This 5’11″ Androgynous Beauty Is Nobody’s Doormat: Shannon Clagett

We asked model Shannon Clagett to be a part of the What’s Underneath Project because, at 5’11”, Shannon creates an ideal of beauty that’s not about eating disorders or airbrushing, but that’s about being her true androgynous self. With no-holds-barred honesty, Shannon opens up about her struggles with a lost childhood, which included physical abuse by her father, emotional neglect by her mother, life-threatening drug use, and bulimia. Now, Shannon is positive and healthy. As she confidently declares, “If something in my life doesn’t make me happy, then it’s not there anymore.”

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Shannon’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz


carol newlands says:

Oh boy wait till she hits my age…a 25 year old comparing herself to a 15 year old? Also..great you have these videos…but us older women who had eating disorders and complexes and addictions and no videos or role models to tell us “it’s ok to take a person who transformed her life at 60,finally addiction free..a healt/and life coach…does anyone realize what a journey that is when you have to find the way on your own..and by the way..I am in the best shape ever…I feel good that she found her way..but older women paved the way for that…God Bless

Karen W. says:

You are so gorgeous! And you are so strong and amazing, thank you for sharing this !

Abigail Tan says:

she has great self-realization and great awareness of her thoughts. I’m so happy for how strong she is

Garima Golchha says:

So beautiful <3

Soheel Canaan says:

oooh made me cryy so badlyyy
but thanks for sharing that ..shes amazing <3

Alan Aguilera says:

Ugly? really? … you are a f*ckin’ goddess

sarah johnson says:

I feel uneasy when I hear people talk about how thankful they are that their bodies “snapped back” it makes me feel like if your body didn’t snap back or your hair didn’t grow back that would be something to be ashamed of. I then wonder if this is my own insecurity towards the societal norm of having a small tight body or if it’s truly something that should be addressed. We should all be allowed to be thankful for ourselves and our bodies. I just truly wonder how a woman, whose body didn’t go back, feels when she hears comments like these. Lovely woman, lovely discussion.

Bianca Wilson says:

Beautiful. Amazing. She’s killing it.

Jack Hagan says:

From tough beginnings to being a Strong Survivor. That’s how you get strength of character. Respect.

ニャン says:

Holy shit I love this person. She’s just so enigmatic in her way of speaking. So enthralling. Yeah keep rocking on being you!

Andrea Cardenas says:

She’s really strong, even though I haven’t had the honor to meet her, I’m proud of her

Tuva Stefansen Hamnes says:

The chills, oml

Lalaney Bohne says:

she is beautiful

sareena rama says:

these are amazing

Aqua'sLiquor Yummy says:

I’m in love

Jana Roos says:

my life has been a struggle and seeing these videos it give a me a feel of comnection that we are not alone.❤

charly evans says:

12389h 5’10 is far from short. I have no insecurities.

Mina Fionnbharra says:

I had a similar childhood and can relate to her. She’s very strong for changing her life around.

c.H.u.N Leung says:

who is this beautiful creature @0@

Jana Roos says:

my mom is the same about blaming everyone else and it’s never her fault

candygirl says:

“Where was the person who protected me, Where’s the person that looked after me”? I understand. Those who are Supposed To Protect us often do the most damage. I believe you are an amazing person. Thanks so much, for this video.

Edweird Rose says:

why do all these people intentionally make themselves look like shit

Six Half says:

Damn this really spoke to me. :/

Eve Moodie says:

I think everyone should see this, it’s so powerful

genelle .ge says:

what a brave fierce woman <3

antoniaavocado says:

this one is my absolute favourite

JackconReecetV says:

Androgyny is beautiful

Tina Tyler says:

she is the reason models 5’5cant model you have to be 5’9 and taller

Tina says:

If I had known her growing up, I would have been her bestie. Outcasts make the best and most interesting friends.

Miller Butler says:

she trying to get cast in the next he’ll razor

Guy Hacon says:

Only in America. What an awful society and culture to allow these events to occur. The empowering tattoo is beyond cliché.

natalie forsyth says:

These stories are so powerful and real

Enraged Stoic says:

Androgynous, nah mate your just fuck ugly, take responsibility for your genetics. But you just want to be part of a victimized group right?

chloe C says:

This woman shows beautifully how happiness is a choice

mercurialfeminist says:

That sounds terrible. The worst thing would be the isolation as a child. It takes so much more work for some people to be happy and live functional life because of what they’ve gone through.

Lady CHAOS says:

This hurts me to be honest. I honestly relate to her struggles so much. I’ve hated myself for so many years and I still struggle with my body image being a woman assigned male at birth and growing up living a lie and having my parents never noticing how much they’d hurt me with the smallest things down to the bigger things. I remember daydreaming and even dreaming about being a woman and being happy and I couldn’t figure it out until I met people who understood and loved me for who I was as a person and not as a fictional person I pretended to be. I probably wrote shit ton of stuff here, but it feels nice to let it out.

Emma Lu says:

these videos are so amazing because there are so many different stories and they’re all absolutely amazing and inspiring and it’s so wonderful to see what people have come through stronger. they have helped me out to a point regarding self-image and eating healthily.

Celia Bateman says:

She’s a riot I loved her story

Qing Yang says:

What’s wrong of being a criminal’s child? I would definitely encourage my children to play with her since she is in need of more love and company than other kids.

MsCherryeating says:

Thank you so much, Shannon! You finally spoke out what I myself am not able to do. I will not say that I can totally understand what exactly happened to you and how that must have felt because I never experienced that. But I can relate to all you said about not feeling in the right place, about craving for acknowledgement as a person and your efforts and finally get to that point where you have to clean that mess up yourself… I`m still cleaning up and it`s hard and you feel like knocking yourself out sometimes because you were living these automatisms everyday and that`s hard to break. But thank you for the inspiration you gave me, even though this has been almost two years since this went online. But words never die they say so rock on!

Diana Hernandez says:

This is my favorite one so far! Such a beautiful person inside & out❤️

Salma Lynch says:

What a captivating re-telling of her life. Man she is inspiring.

Daniel Lion says:

You’re old enough to make your own decisions.. get your life in order. Do you know Jesus-Christ? He’s a friend and your Savior.

Deejay Latchuman says:

gosh, that’s intense…

Pamela Navarro says:


Laura Phillips says:

Our life stories are exactly the same, apart from
the drugs. You have given me so much strength

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