Vlog 5: Life updates, School/Job, Modeling/being a Video Vixen?

Hi loves! Hope you enjoy this vlog, let me know what you think, getting back to uploading more frequently!
Coordinator: @findingpreeto
Photographer: @teamjsp
Hair: @eyebrowthreadingbypreet
Clothing: @wellgroomedinc

Music: Sickick Music- Shape of You Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxVDWQIFvis
Intro: Kehlani-Get Like




Lorrie Ma says:

When you watch this video and your thinking to yourself girl you need to get your shit together! Love you Kaur, keep killing it and I love it when you don’t wear makeup! I walk around all the time on campus with no makeup because I just feel like myself so don’t be afraid

Varisa Ramkissoon says:

do u make your notes before your lectures and then add on to it as the lecturer speaks? …love from the caribbean 🙂

honeyluver123456 says:

Your vlogs are my favorite part of your channel, they motivate me so much.

aksa _ed says:

what’s the app called?

Miriam Hernandez says:

Love your vlogs!

haley giangrosso says:

I came across your video about your workout style routine thing.. and have now just like binge watched your videos haha! I’m glad I found you!! Love your personality and vlog style!!

Natalie Breyson says:

Hi what size puma sweatshirt and pants did you get?

Mike L says:

funny I just noticed you have a big nose like me….I watched a few of your videos very inspirational….so did people make fun of you because of your nose and if they did how did you deal with it and over come it….

Malaika nadeem says:

Can u pls do short vlogs no one was time for 20 mins of this

Valerie suiker says:

I really love your vlogs!

Raman Gill says:

15 min vlogs!! 🙂

haniyah Hussain says:

ugly slut

Simran Bee says:

can you do a skin care video? or a night/morning routine? if you haven’t yet

Karunya Sabapathy says:

I’m wondering how you got started in the modeling industry? I’ve always had some interest in it myself, but have never known where (or been too fearful on how) to start.
Also thanks for all the helpful tips!! 😀 (:

Demi Sidrak says:

Have you ever thought of taking a year off after undergrad? That will give you time to do more extracurriculars and study for your MCAT exclusively, and in your case, commit more time to your channel. Studying for MCAT/applications + secondaries is such a huge time commitment so I feel for you! I took 2 years off before med school and I don’t regret it one bit!

derpyfrog says:

I love your vlogs so much! They are so inspiring and motivating to see you balance so many things! I’m in the same position as you right now and I really need to be studying for my MCAT but it’s also really hard to keep up with upper level sciences, research, extracurriculars, and trying to go to the gym regularly. My question is when is the best time to go to the gym and how do you still have energy to study afterwards?

Rozy Dean says:

Such good handwriting. Keep it up! You can do it. I love sweaters too.

Moon Love says:

Hey girl! Can you please do a video on back to school makeup with drugstore products?

mdheartsuju says:

I like the two day format but do whatever is easier for you

Aaisha Begum says:

Prefer 2 day format pls do daily vlogging xx

megan diamond says:

do you have the s7 edge or the s6 edge? would you ever get an iphone?

Katelyn Brye says:

luv the kehlaniiiii

Piku Padukone says:

I love you so much Kaur it’s insane !!!

Aisha Riaz says:

Could you do a video showing us how you set outfits in terms of dupatta for events etc and how you get makeup ideas

Amna Afzal says:

what app do you use to edit photos?♥

Poonam Verma says:

r u indian..?? where is ur parents n u r such a hard worker ..gud keep going lik dis ..♡♡

Brittidk1932 says:

I must ask. How are you able to afford this lifestyle. Your own apartment, high-end makeup ,school tuition and a designer closet. I work full time and attend school full time I can barely afford more than my classes and one garment a month. are you assisted with scholarships or have parental assistance? if you have any advice please I’m all ears.

Evaaa A1 says:

Amazing! please do more study tips and vlogs:)

Angel Price says:

are you Indian or Pakistani?

Aaa Zzz says:

Please do a video on Punjabi culture :)!

Nyaduop Amari says:

YALL SOOO Beautiful

Amna Afzal says:

you are so stunning♥♥!!

derpyfrog says:

P.S. I like the 7-8 minute vlogs but honestly of 15 minute vlogs means you’ll upload them more frequently then shit I’ll take that too lmao

Anisha A. says:

Woah you seem to handle things greatly! I’d love to see more videos based on how you handle things but don’t get stressed out by it. You looked stunning btw! ❤️

Maryam says:

inspiring 🙂

Aisha Aslam says:

You probably get this question a lot, but what camera do you use to vlog? Love your videos! ❤❤

Chandrima Dutta says:

How long does it take you to take notes from a chapter?

daisymaedchen says:

Your reassuring that it might take some time to find out how you study the best in college kinda calmed me down lol. I just finished my first semester and I studied tons for my 7 exams but I feel like I could have studied differently for maximum results.

Nikola Borowska says:

I absolutely love how positive and determined you are! Big fan of your vlogs☺️

Nikhita Kamath says:

Hi lady, I really love your vlogs and think you’re an amazing person. I’m also Indian and I just find you really inspirational – you do so much, you’re clearly very intelligent and hardworking, plus you embrace your inner and outer beauty and uplift others as opposed to bringing people down. I’m a fan of your channel and think you’re amazing! Keep up the awesomeness <3

geet handa says:

all the best for you and everyone keep the good work
god bless

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