The Next Generation Of Most Beautiful Kids In The World

The most beautiful children in the world.


If you were to ask any parent in the world about their child, they’d probably mention something about their kid being super cute. While it’s true that most children are adorable, there are some kids out there that are more beautiful than the rest. These gorgeous kids are usually models thanks to their big eyes and perfectly rosy cheeks. If you want to see what today’s most beautiful kids look like, check out our video on The Next Generation Of Most Beautiful Kids In The World.
Lauren Lunde is a beautiful little girl of South Korean and Canadian descent. Her doll-like features and natural auburn hair are what make her stand out amongst other kids her age. While she has been modeling since she was a toddler, we think that it’s much cooler that she was on the popular South Korean reality TV show “Hello Baby.” Lauren was paired up with the K-pop group MBLAQ as a way to test their abilities as parents. But you’ll have to keep watching to see what her cutie pie brother looks like too.
Jack Bennett is a handsome young boy from the U.K. who’s also a super talented makeup artist. He runs the Instagram account @MakeuupbyJack to show off his creativity. And we have to admit that even we’re jealous of his ability. Jack is proof that being yourself always pays off, and we’re loving that he’s also making #makeupforboys a thing. But you’ll never believe how this beautiful boy first became famous.
From the Clements Twins to William Franklyn-Miller to Megan and Morgan Boyd, there’s a whole new generation of beautiful kids out there. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see which designer one lucky child model walked down the runway for during New York Fashion Week.

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Miguel Jimenez says:

Vazquez and the makeup kid aren’t in the level of the rest of the kids on this video.

tilly xxx says:

Just because that there models or their parents are famous dosnt mean that they already pretty all kids are beautiful

Unicorn poop says:

The only kid I saw my age here was that William boy. I’m 12.. he’s probably a little older. But other than him, I couldn’t find anyone my age.

John von Shepard says:

Damn i wish i have blue eye.

Andrea Moscoso says:

Hi can I win the 50 dollars gift card? lol.
To everyone on here may all good things come your way this year.

Kaitlyn Cross says:

waits for everyone to be on the list

Leen Ramini says:

That Japanese schoolgirl is Lilly Chee you freak

Hannah Jeffrey says:

Ok………so your calling us ugly look we are all beautiful……..

qwerty link says:

WARNING: This vid is not for pedo…’

Nadia Nadia says:

ps i like ur comment

Lynn Marlin says:

I was a chubby little kid

Sarah-sassylashes- Brown says:

Lovely children

EndieDragon123 says:

I was here to see if any South Korean kids were on here….KPOPPERS UNITE!!!!! Love u army’s and carats.

Nadia Nadia says:

My eyes r a very rare blue

Carys Lloyd says:

I may not have the biggest, blue eyes. I may not be super skinny. I may not have perfect skin. I may not have perfect hair. I may not be perfect.
I’m not super skinny. I have a skin condition. My hair falls out. I’m not perfect.
I may have a big heart. I may care for people. I may feel empathy for people.
I have a big heart. I care for people. I feel empathy for people.

Oluwadare Tapere says:

Why was the majority of the kids white except for only 3 people

One DevilishDemon says:

That’s because all these kids have makeup on and the camera is enhanced on the pictures.
Inner Beauty Not Outer Beauty

when you don't realize your cousin is a snake says:

Welp, I am a kid with the not so soft hair and early acne…

Zoya Khan says:

There might be kids way more beautiful then them u can’t just say tht they r the world’s most beautiful kids

Andreea Angel says:


Aly Baly says:

Ummm blonde blue eyes is the “American look?” Wtf

DoctorReal Who says:

Stop making this vids, we’re all beautiful. A little girl is gonna watch this and think” wow I’m ugly huh…”

Just someone.-. says:

They are pretty, but no the most prettiest in the world.
We are beautiful in our unique looks. There is no such thing as most beautiful. 😀

Sujetame El rabo, que pesa says:

They all have the same facial features… European people say that in China everyone looks the same, but I couldn’t difference At least last 3 girls.

seito hojoin says:

Like just for lauren and cooper

dia170 zj says:

Lots of people say I’m beautiful all the time

Pumpkin 11 says:

Saw William Franklyn Miller…
Paused the video…
Opened Instagram…
Followed him…
Mission Accomplished.

Humming Bird says:


Kawaiicream _5 says:

Bruhhhh I’m so freaking ugly I even look like a boy???? And these kids are so gorgeous


There is no such thing as the most beautiful in the world everyone is beautiful

Dafri MSP says:

Everyones ugly

Haleigh Bug says:

“Are more beautiful than the rest” come on…

yep says:

Yep. I feel like a troll now.

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