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Kimberly Ann says:

Ugh I tried this for the second time today and I have a large one, because my hair is long, and I lost my temper doing it -_-

swathi kappu says:

Wat is the name of tat blowdryer brand

Alexis Jewel says:

Is this possible for really long, fine hair? My hair is down to my tailbone, it is also very thin and never holds a curl

Wissal El Yazali says:

Wow si manifik

Kimberly says:

Why is it difficult to do your own blow out? Never done it myself…curious before I purchase a nozzle.

Marisa Liu says:

Isn’t it hard to control and hold?

I Wanna Be A Fit Chick says:

what is your lip color?

Alise Jane says:

These are great tips, I’ll give it a go!

Lalalala B says:

You remind me so much of Demi lovato

Amanda Titus says:

I never knew what a blowout was… now I know why. Also watching this at 2x speed- is amazing.

Alexandra Medders says:

how long does this take

Omaima Aakcha says:

I would like to see a makeup tutorial of this look

Mbn25 says:

Thank you so much this tutorial was great!

timid elle says:

you look stunning! ❤

Brooke Garth says:


Rafa Fariha says:

What is the name of that product that you used before blow drying
And why did you applied that?

B.R.L. B.R.L. says:

So much advertisement about your products agggg

Amy Kimball says:

I love this tutorial! I’ve always struggled with doing blowouts with my own hair, and this helped lots. I also appreciate that your hair product recommendations!

Kt M says:

I can never do my makeup before I blow dry my hair I would just sweat it off lol! Great video though

Magali Jimenez says:

she reminds me of demi lavato

sarahvicky sarahvicky says:

I love it

Natanya Feigin says:

this tutorial is the best i have found! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca D says:

What size round brush is she using?

Ava says:

I love your hair color

Anna Eichler says:

Wait, so you blow dry your hair, at a salon? wtf

Dropa Tan says:

Thank you

Janel says:

It looks dry though…

Google Account says:

Getting those Demi Lovato vibes.

Yes….very new here.

Signora Bartollini says:

your teeth so white.zoom or?:))

_lydia yogirl_ says:

Okay I won’t even try this I will get my hair stuck

Sabrina Wallner says:

Who else thinks she looks a lot like Spencer from PLL?

G C says:

How do you keep your wet part from mixing in with the dried out parts you have just done, or does it not matter? Or, I guess you just hold on to it and not let the part go completely off your brush?

Maham Hamdani says:

I’ve been trying to find beginner blowout videos for two days now! Finally found something that simplified it!! Thanks for the video and love your makeup! cant wait to watch more of your videos! 😀

Jennifer Grove says:

I have really curly hair that I flat iron like 80% of the time. (Meaning sometimes I’m lazy and leave it curly that day.) Would this method cause less damage than letting my hair air dry and flat ironing it?

Coneigh Seay-Dial says:

I tried to do this and failed. Miserably.

hey 83 says:

Your hair looks nice. Are you left handed?

swathi kappu says:

Wat is the name ot tat blowdryer brand

Adrienne Molina says:


Anita Cheung says:

What size brush were you using? 🙂

Kimberly says:

Why is it difficult to do your own blow out? Never done it myself…curious before I purchase a nozzle.

Samantha Sookchan says:

You look like a blonde Demi lovato 🙂

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