Modeling | SCAMS + Everything You Need To Know

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Maura Currie says:

I never comment on YouTube videos but can I just say you seriously have like the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen

Nisakldf Brown says:

can you models on YouTube write a script or something for yourselves

Rebecca Figaro says:

makeup video? thanks

Jill Billingsley says:

Great Video. You know your stuff!

Hope Xiong says:

I’m jw but what type of model are you ? Also new subscriber:)

Simone Barner says:

I went to this agency and on the first day they where just talking about the agency and how successful they are. The second day I went there and they sent me to this room and they asked me question. Then they told me they wanted to work with me and I had to pay About 400.

Chilo Tamba says:

You’re really inspiring I’ve already subscribed to your amazing channel . Love ur hair and I can’t wait wats to come

Crazy ranting chic says:

say their nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Angel Perry says:

I swear your hair is Goals & you are soo pretty <3 what's your ethnicity ?

france simplice says:

what if they ask you to pay for a reimbursement insurance bond in order to start working as a model. is it a scam or not.

Chinita H. says:

Can you make a video about how to protect curly hair at the beach please? ☺

Sarah Charles says:

Your gorgeous!

Fiona Wiley says:

whats the perfect range for the amount of photos that should be in a portfolio?

Alexis martinez says:

Can u suggest some agencies in California?

Marilupe Lopez says:

Hey, I’m a 14 year old Hispanic girl and I always wanted to be a model/actress. I don’t know where to start in acting or modeling. I don’t have any experience. Where do I start? Someone pls help oof

Lush Sprinkle says:

Omg! Bruh! TYSM FOR COMMENTING ON MY COMMENT OMG! Your like my fav youtuber cause ur so like real bruh tysm!

Alleyah Lambert says:

John Casablancas? Scam or no

Radiant Ri says:

I think I know what Agency you were talking about because I went through the same thing

Sienna Depp says:

wow..your hair is to die for…new subbie here…

Anthony Henderson says:

True beauty lies within one’s heart,soul,and personality.

Bianca Alexandria says:

Thank you Queen!!!

Maria-Elisabeth Bouckaert says:

What about “The Claw Agency” they like only ask for pictures (face (without makeup) hair need to be clean and worn down portrait photo and ….) then send to they email and then they gonna decide if your good or nah ..if you good then search for you the best shoots for you (and your look) also they have like instagram page …just found out…and thinking about it of it’s scam ….

Anthony Henderson says:

people who do actually make it must have a relative who works in the acting and modeling industry or was lucky enough to get the role because someone else didn’t want that role. It’s gonna cost you lots of tax consumption, wasted gas for your car,and a lot of overdue bills because you have to either fly,drive,or whatever to the audition. Then your paying them to help you find work. You pay a certain percentage of what you’ve earned from that job after you get paid.A real job would have its company website with a career page for you to fill out online and they would ask you about your work experience, how much experience do you have with the job your applying to, your education,references,etc.They wouldn’t make you pay a fee.

Preston House says:

Very good advice.

Ifeoma Ndujife says:

what do you think about barbizon agency.

Avriana Askew says:

Please tell me about the ones that ask for an Insurance Bond basically i want to say the name but i want to email ot rather than here. Im so confused idk if they are a scam or not.

Angelina Altamiranda says:

How tall are u

Nisakldf Brown says:

can you models on YouTube write a script or something for yourselves

Tiana says:

Does anyone know if urban modelling agency is legit website :

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