The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Modeling

A short story time about my experiences in modeling and the industry, enjoy!

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Hey guys, Kyra here and I hope you enjoy this video about my modeling experience. I do different types of videos on my channel spanning across comedy, vlogs, spoofs, fitness, health and wellness, and fashion & beauty.

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A. M. says:

Funny how those bookers you referred to don’t seem to know what their clients actually want. I mean that’s pretty much their job, isn’t it. Apparently they are absolutely clueless, though…

Ngoni Griffith says:

Modeling is a tough industry. When I was younger, I tried out for modeling. I paid thousands of dollars to attend a camp. I am 5’9 and was 120 lbs. at the time. Was I picked? No. Maybe it was my looks. Probably. I’ll never know because they never gave me a reason why they didn’t choose me. All I know is that things happen for a reason. Good luck with your acting career. Stay happy!

Theyn Smith says:

Isn’t maxim for porn stars?

Yael SyagRoseman says:

lol I’m 5’3 shiiiiiit

Andy Nguyen says:

Good video. I am from Simple, Sexy, Stupid.

Katarzyna Brown says:

Is kyra and brennen still together

Nadine Nieto says:

❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for sharing this!

Don't Subscribe says:

5’7 is considered short!?!? Wtfffffff I’m 5’7 1/2 as well and people think I’m tall, I guess cuz I’m Hispanic and I’m surrounded by short people lol

HLINE says:

awesome video

Yellowunicorn says:

Wow that model agency seems rude usually people LOvE curly hair

Don't Subscribe says:

Before getting to the 8 min of the vid I kept thinking, just trying acting it’ll work fine for this chick. She’s got it.

Daisy N bob says:

Thank you for clearing up modeling for me.. people always ask me if I am modeling and I tell them no.. I don’t want to model. It’s a fucked up Industry

Jana Galley says:

looooove this !!! Thanks for sharing you’re fab

Bri Terry says:

Can I ask where your jewelry is from, specifically your gold rings? I’ve been trying to find decent simple gold rings!

Random Girl says:

I just recently signed with a big agency and the same thing has happened to me, they want me to lose 10 pounds, they cut and dyed my hair, and they want it blown out, I have the same type of hair as kyra. Just starting in to modeling and getting all of these corrections are hard, but this is what I want to do and I’m going to work hard to give them what they want

Patricia Leo says:

in the beginning it’s hard of course once you get the walk, the pose, the skills then it comes naturally, yeah it takes a while to receive your check

Leah B says:

the modeling industry just seems soo toxic and dark based on a lot of sources

Ludwika Maryńczak says:

You have such a healthy approach to modelling! You look great, your body and hair – perfect. Keep going! 🙂

Paigethemermaid says:

Your natural hair, curls and colour is beautiful. You have a bomb ass body, your personality is amazing, you go girl. ❤️ I’ve always wanted to model but I’m too big for modelling unfortunately.

E says:

Your natural hair is so pretty, the natural waves and curls are beautiful, many people try to just style their own hair like that!

Yui Yuighama says:

5’7 is too small to be a model.. damn i thought I was tall (5’6)…

ShoRtii MeLissa says:

How anybody could possibly say that your hair is not right because I am absolutely in love with your hair the way it is naturally I would give anything to have your hair and for them to tell you that your body is imperfect in any way is absolutely absurd! You are probably one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen and nobody should ever take that away from you so good choice on changing jobs and doing something that makes you happy because you have a Natural Glow to you and if I was a person that could see your aura I’m sure you’d be whatever color the color of sunshine would be so I guess maybe yellow if that’s a good color LOL but honestly you inspire me to be a happier person and to be like my old silly self because right now I’m very unhappy with how I am because I feel like I need to lose weight because I’m not comfortable with how I look and I’m having a tough time losing weight and just a lot of personal things going on with me being comfortable with myself and watching your videos actually give me hope because you’re always so happy and smiling so that is why I try and dig deep and find the old me that I used to be before I got depressed and try to bring that girl out more often or as often as I can because it’s really hard to put on a smile when all you want to do is lay in bed and do nothing. So please keep making videos because you honestly inspired me to be a better me! And happy birthday as well to you!

Lisa Nguyen says:

What a sweetheart! <3 Love you chiquita!

Sky Blue says:

her face looks manly. maybe that’s why she’s having a hard time in the modeling world.

Joanna Elinor says:

You’re a wonderful girl, REALLY! ♥️

Tam Tran says:

I’ve always wanted hair like yours, it’s honestly so beautiful <3

nik ghalk says:

Great story! thanks for sharing

Kerxin Chien says:

Which agency are you in?

Joanna says:

ur natural hair is beauTIFUL <3

i wanted to be a model sO bad but uhh not anymore lmao

ray bannn says:

you get what you signed up for

Pepe Is Love Pepe is Life :D says:

I love model my dream is to be Model I really want my own private life

Ceara Bostick says:

“Sometimes you just don’t know what you want and the universe will put a road block in your way and make you wake up and realize hey you’re not suppose to be doing this, you’re suppose to be doing something else” ❤️


Shannon Marie says:

You are amazing love!!! Also reminded me….I’m amazing.. Just living in 2018.

Olga Timbur says:

Insta: olgatimbur

Lauren Voigt says:

Thank you for posting this. Your message is so informative and you are so positive. This is something I think a lot of girls needed to hear, including myself. I hope you continue to succeed and find happiness in your life. 🙂

jenna stonik says:

Your beautiful and losing a booking agent your familiar with is very hard! You sticking with it is a hard choice and it took real strentgh to stick in there the way you did. You channel is very good and their loss is so msny other peoples gain! But shes right ladys its not show fun,its show business! Thank you for sharing that its very helpful to see and hear the truth! Ty

Niya Shelton says:

I wish she would just get to the point

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