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Hiya! Y’all seem to love my videos on the beauty industry, so have another – aka, my experiences modeling for a couple of beauty brands. I think most IG models do fashion stuff, but I’d consider it an apt title for influencers with an online presence who frequent mainstream shoots too!

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Madeline Milligan says:

Soooooo a video on the wig purchasing experience? Story time??? Love you!!!

Sophileh says:

How do you feel when you’re making videos, like are are nervous? Excited like when you’re talking about makeup? Is it different for different kinds of vids?

My Vision Beauty says:

you look so good!! Where’s the wig from? It’s so so lovely

Liam says:

I was so excited to see you in the promotional images for Nyx!! In Australia, we have a pharmacy called Priceline and they had your displays up, so exciting to see!!

Duygu Cinar says:

What is your lipstick omg????

claire finn says:

Really loved this video you looked so bomb ! 🙂

Marisa Freedman says:

what app do you use to photoshop your backgrounds and wigs?!

ClaireBeauty 418 says:

Do people do not read their contracts? LOL Co-workers discuss wages all the time with each other as do beauty influencers, Only reason they do not discuss amount is they dont want the hate or judgment that comes along with an paid invertersment, Omg THEY GOT PAID THAT MUCH?! THAT BITCH and boom loose an “subscriber” and all of a sudden your numbers go down… ahh money brings the hate out in everyone

IfUnicornsRuledTheWorld says:

You got an intro! I love it!! ♥️

Vixen Vuitton says:

Can you make a video on how you photoshop the color of your wigs/background?

knight watch says:

ur so freakin adorable xox

Harley Stein says:

You look so beautiful ❤️ I’m in love with your rosy cheeks

claire finn says:

Where did you get your wig from ?
In lovessss with your hair here and I needs !!!!

Pherlyn Dizon says:

I love your intro

fucking egg says:

Please do a drugstore tutorial !!

Destiny McClaskie says:

What part of virginia are you from??? I’m from chesterfield

ClaireBeauty 418 says:

I wonder if you went to the same college as ThriftThick aka Cassie she went to school in boston for art

RoseannaHughes says:

I was SHOOK when i walked into Priceline in Australia the other day and saw your face in HUGE PRINT at the Nyx section!

im xochitl says:

anyone know what wig she’s wearing here?

Abbie Lou says:

This is super interesting to hear about your experiences!

juls daly says:

dat wig girl it looks amazing on you

midnite atmorning says:

What do you use to editing your backgrounds and wigs the same color?? Also love you!!

Malia Hang says:

I love you and your personality so much!

PinkandPurpleBullets says:

Love ur hair

Nia Vasquez says:

I get that sometimes you gotta be a little clickbait-y like ok get that coin but I dunno you seem to super pride yourself on being genuine so it’s weird from you.

A. Emelia sings says:

Damnit, Scentbird doesn’t ship internationally

Danni says:

It always interests me when I see YouTubers change their thumbnails or, in this case, their titles in an effort to boost views. Adding the company names was a good idea for sure.

sweet beautiful orbs says:

You should try ASMR

anca says:

In one of the bigger nyx shops in Dublin, Ireland your face is basically on all the stands !

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