color

Imy says:

That jacket and the color is beautiful brother.

Mr Dunn says:

Thanks Antonio some good advice
I feel I’m a little restricted as I wear company uniform which is white shirt with black jumper with company logo. So I can only mix and match certain things

Real Men Real Style says:

Did I miss anything on the list?

http://menfluentialconference.com/ – Click here to get your tickets to Menfluential 2018. Develop yourself and develop your business!

https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/comm… Click here to read the article – 10 Commuter Style Hacks

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O O O o says:

Nobody writes on the subway, only old people who are doing crosswords on newspapers. The young upwardly mobile internet execs use smartphones.

Ray Wei says:

Thanks, I’ll increase my chance of getting robbed by 1000% and getting a girl by 20%

Joseph Elisha says:

No sponsored

Stephen Alvear says:

i saw that pete and pedro antonio!

praveen kumar says:

Tip 10, hell yeah. While travelling in public transport my fragrance helps me to breath good from others sweat.
I think people should carry something that clean their face from dust.

Gerard says:

Hi Antonio, great advice as always, so I should keep a pair of formal shoes in my office? I actually thought about it but I am unsure, I normally use chukka boots or derby shoes, as for the bag, I currently use a huge backpack, seeing the options you proposed tells me I should change it ASAP haha.

On the other hand I wanted to ask you about the message I want to send, I work as a sales engineer, sometimes I have to visit my customers in industrial plants (engineers), so they are normally wearing work uniforms/clothes unless the person I’m visiting is a buyer or someone in the administration department, that’s the outfit they’d use, so I was thinking that if I overdress they might think something like “this guy dresses too well (or like an office guy) for an engineer, he probably does not know a thing” maybe those are only ideas in my head, but I’d like to hear your opinion.

P.S: Sorry for the long post

Rafael says:

Awesome tips, Antonio! Keep it up 🙂

Myrslokstok says:

Nice black bag for being black.

sirblackstone says:

I have a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, and it’s the most complimented item in my wardrobe multiple times over.

Sky79 says:

*Breath*, you’re in close quarters, handle your breath.

Phil Adams says:

Tip #2 is genius!

Vaibhav S. says:

Antonio, round hats isn’t your thing. But i think flat caps (newsboy caps) will look awesome on you!
1st and 4th Shirt, sorry never ever! If someone wears the 4th style shirt in my state, India, people will look at you as if you have committed a crime!!

Skvorez1980 says:

lavander stripe shirt is it t.m.iewin?

Ryan Isaiah Muhumuza says:

a nice viceroy watch

Standi says:

Opens with a story about a guy who looked his best on his commute and got a girl… recommends more casual shoes for the commute as his second tip despite constantly mentioning having a strong shoe game as something women notice in other videos? Can’t say I was on board with this tip

Frank C says:

Antonio this is getting ridiculous. Burn that denim shirts..donate it to the smithsonian. It needs to go or I’m boycotting this channel.

Golden king Nelson D Cunha says:

Cool, I love it and I have always chopsticks in my inner pocket to eat outside my home I love eat with chopsticks. I think I have a cowboy hat but I don’t know if I can wear the cowboy hat in my suit.

O O O o says:

In San Francisco, the young upwardly educated DOT COM workers wear nylon clothing, running shoes, and nylon attache bags in the BART subway. The old fogies stuck in the 70s and 80s sport leather attaches and heavy raincoats. Its just makes you look old and dated.

kanghao lee says:

What brand is the backpack that you were holding?

Darren2121 says:

What is that pair of commute shoe sneaker??

Chop Duy says:

i would love to see you actually wear the clothing pieces you are talking about so we can really see the point you are trying to make. For example the tailored overcoat, i am very interested to see the difference between a custom made one and a “normal” one. Still an amazing video

Menswear Playbook says:

Hey guys, If you like menswear, give us a follow! We’re a brand new digital menswear publication teaching men how to build their personal style, educating them on products, and so much more! Thanks.

O O O o says:

Contradictory advice: you said carry a leather commuter bag, not a nylon one. Then you say wear cheaper commuting shoes instead of your dressy leather ones.

zaco21 says:

Don’t combine tip 4 and 5. It’s too much. You either go with a strange patterned shirt or strange pattern accessories.

ammar ali says:

A Very nice video, I started practicing the hat and I love it. Thank you, Antonio!

O O O o says:

Montblanc pens are for neophytes , very passe like a Gucci purse or wallet.

Shaoqi Chen says:

I think you missed a sponspor for video
Awsome tips btw. Keep up the good work

Antonio C says:

That trench coat looks ridiculous. You look homeless.

Michael Atilano says:

Great video but think it would be even better to go a step further and a video specifically on shoe commuting options. Or other ideas like having a small shoe kit at work to buff out scuffs immediately

NickPapagiorgio777 says:

EDC knife

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