STORYTIME: Modeling Agency Tried To Scam Us!

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Mariuxi Cadena says:

Hey Paris, I love you and I just wanted to say, you said that a girl should not look like a fully grown woman at 13, but girl, I DID! So, I just wanted to say that I don’t take offense, but please be careful because some girls, like me, mature/go through puberty faster and IT’S COMPLETELY OUT OF MY/OUR CONTROL. I just wanted to make that clear because I’m sure you have young viewers and it might affect the way they view themselves. XOXO

Wonderland Fun says:


Insomniak Ch says:

Do you mean lancome? what’s landcrime? lol

Sage Hamilton says:

I’m eleven and I’m five seven.

Trina White says:

aaawwwwww ur booski!!

Kimberly Jones says:

my cousin 9 and she has a fine to fit shape

dulce ivory says:

LOL cams dab at the end

Natalia Avery says:

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only on this has happened to. Mine was for acting, modeling, and dancing. It was a train wreck, but it was a pretty good scam. They didn’t try to charge 10,000 though. It was more so 2,500-3,000. They had the advertisement on the radio and everything. Made everyone from all over come to a hotel and ‘Audition’. They pretty much just greenlighted everyone, but that price deleted a lot of families. Kids were justa cryin’.

That and I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who has been 5’7 since I was 14 lmaooo

Abir Rose says:

$10,000 dang girl I was told to pay 300.

QueenV_ says:

The exact same thing happened to me when I was 15!!! I forget the name of the agency tho.. I’m from Ottawa So I had to travel all the way to Toronto just to end up getting asked almost 10K for pictures! Haha

Sarah Stecyk says:

That lip colour tho ❣️

SirenSongstress1 says:

I had a guy try to scam me by becoming my producer XD Man’s trying to tell me that he can make me a start when he can’t even tell when a guy’s flat as hell as he sings and is trying to pass off this super off rhythm music to sing to. Hell no.

Eghe Ogie says:

im 13 and I was at STC and this exact same story except for 15,000

Brown Beauty says:

You do not look 5’7! You look more like 5’3-5’4. I’m 5’6 but people swear up and down that im 5’8-5’9

Vay-Vay all Day says:

love your vids

winter 23 says:

7:59 I’m rolling

Lori Northern says:

This happened to my sister

Cardio Bunny says:

how are these scams legal

Ella Dean says:

My portfolio head shots were £35. From a legitimate agency called grace and galor

grace wootten says:

That happened to me 2 weeks ago and I’m a dancer so I do performances etc.. so one day I went into my dance studio and went to pick up my new dance shoes when my dance teacher said there was someone she wanted me to meet [ this person was my dance teachers friend BTW] so my dance teacher was telling me about them and they sounded legit so they gave me their card so I went home showed my mum we went to their office 2 days after I danced for them and the exact same thing happened, to record me dancing they wanted 10 thousand dollars ………….. scam

Nikki Pelas says:

Oh my gosh this happened to me years ago in Toronto! Memories aha!

Villoxe says:

Great video

Leona Bieber says:

I did that too in nyc it was Barbizon it was a huge

XxDALIAxX says:

This happened to me with acting. The agency expected me to skip school to fly to the other side of the country in California and pay them $5000 so I can “act on Disney.”

Iryna Braginski says:

Same I was real skinny as a kid, I could fit children’s clothing up to age 16

E Dabney says:

they tried me too last year

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