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AvatarLover98 says:

What agency are signed to? I’m 5’6 and 124 lbs. is that too short?

MiaAmil says:

How did she get put of school so early!?! I wanna do that.

Mila Margarette Labajo says:

what is the first requirement to be a model? i’cuz i really wanna be a model…

Lauren Ashley says:

i love this !! you hit every type of portfolio shot needed! As a photographer, I make models portfolios up and this tutorial is definitely something that all models should watch to be prepared for their photo shoot!

harley Cantu says:

If you model do they change your hair look and style

danisnotontop says:

I did Barbazon too!!! 😀

LaTorie Green says:

Which agency are you with

Brenda Ocegueda says:

Can I know what website you used to upload your photos?

zoe b. says:

you are really cute and nice 🙂 i love your videos !! <3

Connor Snell says:

Haha the end

katrina wilkowski says:

I’m starting to work for barbizon do u have any recomendations

alexis lebo says:

What’s wrong with Barbizon? I was contacted about a Casting Call but not sure if I should go after watching this video and reading the comments..

Julianna A. says:

i am 5’4″ so if i wanna model … what are my options?

tashanicole says:

I love your videos and you have very useful tips! I need help promoting my new instagram focused on my modeling and I’m trying to get exposure.  It’s tashani_cole.  Please help!!

Mokiimo says:

You didn’t tell us the name of the modeling agency that signed you.

sashii sash says:

QUESTION. If you are to elected for miss london what change would you make in your community and how would the change benefits you and the youths there? 

Mila Margarette Labajo says:

does it required to have a pleasing personality to be a model?

carl eriksson says:

great tutorial maybe you should try this one too
mediafire .c om/download/q1b8n3vc94n01xa/
this one is pretty new too 😉

Helena Joyce says:

I’m a size UK 8/10 and 5’2 I got accepted to an agancy in London

jamie judd says:

Thanks for the video jut one question what was the website called ? x

Famaglam says:

These are some of the most useful tips for aspiring models. You are providing a helpful resource to models. Thanks for sharing.

Beekyskeep says:

Dita Von Teese made it onto the runway and she’s curvy, but she made a name for herself through burlesque first

Fashionforevz21 says:

Well typically you have to be thin for a model, like runway:( like really really thin

Page Alexandra says:

how tall are you

Neon. says:

I know plenty of people…

kianaluvsyuh16 says:

How much do u get paid??

Amanda Prewer says:

Thank you moving to New York City to become a model and actress.

GiNgErLoVe101 says:

I have a addition for seventeen magazine this month I signed up for it at the fair actually and got a call for it today and I’m nervous I mean I love pictures I take them all the time I’m very photogenic and everything I’m just new at at it never done that before and was jw what I should wear and how my makeup and hair should be and all of that if you will please he back to me dear thank you 🙂

Duchess Styles says:

I Think I fit into  the petite Model type  +Cassandra Bankson  what agency are you signed to ?

luckyedie says:

I love this video! So normal and just chatting with friends. Hair and make up not so played up, Love love love it!!

Brittany Matthews says:

+Mila Margarette Labajo

you should be tall and skinny. Thick eyebrows eyelashes and long hair, no overly visible tattoos. You have to be fairly thin and have a toned body unless you want to do plus size modelling. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t really require a perfect personality, but you’re more likely to be hired if you have one. Also it’s not as easy as you seem to think it is, you can’t just ‘really want to be a model’. I had to spend money on photographers and go to interviews before I started modelling for Pantene. Even then it was minor.

INDEED9104 says:

You’re dead, no way you’re that tall and that skinny.

Christine says:

You’re very pretty..You look like Emily DiDinato!

Jocelyn Chrisco says:

what about someone who’s 140 and height is 5 7??

Woodchip says:

theres no way you could be that tall and that thin. You’d be dead and unable to walk.

Tara D. says:

What are the best modeling agencies? because one time i searched on google for “how to start modeling” and the website asked for my email and password….obviously i didn’t type it though….

Madelyn Bentley says:

ive tooken a brake from modeling for a couple years and this is inspiring me to get back into it thx (:

Lisa Hallgren says:

i’m 14, heigh about 56kg and i’m 5’7 long(still growing), I have the body/face/(even the walk), but I’m not rly brave enough… should I go for it?

M Smith says:

What was the website where you could mix photographers and such?

Joe Hyche says:

if you people require to get ripped quicker without spending a one extra minute in the gym, then you should keep an eye on this video tutorial COOK46.COM

Existence is an imperfection.

Antonia Klein says:

I want to become a Fashion model. But my mother doesn’t allow it because she thinks it is too much pressure and I could get anorexia or something and she thinks that it is like prostitution because you know you kind of sell your body… Could you please help me and answer in your next Video? Pleeeeeaaaaseee I don’t know what to do.. I’m only 15 years old- young- I know but many famous Models started modelling that age… And I want it so much! It is my biggest dream.. And I’m informed about all the good and negative sides of the buisness… xx

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