Pre-Teen Beauty Queen – Real Stories

Sasha Bennington is a determined, ambitious model who wants to get to the top of the beauty pageant ladder. She’s also eleven years old. Her ambitious mum Jayne, a former glamour model and dad Martin, have instilled in her that looks and money are the most important things in life and Jayne is actively helping her daughter on the road to stardom. After a model casting and TV appearance, Jayne has bigger and better ideas for Sasha and her 8 year old brother Max. They’re off to Dallas, Texas to become the first ever British kids to take part in a kid’s beauty pageant. With nails done, hair bleached and high heel shoes packed, the family head across the pond to try their luck at success in the home of the pageant queen.

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Cathy Vang says:

I’m mad at her mom seriously she’s on my nerves and forcing her child to do things that her daughter might not like. The dad why isn’t he like the man of the freaking house and help his daughter too geez and bleaching her hair this age omg and it’s what the mother wants then her own child plus wth with her daughter room with those things that she’s tooo super tooo young for it and the mom is really on my nerves. Her mom gotta think straight and let her kids decide Wat they want to do with their life then making ur freaking dream on them. I feel bad for her and they gotta do a family confessions and things.

saverina wolf says:


Justxjess says:

She doesn’t look happy tbh

Deanna Arias says:

But also she looks happy sometimes

Tyleisha Matthews says:

I’m so glad my mum isn’t like that

It's Ellenor says:

So your saying because I’m not got a perfect face I’m not dumb and I’m smart I can’t ever be pretty

Aileen Aranda says:

Did this bitch really say “yummy mummy”

HomicidalTeaBreak says:

talk about living through your child.

Anime Videos says:

That is disgusting,
a kid shouldn’t be like that, she should be playing outside and being a kid! She’s a kid but her mom makes her look like she 30

Bethany Battiste says:

“I’m going to be there for her all the way…”

More like the mother wants Sasha to be what she wasn’t able to be

Emreial Garcia says:

your ugly and stupid and dumb and nasty

Smurf says:

100% shes gonna be a porn star

KawaiiLeilani05 says:

she dresses like a hoe my mom would not let me wear that stuff

Niña de Zona says:


Deanna Arias says:

I feel so bad for her cause she can’t live A normal life like she can’t even dress herself or pick out her outfit herself or she can’t have her hair the way she wants it to be and she can’t do what she wants like have fun

Lou Savage says:

Boy she is so pretty

*Andreea* *O'Neill* says:

It would Be a good wattpad book. ty for inspiration :*:*

Zi Xuan Lim says:

poor child

Alana Mckellar says:

who would do that to there chilled i feel sorry for that little girl

Ayerf Davies says:

2:38 yeah shes made a name for herself alright, a vain one, she should be her self!

Shirley Hoffman-Ingall says:

This is so cruel. This kid wants to do what she wants to do. And not just to make mommy happy.

Laura Ford says:

Okay. Woah. This is NOT okay. I say this all of the time, and I’ll say it again. Beauty is not what is on the outside. It’s what’s on the inside. No, not everyone cares about how they look and doesn’t care about grades. I care about my grades because I know that will get me somewhere in life. I don’t need to have fake hair, a fake tan, a fake face and fake nails because your personality is everything and it’s honestly upsetting to think that all Sasha cares about is being famous, being “pretty” and having a hot boyfriend. There is more to life then being completely fake and I am disgusted at her mother for letting Sasha waste the one life she has being fake. In the end (being an atheist) you might believe in God. You might have a certain religion but one thing’s for sure. We all die in the end. I believe that we only get one shot at life. I guess I don’t really have a place to say anything but I want to know if Sasha’s mother has sat down and talked to her and asked her is she’s okay at school, if she really wants to be a model, and if she does, that’s fine! But pageants are not the way. I know this program was made a while ago but that doesn’t make it okay.
If you want to be a model, I’m not here to stop you, I want everyone to be happy and have a good life. So ask yourself this, Are you who you want to be?
(Sorry about long comment)
Love you all,
Lu~Lu ☆

Lu ty says:

The mom isn’t as good looking as she thinks she is

Niña de Zona says:

To me people are pretty if they have nice curves. I am Hispanic

Kfkarinaplays 10 says:

omg. I do not bully. I am an average teenager. Normal hair unique hobbies <3 I am quite smart XD and so are most of my friends. I have NEVER EVER even HEARD of such disgusting and horrible behaviors both from parents and kids. I am no one to judge but Disgusting is the only word I can use:
Disgusting behavior
Disgusting hair
Disgusting nails
Disgusting dress
Disgusting attitude
Disgusting behavior and attitude of mother and daughter...

I dont mind nice nails, bleached hair and make-up as long as its age appropriate. She said 'she needs no brains'.. All the other girls just from how they looked proved that they had one and yet they could do both be pretty and smart. I don't even see were is she pretty, most average (or even below average) face, smile, eyes and all. people please do not reply me with mean comments as I known that its the way her parents raised her that made her that way, and dont think that im jealous of her looks as i wont call myself pretty because ye will judge me but i have a YT channel so you can always see for yourself.

If ye think im wasting my time on commenting this than.. you are 100% RIGHT! but this way I just want to show that no matter how young or old you are ,you see whats wrong with this and I believe that judging CHILDRENS LOOKS should be stopped. Thank You and sorry XD

Sana Bee says:

She is 11 let her be cringe and want to wear makeup she shouldn’t force her

erron paul says:


emmakathryn says:

Poor child! Her parents are dickheads

Varil Lara says:

‘I don’t need a brain’
It’s sad to think what her mother must be teaching her if she thinks like that.

AJRblx says:

Her hair looks bleached!! Even if she is blond they have ruined her hair.

AJRblx says:

Sachas dream PFFT More like her mothers.

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