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What’s it like waking up as a Victoria’s Secret Angel? If you’re model Taylor Hill, it means readying for a day full of hair, makeup, and hosting parties for the brand’s latest fragrance launch, Tease Rebel. In this episode of Waking Up With… we spent the morning with Taylor Hill at the InterContinental New York Barclay as she shared the first thing she does when she gets out of bed, how much coffee it takes to fuel her morning, and the one podcast that — literally — saves her day.

Watch our episode of Waking Up With Dove Cameron:

Check in at the InterContinental New York Barclay:

Buy the new Tease Rebel fragrance:

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Satterlee Kk says:

Like we give a shit abt wt she does in da morning

Rimsha Khalid says:

I wish she was British I cant believe she’s not

Alexandra Caroço says:

In Vogue’s Beauty Secrets we can see Taylor with no makeup (still beautiful) and nothing like the fake waking up here. Hooray for genuinity!

Lachlan Taylor says:

anybody notice the headphones not plugged in

Toni says:

i came here cuz shes hot asf

Greg James says:

0.32 clicked away fake! No woman I have ever met sleeps with a bra on! Fake!

Louise Mackay says:

And then you realize………..she never ate breakfast

Rukhsana Memon says:

I just love her …

*insert name here* says:

Just saying… She probably has one of those live laugh love posters

Lola 。 Barclay 。 says:

Hmm… can’t relate

James Catana says:

Thats why girls take so long to get ready

Lena The Movie Junkie says:

How realistic. I sleep with my bra and rings on too. Not. Btw waking up with make up on, perfectly sitting clothes and taking a shower without washing are my fave dumb and shitty parts in this “morning routine”

Timmy Turna says:

I wake up at 7 in the morning, the radar alarm on my iPhone scares me awake, Still half asleep and depressed that I need to go to school, knowing I didn’t complete my physics homework and that I have a exam today.

Monaliah khay says:

Her apartment is bomb af. I wanna live there

Muscles and Moustache says:

So she sleeps with make up on?

Sam I Am says:

My morning routine:
1. Wake up
2. Go back to sleep

Kookie TaeChim says:

Listen, the headphones aren’t even plugged in. And it’s an iPhone X. Headphone jacks are not a thing anymore. And can the models wake up like humans? No full face of makeup, hair done, and bed lookin all set up like, the fuck? That ain’t normal.

Chirpy IPLAY says:

She’s wearing a wired earphone on the iPhone X…whatthe….

Makayla Elizabeth says:

Because everyone wakes up in a perfect messy bun and full makeup….I get that it’s filmed to look good but making models seem *that* perfect high key destroys people’s self confidence because they compare themselves to them.

Ariana Grande says:

Now Do Ariana Grande!!!

Adrianna Russ says:

To be honest I think she looks prettier without makeup on

Mahdi Ghorbani says:

What a dum fuck u brash ur teeth after eating

howareyousylar1 says:

I also wake up with a full face of makeup. It’s crazy

Kaitlin L says:

if only it was that easy to pick out a outfit

Frank Gallagher says:

lol i used to have the same cheap 10 dollar headphones from walmart as the ones she use in 2:40. Then I upgraded to $15 ones from amazon

Ciencias Nutricionales says:

Thish ish sho fake shorry

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