This Is What The World’s First Plus-Size Beauty Salon Is Like

Get your mimosa and get your cupcakes!

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Jamie Lopez
Shayleen Hillary


Catie Hamilton says:

So do they turn down not plus size girls?

Brianna And Madison says:

Wait. They made a normal salon but bigger chairs, but it’s just so much better. Ooooookkkkkkkaaaaaayyyyy thhhheeennnn?

Rick Grimes says:

Obese: Weight that is higher than what is considered as a healthy weight for a given height, that may result negatively to a persons health. I don’t give a damn if you are overweight for medical reasons, like having a eating disorder, etc. Or if you have a little bit of extra fat, but if you are extremely overweight because you just don’t care about your health, and you enjoy eating fast food regularly without adding healthy meals to your diet, you are disgusting. Now adays we are expected tor appreciate all “body types” even if you are OBESE BECAUSE YOU DON’T GIVE A SH*T ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

Herrin cook says:

That owner is beyond obese. That is really unhealthy. But if she likes then it’s fine

Analaura Holguin says:

Dude girls out here asking why they would make a plus size salon but not make one for skinny people…..they do make “skinny” salons it’s called every salon ever started. that was the whole point of the video?……….

Purple Majesty says:

Kindly explain to me why when plus size women are confident and happy with themselves everyone acts like if they’re committing a goddamn sin. Just because you’re plus size it doesn’t mean you should spend every waking moment hating yourself because a few bored nosey people on the internet who apparently are all doctors have opinions about their weight and are ‘concerned’ for their health, miss me with the fake sympathy. Human beings have a habit of wanting to destroy every positive thing with negativity. Please tell me how each and every one of you youtube certified doctors are so sure none of these women work out or eat healthy or even in the process of their weight loss journey, NONE of you know these women and their lifestyles personally so I suggest you mind your own business and focus on yourselves.

Bella Holman says:

Ok of course they didn’t have a chair for that girl, she is sitting on two chairs at a time.

Kubatrooper says:

Like polishing a turd.

JungTaeMark says:

stfu about plus size stop promoting unhealthy lifestyles and tht owner being tht size is not ok

Hypernova Sims says:

I’m not plus size, but I still want to go there. “Normal” salons are boring and don’t have cupcakes.

Dijana says:

I think it’s awesome to be happy but it’s one thing to be a plus size healthy woman or man or whatever..but it’s another thing to speak about body positivity when ones obviously unhealthy and obese. That alone does not give others the right to discriminate ofc, but it’s also not a good life style and example just like people who are underweight.

Victoria Gonzalez says:

0:27 you’re literally going to die

Noemi L. says:

Imagine if there would be a salon for thin women only….

Oh Hey says:

I love the idea of body positivity but I can’t get past the fact that if someone made a “skinny salon” people would get so offended but if your plus sized it’s ok. Am I the only one who can’t get passed that?

Anastasia Salagornik says:

Theres a difference between plus size and obese

Michaela Viljoen says:

That owner is the most disgusting sack of glorified lumpy cholesterol I’ve ever seen. Looking like that is not a good thing, she is killing herself. You’re supposed to exercise on a treadmill, not EAT it.

Jasmine Bigness says:

OK but can we talk about how bad that pedi as? THERE IS NAIL POLISH ON HER CUTICLES! If you’re going to advertise your services, at least get someone who can do it justice.

Hermione Granger says:

OMG Shayleen is gorgeous!!!!

Alexander Hamilton says:

that owner…
you aren’t plus sized… you’re obese…

cool teen on youtube says:

if you cannot fit in a chair you should be more concerned with your health rather than imaginary social issues like “fat-phobia”….

Samantha Renee says:

There are some “plus size” people who are 100x healthier then some smaller people. It’s true you need to be healthy and take care of your body, but no where does that mean, “being skinny”.

Alice Beyer says:

At least they didn’t call the owner “curvy”

Zoe Groff says:

I don’t mean this to be offensive AT ALL, but there’s a difference between being plus sized and being obese. Many women in this video are actually plus sized but one or two are obese. I understand that it’s very difficult to lose weight, but being unhealthy isn’t something to celebrate. Plus sized people are often people who naturally have bigger bodies but eat healthfully and exercise. That’s not the case for obese people. I’m really sorry if this offends anyone, it’s not meant to. But let’s not celebrate the unhealthiness of obese people.

Bec says:

But now are they going to weight discriminate because they won’t hire a ‘skinny” girl because it won’t match their image?! hmmmmm

Emily Anne says:

I still hate the stigma that all plus size people are unhealthy, some are that is true, but a lot of people who are plus size exercise and eat just as healthy as anyone else. Heck some skinny people are more unhealthy than some plus size people but you don’t see people complaining about them??

George Knowles says:

they deleted my comment. Guess they don’t like differing opinions.

Amanda Whisper says:

Those ladies are EXTRA EXTRA PLUS SIZE. Instead of them getting their nails done, they should be working out and trying to lose some weight. There is such a thing as too skinny and too fat!.

Shana Boginya says:

I defenetly support body posititivty and it’s fine if you don’t want to eat healthy but showing young girls that it ok to be the owners size is not ok.

Ania Horlbogen says:

I don’t wanna be a horrible person but the people at he salon didn’t turn you away, they didn’t have a chair that would freaking first you. because you’re killing yourself with cholesterol and carbohydrates. I know the whole “body positivity” thing but there is a difference between plus sized and morbidly obese. it’s like saying anorexia is okay and beautiful. it’s not.

Candy Crush says:

The owner there is not a plus size woman she’s obese and I think with the experience that happen to her when she went to the salon should’ve taught her to start a healthy lifestyle instead of opening a salon that promotes unhealthy lifestyles

scary muffin says:

girl thats jabba the hut

Elijah X. Media says:

lol the owner look like jaba the hut with makeup and a wig on. They need to have a gym in that damn salon, these fat asses need to lose weight.

Melanie Morales says:

No. Really you shouldn’t be promoting this. Take it form a former obese person. There is a difference from being proud of thick or curvy and being proud of obese and life treating. This is a full on trigger to someone who is obese. Its like saying “yes continue to kill yourself with food and keep being depressed unmotivated and unhappy with yourself.”

cool teen on youtube says:

stop treating fat people like they are an oppressed groub, being fat is literally a choice

zeynep aykac says:

The owner is not plus-sized she is obese…

Nymphaea says:

There’s a huge difference between plus size and just being obese. I know there are some people who can’t help it because of the genes, but like go to the doctor that specialize in healthy lifestyle. Check if there’s something you can’t eat and can eat.

I wish I had more curves and plus size women are beautiful but obese is a dangerous thing that can and will shorten and ruin your life.

Rebel2401 says:

i’m the first one to think we need to challenge our definitions of beauty and that clearly skinny people or not necessarily healthy at all, (I weigh 157lbs (for 5’9) and have never been in better shape) but damn unhealthy is not beautiful .!?!? The owner of this salon is not beautiful, she’s morbidly obese, she could die from that level of obesity and you’re gonna tell me she’s pretty? If it was that easy we would all just sit around with fried chicken and a coke and call ourselves beautiful. Show some love to your body and then you’ll be beautiful

Thai Prince BamBam says:

Well damn! I didn’t know it had so many doctors on YouTube.

FlyLeaf says:

JK news did a video on the nail saloon that had that poster up, and i agree with that shop. Not all chairs are made for obese people to sit on and that shop had a valid reason as the chairs cost a lot of money. Its great that they made a place for fat women but idk… its not like you magically woke up with all that weight. It isn’t like other discrimination where the person cannot change their race or disability.

Alex Exists says:


Jxss_xca says:

At least the owner will look good when she dies of heart disease.

Marin R. says:

There is a difference between plus size and obese. Obesity is a diesease. Plus size women do not take up two chairs and are not more likely to die of heart disease. Obese women do.

anna vosicky says:

Honestly, whatever weight, shape, and size your body is at when you maintain a healthy diet and a healthy amount of excersize is the right size for you. Sometimes, people have other circumstances that effect their weight, like thyroid issues, medications, or physical injuries. So, honestly, just shut up. It’s not your body, it’s not your concern.

Maddy A says:

We need another term to differentiate big women from morbidly obese women.
Lets call them multiply sized women!

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