Modeling is beautiful…

In a fit of creativity and possibly some inspiration I felt compelled to make this video and share it with all of you. Maybe I’m just crazy, but if I am, I’m a happy one.

This will also be my channel trailer, though a bit long I believe it conveys my feelings about modeling.

I want to thank my dear friend Mafalda Azevedo for helping me with the shooting and editing of the video. It was a great pleasure to work with your company by my side.

The footage was recorded with my new camera, the Nikon D3200 using several lenses.

Music: Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata No.14, 1st movement.

I hope you like it, enjoy.

Thanks to everyone for the support!

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rsaturn9 says:

Nice video

pgermain says:


NorthernSwede ScaleModels says:

Great little vid Carlos…This will work perfect as your channel trailer and it really shows off the wonderful hobby that we all know it is. 🙂

sab bon says:

Very well done !

HWoodModelling says:

Showing off the quality of your awesome camera… that picture quality is insane! Which camera is that?

UKscalemodeller says:

Ah moonlight sonata, possibly my favourate non-einaudi classical piece. really well put together video. Also, would it be wrong to be slightly turned on by this?

It would?!?!

then in that case I wasn’t 🙂

Al Wood's Modelling Mayhem says:

This is a wonderful video mate and is just an extension of your artistry.


TacticalJackalope says:

I don’t know what to say.  I’m speechless…damn.   Oh, btw ole’ Ludwig is going to file a copyright claim so you better not monetize this!

Martin Collmer says:

Carlos, this is pretty classy – as in excellent.  It is an inspirational tour de force for the hobby.  Thank You.  

AlexModeling says:

wow Carlos! olha pa.. para anuncio de canal não vi melhor ate hoje… é do melhor video que já vi! totalmente fora da caixa e do best mesmo! Rapaz.. os meus mais sinceros parabéns!

Steven Dawson says:

Lovely Video, I have subbed 🙂

Hamilkar Barkas says:

and the oscar goes to…Caaaarlos!
great piece of art mate, i love it 🙂

Russell Gosselin says:

This video is so amazing that I came here to just dream about all the model building possibilities yet to be constructed from my workbench.  Aaaaahhh . . . .  I feel better 🙂

Russell Gosselin says:

In my fantasy world, I have just awarded you the video of the year 🙂  Carlos, that was really amazing.  You have a good eye for subtle, yet loud, visual effects.  You are an artist with some pretty deep passion. Your video makes me want to build and build.  Model on my friend 😉  

TacticalJackalope says:

I come back and watch this sometimes…

TacticalJackalope says:

A Haiku:
Stunning images
Mesmerizing beauty
Emotion filled art

A friend…Carlos

Jimbo Jimbosen says:

now, everbody should see that modeling is art….one of the best and most productive.

collecting stamps is a hobby, play computer games is a hobby but modeling is a passion.

love your vid!

Patrick McTie says:


TommyBoy ScaleModeling says:

Very nice Carlos.

Historic Scale Modeling says:

Very inspiring – beautifully filmed & edited – great choice of music too !
Makes you want to get started on that next project !

Coen's Scale Modelling says:

Oh wow!!!! That was really cool! 
For an intro it’s a bit long, but as an advertisement or inspirational plug for the hobby!!!! Hole Eee Sheet!!! Excellent.

splod44 says:

You have class

bohngi3 says:

yes,modelling is a beautiful thing,and so is anything by beethoven.
nice video,it just made a subscriber out of me.good job !

DrFrankenDerpen says:

yes it sure is! Video muito bom, partilhado e canal subscrito! Continuação de bom trabalho Carlos.

Armour Empire says:

well filmed Carlos….i think thats what they call plastic porn mate:)

radzy76 says:

So now you’ve been also hired by some Holywood superstars, haven’t you, Carlos ? 🙂
It’s great that your modelling skills and imagination are far beyond styrene. With those few simple shots you showed the passion and expressed why we love the hobby…
Eu vos saúdo, Carlos

Toni G Castroviejo says:

Shane Smyth says:

Very abstract i must say…..nice work mate

SchweinHund227 says:

Going all Cinematic on us Carlos? Nice job!

Red Dragon ModelWerks says:

Love the imagery. Nice video Carlos

Roxy Katt says:

You are stretching the borders of the model building video. Good work, man.

Colonel Reb's Scale Models says:

Man, just an incredible video, Carlos, thanks for sharing….

Quantum Plastic says:

Sim Sr. muito bem !

Rocky Spock says:

Perfect!!  Modeling is poetic and good for the soul!! It really is!

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