Swimsuit Models in SI | 56-Year-Old, Plus Sized Models Redefine Beauty

Nicola Griffin, 56, joins plus-size models Ashley Graham and Precious Lee live on “GMA.”


mtrwsk mtrwsk says:

disgusting. i guess they want to lose sales.

Jolene Oldham says:

Nice segment, too bad your banner ad across the bottom obscures 1/4 of the video.

Richard Koehler says:

These are beautiful heathy well in per portion that shouldn’t be label plus size ,BEAUTIFUL ,keep up the work ..

quest 34667 says:


Hei C says:

Wall-E has predicted the future. We will all be stuck in our hovering chairs.

michael schettl says:

Giant ad plasterd accrost the vidio that cant be removed. Cant even enjoy watching.

Rodriguez Chavez says:

I’m not against bigger woman in fact most of them are beautiful but this is to much they shut get their own magazine and leave sports illustrated for the fit thin classic woman

jjeepster02 says:

I remember when ABC News actually had some credibility.

Time Is Up says:

let’s see what will become of this great, big, fat movement if “precious” takes the stage.

Andrey Lucas says:


Pavao Špigelski says:

Reklama ometa normalno gledanje!

zigyzigy13 says:

Give it up, give it up, white people! You are born FAT, just accept it! Plus size model? Aha ha~!.

Tonia Crawford says:

I’m going to pray for you commenters and myself God bless

Unlimited Gaming!!!! says:

Nice look . now where are the obese ones..

James Stevens says:

Don’t these obese lumps know that pretty much all men (bar the weirdo with a BBW fetish) don’t find them attractive? Why is fat being accepted now, its something you CAN change through a little bit of hard work and discipline and caring about your health, what you can’t change is biology and the fact that most people cringe in disgust when they see a fatty in a bikini.

Stop lying to yourselves saying achieving a good body is unattainable and apparently all models are ‘photoshopped’ ahah ridiculous jealous, trying to justify being lazy and unhealthy and apparently its societies fault that you’re not attractive, please…

You’re not redefining anything youre LYING to yourself- just as bad as anorexic models

luomio says:

Fucking disgusting.

luomio says:

Fuck you SI

Todd Stein says:

Ashley Graham is amazing

zigyzigy13 says:

2:00     White people are wrinkly wrinkly old! Whoa!!!!!!

The Great Catsby says:

PC culture run amok. Good luck selling those magazines.
Maybe someday you will remember that most people are not attracted to fat and old women. They see that everyday on the street. When they buy the magazine, they want something they don’t.

Fabricio Gontijo de Sá says:

There is no perfect body. There should be no body patterns. The main thing is to take care of health of the body and live in harmony! All women in this video are beautiful. Remember: All for zero prejudice!

devilmecare says:

The only thing that likes a bone is a dog.

funnydonna says:

All SI has done is widened the variety of women objectified for the prurient pleasure of pathetic individuals. Just read a few of their comments …

Crazy Villarruel says:

oh my my precious

Kimberly Hoffman says:

size 14 is not really plus size,plus size starts at 14!! someone correct me if im wrong!! 30% body fat or more is becoming obese!! thats not healthy!!

ventende says:

“we do not loose sex appeal as we grow older” – hehe. That host is living in la-la land. What about some god damn honesty here, that would actually provide more authenticity and trustworthiness than total denial. Why don’t just undress a 87 year old and asses her next to a 27 year old. The lack of honesty is kinda saying “we don’t wanna deal with mortality and physical decay, so let’s just dig our heads into the sand and be willingly naive and political correct” The truth is secondary. Image is everything. Jisses christ, these Americans makes me wanna laugh and puke at the same time. Listen, it’s quite alright to be old, fat and wrinkly. It’s the circle of life talking! If your not able to address this in an honest and TRUE manner than fuck off cause this false political correctness is the worst!

Sunshine Green says:

Absolutely wonderful! Men love women of all sizes and ages! This was a great move for SI!!! Plush women have always been an in thing; who wants a skinny teddy bear? No offense to my slim chicas! Those thickum girls get the best men too, damn:)

Yunho Nam says:

White people are stealing social justice and making it about them. These plus-sized “models” are all white. So are most people who complain about them.

They’re turning social justice into a joke.

Steve Guzman says:

I used to date a plus size girl that resembled Ashley Graham she farted constantly in my face eventually I got a fart fetish and when I see plus size women now all I can think are the enormous farts their big asses make 🙁

Hei C says:

you can’t control you age, but you CAN control your weight.

VeronicasPlace says:

she is too fat

ventende says:

Fat or skinny. It’s always a sexual focus. It’s all artificial and kinda weird. What’s the point in all of this? “hey look here, this women is fat and she’s wearing a swimsuit!” Hold on, I’ll call CNN. If fat is all fine then why call it “plus size models”? That proves that fat isn’t very acceptable. They don’t dear to even use the word that we surround ourselves with all the time in all other instances and settings. Why? It proves that clothing manufacturers have found a new niche, just like when the porn industry launched BBW fetishes. It’s aaaall about the money, you betta believe it. This plus size thing is just another stereotype and it needs to be naked. Without the naked skin then it’s not worth anything. So, its not genuine. It’s a fashion, fetish, product and sales opportunity. And it’s always nice to camouflage the greed behind some sort of caring attitude. Go suck a duck will’ya!! A big FAT juicy duck!

Jason Banco says:

id like to do things to that girl in purple

methunshow says:

What shit!…Ashley Graham is beautiful…Precious might need to tone up, to accent her curves. But they will still be plus, big bones and all. SI is for the skinny boyish hips type anyway, that’s why I never thought much of the mag in the first place.

Tigrado Solado says:

The f
Brah my nigga no just no this has to stop, this is just supporting fatness thx to this people I was fat a long time now I am skinny as shit thx to my workout not to a fucking photoshop

68 mopar says:

ugh!!!! an old broad in a bikini!!!!!! wtf are they thinkin?!?!?!

Tommy Magnusson says:

Ashley Graham is absolutely very amazing

World Eater says:

Rather smash a plus size there is less chance of breaking legs

Eachhit says:

56 is middle aged now? lol dumbfucks

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