People Model In A Real Haunted House

“It was nice knowing all of you. Tell my mom I love her.”

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Ink Drops And Splatters
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Bailey Smith
MINT Salon
Joshua Amen


Nevaeh Hewitt says:

6:28, the eyes of the painting go black and it looks like the head moves

Fox Spirit21 says:

Buzzfeed Unsolved: Model Edition

Natalia pereddo says:

“im not trying to talk to any ghosts or any thing… my mom bought me this dollar store rosary”

B&HGirls says:

You guys would HATE Westminster Abby.

Miana Ellison says:

I live in a haunted house now

Blueberry_ King says:

oh fu** i saw the painting is moving when it was jazzmine saying hi Mister gohst

Eba Miravin says:

Well I thought someone was standing at the end of the house on 10:37 until I realised it was just a thing in that house

Callie Crane says:

Hoes represent!!!

Isabella Bowes says:

My favs are Jazzmyne and Freddie

b crummett says:

Like ew i feel like ive seen this house

HEYit's CHLOE says:


Eloha Volisiyar says:

My FAVOURITE people in everything Buzzfeed are…

Chissy,Devin and Jen

Tom Phair says:

I felt a good energy, even by watching the video, in the last room.

Samara B says:

5:40 the only thing I have to say

Stella Volpone says:

4:09 then go to 6:29 the lady in the picture is facing the other way

Mya_ Danielle says:

Everyone knows the picture of the girl switched the side her head was turning right!

B&HGirls says:

I was waiting for the Owner to jump out of nowere and scare them…

NaeNaePlays says:

I wish the woman shared her ghost encounters I don’t know what would be so bad and she’s also kinda crazy she’s in love with the fudging ghost no hate to her lol

Maya Hardyman says:

I swear her head moved! In the bit where the owner told them about it she was looking to the right. And at 6.30 her head is looking directly forward!!! Omg I’m like so freaked out right now

Ridvan Tahir says:

kind of bs

I’m a Cat says:

The sentence I talked to a ghost isn’t scary but if you put it into a sentence that says I talked to something not from this realm then oof that’s rough

Karyme G Marquez says:

5:38 scared me

UnidentifiedTrollMix says:

6:04 asmr

rato tube says:

The first time I saw Sheridan i thought she was a model

Itsdereck says:

A dollar store rosery

UnidentifiedTrollMix says:

Pablo is a mood

smolpotato says:

You are giving the ‘ghost’ an open door to your dimension
Most people should keep that door closed, and locked forever
(|) (|)

Isabella Bowes says:

At the beginning, the portrait of the woman was leaning on her right hand, when Jazz goes in there the woman is leaning on her left hand

Arlene Watson says:

18:13 there is a Mans face right next to her head in the window!!!! o-0

Amalia Collins says:

I dont like how when the ghost knocked in the bar you just covered it with the high pitch shound

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