The 10 Most Beautiful African Women

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Dakiaya Kelly says:

Every black person is beautiful

Imagbe Cynthia92 says:

Makeup,photoshop, fake hair what are you talking about….

Baboloki Tshosa says:

No no no way. There are more beautiful women in Africa than these ones.

MercyFlex DeLuise Mazmida says:

Coz am most beautiful

carolyne khisa says:

Before you read the comments, watch out for the Horn of Africans throwing their famous grenades on the comments because they are jealous. In my opinion, South sudanese women are the best African models, and West, East and central Africans take the trophy for the ass

Ibilly Duncan says:

True African Beauty is often duplicated but CAN NOT BE ORIGINATED LIKE THE ORIGINAL AFRICAN QUEEN.

Mawly Mar says:

I feeling that song tho!!!!

Tina Mukigi says:

I think they aren’t the best they are on the list because they are celebrities but more beautiful people who are low-key do exist

titusho2 says:

Yes there very attractive ladies! But please you black women be yourself! Stop using wings of Straight Hair Wings that is not your nature, so you are not totally yourselves, spells trouble to me…attitude complexity.

wyakee vinegar says:

I think #8 faith is the baddest one on the video

Ruth Myers says:

How do you know it’s not their natural hair, qeeniknownhoiam? Those women are beautiful natural or not. How many so called beautiful white women wear extensions and wigs? Come on beauty is beauty. Those women get my props!!!!

Tosha Mbemba says:

When you call them beautiful is without make up that true beauty

Haat Praat says:

If you want to see a black female artist who would simply slam dunk Beyonce, check out Aya Nakamura. She’s French (Malian parents), better singer and about twice as beautiful. She is huge here in Europe.

Seynabou Seck says:

They are indeed beautiful but the 10 most beautiful African women are in Africa minding their business, don’t need makeup artists, hair extensions, artificial lighting….

Malaika Abdul-Rafi says:

Beautiful yes, but not natural. They more westernized than westerners. Wearing weaves and look like they got a butt doctor who is working on their asses

Stephanie Zaahl says:

And Im from Namibia

Curtis Powell says:

I am a black American male and although I find these women attractive I don’t care for the overly big butts and hips.I guess that is why I’m not a Kim Kardashian fan.

trinifun99 says:

#7 I totally agree, I look at her channel, and she is beautiful inside and out. Jamie is a very lucky guy.

hardas nails says:

African and Beautiful are two words that don’t go together.

Billy Okode says:

I knew Genevieve will not miss this.But who cares?.We men love the curves,not the faces
Sesay and Lopes/z are ordinary though.
East Africa represente

Denise Rich says:

Beautiful naturally no fake ass no fake breast I love my people

Naiyde Adiyah says:

Black is beautiful but i would have loved it more if they were without make up then we can see the real beauty am black myself.

t money says:

Khoudia diop from Senegal is beautiful.

Cyprian Peters says:

8That young woman from Senegal is the most beautiful woman of the lot

emma lina says:

all fake

kassi kpli says:

The title should be “10 Beautiful African Women”. They are beautiful, but not the most beautiful

FAMILY & says:

#7 and #4 were Extraordinary .. Gorgeous Beyond

Christine Naskiss says:

U know nothing about African beauty..u just looking for viewers.. They are a lot of pretty women in Africa.. Those u are showing they ain’t nothing compared to the one you haven’t seen.

J gon says:

Lopes hmm something doesn’t add up lol

Jacobina Ikaku says:

Am here for niki Perkins


when you talk about African beauty and you don’t include Ethiopian or Somali women, the video automatically becomes fake, and I’m not even African

Nanaeffia Boahine says:

They are all beautiful but the weaves ladies geesh, why do we not love our natural state

Zachary Madison says:

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tee reckord says:

Big up Nikki!


Tbh Africa has the most beautiful women

Izere Amie Axelle says:

I hope they are as beautiful as intelligent

Diana Sabu says:

Welcome Africa …a land of natural curved woman….

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