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In this video, we are going to address the most beautiful kids in the world. Take a look at some of them: Top beautiful girls and boys

Kristina Pimenova was born in 2005. Daughter of a football player and a jobless mum, Kristina was considered the prettiest kids among their relatives: So much, that her mom was convinced to try the modeling business when Kristina was only 4.

Anastasia Bezrukova is another beautiful girl, this one born in 2004. She has a stunning pair of gray eyes and beautiful hair, which was a great way for her to have an outstanding modeling career in just some years.

Lily Chee. A 12-years-old model that is so stunning, she didn’t even have to the business: it came to her. That’s right — she was shopping with her father when a Whilemena Models scout saw her. From that point on, her career skyrocketed.

Julian O’Neill is a really young boy model. At only 8 years of age, Julian took advantage of his red hair and blue eyes to win the favor of companies like Hanna Andersson, Euroclub Kids, Roberto Cavalli Kids, Vogue Bambini and Toys R Us.

Aleyna Yilmaz is the vivid definition of cuteness. Her career in South Korea has been just incredible. With only 9 years of age, Aleyna is considered one of the most successful South Korean kid models.

Ekaterina Samsonov is considered one of the most successful child models. Last year, she made over $50k only modeling. The 12-year-old had a great year, thanks to campaigns for J Crew, Macy’s and JC Penney.

Baylor and Hudson Cryder are brothers, 11 and 7 years respectively. They were really successful models early on, calling the attention of several brands. They managed to get jobs with companies like Ralph Lauren Children, J.Crew and Oscar de la Renta Kids.

Avalon Robbins is a 12-years-old actress, known for Los tres chiflados (2012), Scarf (2015) and Minnie’s Bow-Toons (2011). Her beauty allowed her to get into business at a really young age. When she was 4, she was already appearing in commercials.

Alina Yasheva is a ten-years-old supermodel. Her features are so innocent and cute that she resembles a little doll. This gave her a vast amount of opportunities in the business. No wonder she has a very bright career in front of her!

Quvenzhané Wallis is a 12-years-old actress best known for her role in Beasts of the Southern Wild. Not only she is a very talented kid, she is also stunningly beautiful. Her unique appearance makes here deserve a spot among the most beautiful kids in the world.

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Blacc Jay says:

why aren’t they any black boys and black girls, there’s only one black girl in this

Chara Unicorn says:

Its just weird because people say that it doesn’t matter if youre ugly or beautiful but if you think of it a bit better,you’ll see that all your life depends on your beauty.I know that this is kinda mean,I am not a model either,but that’s just the truth.

Flygamer Happy says:

I should be up there like no joke I look better then anyone up there not trying to be rude I think I should be up there

Chloe Hopes says:

they are so pretty and im just a potato

Cutie_Cupcake says:

for truth not to be mean but they are not like the super beautiful kids they are just pretty

Allison Wilson says:

why isent my name on there

Mateusz Dudek says:

wtf it isnt beatufil

Aleena Zahra says:

Some people may not be beautiful from the outside but they are beautiful from the inside


This is so dumb. My friend is so gorgeous and she should be on the list and so should all of you.

mtndewdewd1 says:

These kids are spoiled

Belle Smith says:

no one is to or the beautifullest

Miriam Chainne says:

The 3 girl was ugly af

Dupont Davignon says:

I’ll have some easy questions for you after this deep research. How many kids are there exactly in the world? What is the exact definition of a kid (to fit your criteria). And how many time did it take to you for searching the totality of the kids in the world?
Of course, congrats for this titanic task, certainly the greastest of humanity’s history.

P.S. : do you suffer of some partial myopia, or do you consider a body as the face and nothing else?
Stop selling your shit, they aren’t the most beautiful because you decided it (notwithstanding the huge amount of artifice used to farder their real appearance…).

Guys (I speak to the mass, of course), stop making people popular, while they’re totally artificially put to the clouds, with no talent, no particularity, excepted the one to make mass people believe they’ve one…

You can copy this message if you want.

GlitterSnake HD says:


Harley Msp777 says:


Guadalupe Hernandez says:

that’s not nice of them everybody’s pretty

alexcia hale says:

am I a pretty child too?

Ajieh Rose says:

you ain’t seen all the kids in the world so why the heck you gonna choose prettiest..

Abby:P kawaii says:

it’s rude how their saying that were not pretty

Angie Malone says:

So what I’m basically seeing is that you need to have straight silky hair, light skin and preferably light colored (striking) eyes in order to be beautiful? We all know that they only threw the last girl in there so they wouldn’t be called racist. Like for real, they didn’t even talk about her looks at all, just her talents. The closest they got to complementing her looks was calling her “unique”. Bullshit. Why can’t people find dark people beautiful too? It’s not fair. What did we ever do to be rejected like this?

Trinity Russ says:

I think Jojo Siwa is the prettiest person in the world

Hailey Gregory says:

I have blue gray and kinda green eyes and blonde hair

all3tubekids tubekids says:

tbh your making ppl feel ugly not a good messave i would delete but i know im really pretyy but others

Brooke Weston says:

My mum said I should be on this vid

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