Supermodel Duckie Thot’s Top 6 Modeling Lessons | Allure

Viral sensation Duckie Thot shares her top 6 modeling lessons. From the making the perfect pout to taking the perfect selfie, you’ll learn it all in Duckie’s modeling school.

(All Looks: Laquan Smith, Sunglasses: Henrik Vibskov Boutique. Featuring Duckie Thot, Produced by: Maya Margolina, DP: Anna Stypko, Stylist: Airik Prince, Hair: Tetsuya, MUA: Rommie Najor, PA/B CAM: Brittany Von Hess)

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Supermodel Duckie Thot’s Top 6 Modeling Lessons | Allure



A queen.

juicy freak says:

Australia’s next top model

Youngyellowchild says:

Shes literally the most gorgeous model ever

Briggitta Africa says:

Yaaaaaas! Slow clap whilst crying! Love you Duckie!!! Slay Queen

brilliantchic says:

She is so freaking BEAUTIFUL

Dakusui says:


K says:

That’s Nikki’s sister ???
The Nikki from the vlogs???

Mz Kegz says:


D P says:

She looks like black Barbie

whorebag000 says:

Shes so pretty and personable

Akriti Arora says:

What the anorexia is going on?

Jade Pierce says:

What a beauty !

Tisa Young says:

Nikki is more beautiful. Duckie is pretty.

Lacedra Minor says:

beautiful I can’t wait to finish college so I can get married to a black man and have wonderful brown babies

Dablkwid0w2008 says:

Her T shoulders and bone structure are givin me mah life

Varaidzo Sally Chitimira says:

Feeling so proud of you Duckie!!

Mic'a Sahara says:

I love her

Bella Fallaaa says:

She’s too beautiful wow

Moon Child1111 says:

She’s so beautiful

Натали Саммерс says:

you are beuty woman,sexy and smart)

iuliana buzilo says:

she is really bautifull and confident .

jgpf12 says:

Move over Naomi C. She is more beautiful than u

Ari B says:

her accent is gone ;/

LaraUAE says:

Does she choose the wigs? I feel like they never 100 percent suit her. She’s gorgeous anyhow though.

Nameless says:

She’s stunning

oatmeal says:

if she a thot i’m a thot

Friedrich Werbowy says:

She is a really underrated model but not a supermodel…

Apple Ramos says:

she’s like a barbie doll omg i love herrr

Rmary P says:

People who say dark skin is ugly have never seen Duckie thot. She is so gorgeous, and people need to start realizing that its your frikin face and body that determines if you’re physically unappealing not your skin!

Clorox Meme says:

She has a a baby face

Guillaume Rusengo says:

Definitely the one to watch! She’s got it!

J'adore BTS says:

She’s my favorite model right now. I don’t understand why she isn’t as big as those hadid girls. Also why are people using the supermodel term for new girls now that era ended a while ago.

Umut Balci says:

her real name can’t be duckie thot

Alexis Monai says:

Adorable + elegant

Jake Williams says:

Her skin is so delicious

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