Trying Rubber Modeling Masks lol – Edward Avila

Lindsay Modeling Mask

Etude House Fresh Cup Modeling Mask


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Dandy Llama says:

Every time Edward makes that noise it sounds so sexual-

Natalia Napitupulu says:

HAHAHAHAAH ur face when u realized

Kiki A says:

DON’T YOU EVER say mOiSt again UGAH. :’) lol.

Heidi Fierro says:

Edward is the most finest Asian boi I ever seen ;-;

nicole halford says:

house tour eddy pls i live for your older one

Eva Navro says:

that was funny….hahahahah

Heidi Fierro says:

Edward is the most finest Asian boi I ever seen ;-;

jimin'sthighs rapmon'sdimples says:

Edward i love you so much <3 i really want a friend like you being sassy and such a sweethear...youre so funny as well keep up the good work,you always make me happy somehow

Patricia Chua says:


I.M what I.M says:

EDDY YOUR SKIN LOOKS AMAZING i’m really happy to see that!! <3

Velett says:

You are my spirit animal.

from your love says:

at first I was like…. is he not gonna remove his makeup or?

Vicky Li says:

You are so funny . But when you realised you didn’t take your makeup off the face tho

Laura Walsh says:

I don’t think I have EVER laughed so hard in my life 3:31 omfg bish!!!!!!

momochi says:

YOUR FACE WHEN YOU REALIZED, I’m laughing so hard, bless you man

Get Lit says:

Which kpop band are you from

miwa k says:

I thought cooling masks were supposed to tighten the pores? or not and I’m being dumb

Casual says:

is that vapowave in the bg? lmao

Philicia Tucker says:

I feel like when they say “cooling” they’re referring to relieving any inflammation someone may have on their face? :/

Sarang Oh says:

ily. that’s it

Nicole Rave says:

I laughed SO HARD when you stopped and realized you still had makeup on! I’d noticed your eyeshadow and was kind of like, ummm..? I died, how funny.

놀리는 says:

What is the goddam song at the end

I'm in love with a whale. says:


Torri X says:

I was like “is he gonna take his makeup on first?” But I’m glad you didn’t because your face when you realized made my day

Doidinhas TV says:


Wilberthe Sim says:

Lmbooo I was like does he have makeup on then boop

Heidi Fierro says:

Edward is the most finest Asian boi I ever seen ;-;

joojoo says:

Lmao he’s too funny

Jiwoo Jeong says:

are you planning to come to pangyo again????

morningflashh says:

Can you pls review that weird roll on foundation from stylekorea??

Sunnysideyoul says:


Cora Chems says:

1:48 is me opening anything tbh

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