Spring Beauty and Fashion Haul – with Swatches and Clothes Modeling

Lots of info in here!! open open(:

Whats on me:
necklace- Francessca’s
Shirt – Forever 21
Infinity ring- myjewelrybox.com

Dresses from http://www.sheinside.com/
– They do take a LONG time to ship their stuff though and the quality of the clothes may not be the best but they do have supperrr cute clothes and great sales!
Dresses I got:



Lip butters from- https://soreb.refersion.com/c/77c/128?subID=0233

Berry- http://sophisticatedrebel.com/products/berry

Nude- http://sophisticatedrebel.com/products/barely-on

Pink- http://sophisticatedrebel.com/products/pink

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jeaninegirl94

Vine: Jeaninegirl94

Instagram: Jeaninegirl94

Get amazing Sigma Brushes that I use here: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=305025

For business inquires, email me at: babyjeanine1994@yahoo.com

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i
Editor: Sony Vegas pro 11

I do not own this song!
No copyright infringement intended


Jeanine Amapola says:

youtube money and I am a nanny. thats it!

Mari S says:

Love the clothes!! Super cute 🙂 More hauls !!

jennie13arl says:

N omg! u have the nicesttttt legs! so jealous!

ashlee k says:

do you have any tips for starting a youtube channel? please reply! thanks

Ellie Dalton says:

I’m obsessed with the revlon lip butters! And I definitely want to try those l’oreal nail polishes, they’re such nice colours! Wish we had a CVS in England I love discounts and offers! Oh and that coral dress from cotton on is gorgeous!

Jeanine Amapola says:

Revlon color stay and Revlon photo ready translucent power, and elf baked blush in rich rose

Lopez Dama says:

Hello.beautiful dresses. ..what size is sheinside. .please:(

Emily Wills says:

More hauls!!!!

Tameka Jordan says:

Clothes are beautiful

xMARI7 says:

and the pink dress looks GORGEOUS with your tan!!

herbert says:

Love the shorts and the skirt from Target, looks really good on you 🙂

Lerence says:

Love the dresses!

jennykh27 says:

Great video! Love the clothes!

ThatMercyGirl says:

I love your hauls girl!

Lovelamode17 says:

Ohhh I really want to buy those weird lip butter things haha and you made me want gummy bears now -.- hehe. Ps. It would mean a lot if you could check out my channel? I just started making beauty videos. You don’t have to though :p

Tallulah Russell says:

Could you do the full face challenge

Lisa says:

fitness/health routine video!!!! thumbs up so she can see

xMARI7 says:

love this just like all your videos jeanine! 🙂

Lola Lebron says:

Do another haul please ☺

Smartyppq says:

What is the name of the last song and where can i find it?

consoirée says:

great haul! 🙂 check out my fashion vlog on my channel if you have time

Karla Iulia says:

In love with the blue and the yellow dress from sheinside. They fit you perfectly !

jennie13arl says:

How do u get all this stuff if u dont have a job? Omg i have a job n i cant even shop like this!

Annie Porter says:

Could you do a spring styling video?

Leslie Maya says:

U should add a thin brown belt on that white dress!

LooveULots says:

I want to be u so badly -.-

MissCourtneyJ says:

I definitely need to try that L’Oreal base! It seems amazing! Great video girl! LOVING the editing! Keep it up! 🙂

Nicole Marie says:

Name of the ending song PLEASE !!

Shannon Hayden says:

Girl, you’re SO beautiful! Dont ever let anyone tell you different! 🙂 Love your videos! Keep it up!! 🙂 🙂

Raquel Peralta says:

cute clothes! =)

beautyandtheblonde8 says:

Hey pretty girls! If you like Pinterest, DIYs, hair, nails, and fashion then you’ll probably like my channel! I have 500 subscribers and I love making new youtube friends! It would mean so much to me if you checked it out and subscribed! Thanks so much 3

lilbeezy999 says:

love the blue and white stripped dress:) i also think you should add a belt to the white lacey one

mizzkerii says:

Your teeth are amazing!!! How do you get them so white?

MsGlamgirl15 says:

Did you get the black skirt very recently at Target? I want to go look for it if so!

Jeanine Amapola says:

when you go to CVS ask for a card and you can go online and sign up!

josieking12 says:

Not trying to be a creep, but where do you work? I love how you work hard for everything you buy(: Or if you get sponsored, or whatever it’s called. I was just wandering, you can message me about it maybe? Xo

Jeanine Amapola says:

i used cvs whitening strips!

Khaleesi Tesfaye says:

I love this! Jeanine, can u make videos on staying fit & healthy? I would LOVE to see those! Thanks doll!<3

Mercy Garcia says:

More hauls !!!

Selma C says:

I loved the blue and white striped dress and the yellow dress, they look so girly 🙂 And you’re really pretty!!!!!!! 🙂

Amairany Eloisa says:

where do i go to signup for the couponss?

Janet Herrera says:

very cute dresses 🙂

goodlifeliving08 says:

try covergirl 3-1 if you havent already!

Victoria Love says:

More hauls please I love the dresses❤

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