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Thank you so much for watching and, as I said, I hope that you find this useful. Most of it is common sense, but it’s easy to get confused and befuddled by all of the marketing messages and ads out there! Below I’ve given a little more detail on the steps in my routine and some more info on exfoliants and chemical peels.
Ruth xx

I do a proper, full cleanse (as shown here) at night. In the morning it’s usually a quick wash with a cleansing wash or I use cleansing waters. Mostly I’ll use cleanser and water though! It’s really important to do a thorough cleanse – if you need to do it twice to get off all the crap then so be it!

All of the below cleansers can be used over the eyes too, but if you have lots of eye makeup on and need a separate, dedicated eye makeup remover then please do go ahead. Some favourites:
Lancome Bi-Facil:

Cleansing Balms:
Emma Hardie:
(These suit all skin types.)

Creamy Cleansers:
Una Brennan:
Neal’s Yard:
Alpha-H Balancing:

I still use the Clarisonic but mostly as part of a home facial or occasional deep cleanse. It’s too much for me to use every day! But if you get on well with it, use as much as you like.

I haven’t included exfoliants in this video because I don’t use one every day. I use Liquid Gold every two or three nights, but not so much in the summer as it does make the skin a little more sensitive to the sun.
Liquid Gold Post:

Those with acne/oily skin may want to use some kind of exfoliant on a regular basis to keep pores clear and refined. BHAs/salicylic acid are great for exactly this. You’d more often than not use your exfoliating treatment or serum in the SERUM/TREATMENT step before moisturiser. Not always, but mostly. Paula’s Choice do great BHA products with different strengths.

Lots of the serums I use contain mild exfoliants – the Liquid Gold Rejuvenating, for example, and the new Chanel Weekend product. Anything with glycolic and lactic acids in, for example, will be exfoliating as they work. Great for pepping up the skin and making it fresh and clear. See below – serums!

Some affordable ones:
For added moisture boost (dry, dehydrated skin): Hydraluron:
With glycolic for renewed skin: Olay 3 Point serum
For dark spots and brighter skin, No7 serums day and night at Boots:
My current one: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II (the NEW one!):
Old fave: Alpha-H:

Basic, good moisturisers.
Alpha-H Essential Moisturiser:
No7 Range:
Olay Range:

For day, you need an SPF – see this recent video:

Eye Creams
I have used StriVectin SD for years:
Also love KIKO 3D Eye Cream, cheap and cheerful:


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Monica Ada. says:

U’ve got a thing for pink makeup 🙂

Purple Blue says:

i posted a video of how to get secretly perfect skin ad it is scientifically proven to work for half your lifetime s please check it out but its a secret so shhhh don’t tell!

Juliet Tye says:

any links for muslin cloths and how to clean and maintain it for everyday use? I usually just use my bath towel

whatwazthat16 says:

why are there so many “anti makeup” or “anti-product” comments? why are you here? what did you think this channel/video was about??

Indrawathi Selvarajah says:

You have beautiful flawless skin. So you don’t really need so many products. You were born with beautiful skin. Beautiful skin cannot be created with products.

soursmall says:

I miss your skincare videos! Honestly my favourite thing about your channel

KK TN says:

I’m a new cleansing balm convert and I am so happy! I have had sallowish, dull skin with red patches around my nose for a while now (really oily when I was younger). My upper lip was really crepe-y and made me almost look like lip lines were starting to form. I found Boots Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm at Target (US) and have been using it for 1 week along with my usual retin-a, serums, chemical exfoliant, etc. MY skin looks so dewy and glowy in exactly the way I want it to and often faked with highlighting powder or cremes. I have oily tendencies anyway, until this sallowness got really bad in the last 1 or 2 years. I tried my old Neutrogena wipe when I was in a rush one morning and my skin was cree-y around my lips by afternoon. I’m do the Clarisonic on a first cleaning at night about every 3 days now. In short, my skin is no longer patchy dry with oily nose and eyelids but is now more hydrated. Sounds contradictory but seriously. Thanks, Ruth! Can’t wait to try some fancier cleansing balms! xoxo from Tennessee, USA

Dezeri Smith says:

wait a minute when i tuned into this video i did not expect to see kate moss, little sister.

Angelina Luchia says:

You do look 10 years younger than your age! I’ve always loved your vids Ruth xx

Skydeva Thea says:

Hey guys so which one of these moisturizers I should get?? Anyone recommends one thanks in advance xoxo

Danielle Villasenor says:

You look very gorgeous without all the make up

Digmer says:

i got the serum from vichy and my skin got so red and felt really hot. i got a bit scare from that XD

Lori Rockriver says:

Get your NYR Organic Products in the US Here:

Gabrielle Reese says:

You are so gorgeous <3 I love your videos, you are so helpful. And I LOVE your teeth 🙂

Christina Marie says:

Very helpful!! Please keep making these videos, especially on skincare. I wonder what your opinion on collagen products/serums would be? I think it’s most popular in Asian skincare routines.

Next on my wait list to try is the Clinique cleansing balm and the Estée Lauder serum 🙂

Amy Purshouse says:

you look way better without makeup xx

مشاهد يوتيوب says:

you skin is beautiful, right now i am thinking why do girls in my village have a very beautiful skin while absolutely use nothing of beauty products? they just wash it with water from the well which is the only source of water

MJES1964 says:

At what age would you recommend to start using an exfoliating serum like Alpha-H Liquid Gold?

Aidan Q. McLaughlin says:

Thanks for the great video

Mokiimo says:

Are you from that “Get the London look” commercial?

makeupvieblogs says:

great tips!

greentealover says:

Hey, do you put the Alpha H Liquid Gold on the face right after cleansing?
or are the steps like
cleanse, serum, then put on Liquid Gold, after that NOTHING?

Gingerbread Girl says:

YOU’RE IN YOUR 30’S?! Girl, I am thoroughly impressed. You looked to be about 18! Anyway, lovely video, and lovely personality may I add!

Lia Heaman says:

I used to have really bad acne, but I went to the dermatologist and I got the acne cleared up pretty quickly. But now I am left with these acne scars that could take years to heal, if they heal at all. And my cheeks are really red, rough, and bumpy. Does anybody have any tips to help me get rid of the acne scars and more importantly, my red, and rough cheeks. (I have already tried seeing a doctor and exfoliation)

ring e Ho says:

really helpful, many thanks!!

Vulcanish says:

Thanks, Ruth! I’ve been really enjoying your videos and down-to-earth manner of explaining everything. 🙂

georgia301000 says:

You’re stunning without makeup!

liv says:

So when using the liquid gold, would you recommend no serum as a preface?

Carlos Flores says:

I’d love to hear your opinion about the Dior Hydra Life BB Creme

kimi reyes says:

Get the London look xD

pandamayeux says:

You’re 32?! I’m 23 and you look much younger than I do! Your routines MUST be working for you, luv

Udayakumar Padmavathy says:

Lik ur accent… can u do a video on face moisturiser. … products that r good nd can be used

larissa says:

Where is your tiger print face cloth from?? It’s gorgeous 🙂

Summer Smith says:

She looks so young without makeup tbh

nez-illien says:

so beautfiul

Ten la nu emet says:

would you do a review on the Chanel weekend and night products please.

Yuwita Kartikasari says:

Omg..u don’t hv any fine lines, eyebags, smile lines n sun spot!
Would u please tell me how to get perfect skin like yours?
Should i buy some pricey products? Or it possibly with home remidies (natural inggredients)?


sabrina kathleen says:

I love your teeth  🙂

P Heart says:

I’m 44,a bout of rosacea has left me with thread veins tho i did treat my skin very carefully(no scrubbing or even rubbing!). Ive always treated it carefully. Any suggestions of a product that will help the veins heal,rather than covering them up?

Ashlynn Kap says:

microfiber cloths for exfoliation and oil/balm cleansing! I have ALWAYS moisturized my neck and chest… even when I started skincare at about 16, I did this because I have seen so many older women with nice faces and spotty, saggy necks and chests… so why not moisturize there too ?!

Holly Burns says:

Hi Ruth I’m quite lost. I want to try double cleansing method as nothing works to keep my oil under control. I wonder if you can help me with that as I really want to keep it basic; would I use an oil cleanser everyday before a cream cleanser? Would I still be able to use a clay mask and scrub in the week? After double cleansing in the morning would I just go straight to spf instead of moisturising then using spf? Thank you

katie dyer says:

do you not like the soap and glory fab pore hot cloth cleanser?

Sarah K says:

omg…so gorgeous!

Amoroussparkle says:

People seriously, 32 is not that old .. What the hell does the 32 year olds you meet look like?? Honey Boo Boo’s mom?? Most 30 something women where I am from looks as old as she does, I would have guessed she was 27-28 and I wasn’t at all surprised at her being 32. Not saying she isn’t good looking, she’s gorg – but most women who take care of themselves have nice skin for a long time. 

katherine56631 says:

Wow I thought you were Clemence Poesy for a second.

Grace Bunn says:

I always think she looks the most gorgeous with a bare face, she so pretty <3

Dui Oray says:

clinique’s oil cleanser actually helped my acne problem and oil control. I never would’ve thought before research =)

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