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Hi loves! Today we’re going to be talking about how I got into modeling and maybe a few tips and tricks I have from my personal experiences. I also wanted to chat about body confidence and positivity! I hope you all enjoy and find this helpful in some way, I love you so much!

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faviola211 says:

Thanks Loey! Always an inspirational! 🙂

chicameowr says:

You hit it right on the nail! So many times we will think or say something so demeaning or negative about ourselves or our bodies, stuff we would never say about or to anyone else! We have to start loving ourselves and not bashing internally.

SarahJane Valle says:

Loey your body confident videos always have the best timing! They always give me a great pick me up when my confidence is on the lower side certain days. I love and appreciate what you do xoxo

ErinTheSoprano says:

I had some head shots taken and some local companies saw them because my photographer posted them. And then they reached out to me to do some modeling. And at first I was scared to do it. But I decided to take them up on it and it was actually super fun. I never know how to market myself though. I’m a size 8 so I’m an industry plus size model, but I only do local stuff and they don’t refer to me as a plus size model lol. I’m on the fence about whether or not I want to continue modeling. You are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what your career has In store for you!!!

Neilah L says:

Your amazing!!!!! #Snapchatfam

ziba says:

hi loey,
i wanted to ask something because I’m confused.
Do you think there is never or shouldn’t be a situation where someone should change their body (except for health reasons)?
I love everything you said but is forcing love for the body right?
I try to love myself but to me it feels like i am lying to myself and just denying what I really think. Do you know what I mean?
It’s just really hard. I too grew up with this “ideal” beauty picture and that I should look fit and slim. Because of that It’s really hard for me to see myself as beautiful. And after such a long time I feel like i have to change in order to being able to love myself. I wish I could do it now but I feel like I would be lying to myself. Do I do anything wrong?
love you :**

Natalie Confer says:

A part of me wants to become a plus size model but I’m just not sure how to get started or I’m worried about people not liking my body shape .. But hopefully I gain the confidence to do it . Thanks for helping me feel a little more comfortable in my body

butrflysings01 says:

i daydream about modeling..but im a size 10 …not small enough for standard modeling, not big enough for plus size. .

Missyonadime says:

You are so inspirational thanks for all the courage I wish I was as strong as you. I’m trying !

jazmyne moman says:

what’s size do you wear in vs? I’m just curious I’m wanting to shop their

Mandee S. says:

You’re such an amazing woman. You always say what people think and speak from your heart. I just adore you. Keep up the awesome work.

Nicole Marie says:

You are so beautiful! I really like seeing your confidence!

LovelyTheresa1 says:


Lauren Williams says:

This video has really helped me to understand how to be more confident and love myself but can I love myself the way I am now but still lose weight at the same time??

Sahfire Littleheart says:

love all ur videos, ur such a breath of fresh air, but I’m still awaiting the bikini photo shoot pic that I saw before I clicked to watch it, would love to see that make up, and love the red lips

HisNeverland says:

You’re such an inspiration! <3

Marica Ivica says:

Yes we all have struggles! Let love our body Now ,not when we loose 10 kilograms. Yes let us love our body. Step by step, yes! Thanks for the inspiration!

Yuki Fujii says:

Thank you so much for this video. I’ve never been comfortable with my size and today is a very bad day. So this video helped a lot so thank you it meant a lot. And it was perfect timing.

Amanda Bruce says:

you are the reason I’m learning to love myself. love you so much loey !

Kaie Smith says:

U have amazing skin wow

Nicoletta xo says:

You are honestly STUNNING!

Maggie Benson says:

off topic but I love your hair. but thanks for being there for us girls who have more to our bodies. your amazing

Reese Harris says:

Hi Loey, I asked this question on another video but didn’t get a reply so you probably didn’t see it. I think you’re an incredibly beautiful inspiring lady and love your videos. My question is, and I truly mean no offence but am genuinely curious, but what has caused you to be overweight? I see you post the videos of the lovely healthy food you eat and I see you say you workout every day, so I’m curious as to why you are overweight? I don’t think at all you’re one of those fake youtubers who pretends to be healthy while actually binge eating or pretending to work out when you don’t and as far as I know, your weight isn’t from a health issue. So I’d like to ask what has caused you to be overweight? Please know that I don’t mean this in a nasty way, I think youre fantastic but Im genuinely curious. Thanks hun and have a fantastic day 🙂

jessica sandoval says:

I needed to hear this…. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Cory Breann says:

Your concepts are always so awesome! I made my eating disorder story because f videos like this motivating me to!

Phill C.A says:

I hate when people think that health is what size you are! Health is also spiritual health and not every body is made to have the same body size. And you can also see health when you look at the hair or skin, i mean look at how pure your skin is and omg your hair is gorgeous too! Its that full volume, shiny blake lively hair!!!

xGeorgiax says:

Loey you’re so inspirational! You helped me build up my body confidence and I just recently purchased my very first bikini and wore it in public. Love you Loey from Australia <3 <3 <3

Alexandra Lord says:

Loey, you’re such a sweetheart. Thank you for always being such a ray of sunshine 🙂

Sara Zapien says:

I go back into treatment tomorrow for an ED I’ve struggled with for years. I really needed this blunt honesty, positivity and happy vibes. Thanks for the boost of strength Loey

Lily Obsitnik says:

Loey your so inspirational ily

Lauren Hansen says:

SO incredible. Couldn’t of been said better❤

Maria Mogollon says:

You look so beautiful here (&always) Loey!! 🙂

susanna mendenhall says:

Oooooo cool! I live on the Florida Georgia border.

Colleen June says:

I really wish the word “plus size” didn’t exist. Like it makes so sense to me. We are all women, we all need clothes, and we aren’t all the same so why are we separating the “normal” and “larger” women. No two bodies are the same, so how do we put them into categories? Why can’t we all just shop at the same stores, “petite” “normal” and “plus” sizes are all the same thing, we are all women with bodies! We are all built the same, boobs, butt, stomach, thighs, we all have them! They are just different shapes. A model is a model, no matter the size. A woman is a woman no matter her size. “Normal” sized women don’t all look the same, so how does the word “plus” size even exist? Please tell me someone agrees with me lol

My Name Is Liz says:

How do you get your face so perfectly clear :O you’re so lucky <3

ashtagmakeuplove says:

always so inspirational!!

BlackVeilPride says:

I’m the happiest I’ve been with my body in probably my entire life. When summer comes, I’m going out and buying a bikini for the first time in almost 10 years.

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