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Nick jones says:

Wow she would drive me nuts

Unicorn Nutella says:

I like my oatmeal thick

Livy&Tasha says:

thicker oatmeal is the way to go!

Kaylyn McClendon says:

thick oatmeal;)

Kia Burkett says:

You’re vlogs are amazing! I love you! And I like my oatmeal watery haha 🙂

Makenzie Steidl says:

I think Lucy and Gretchen look alike I don’t understand all the comments saying they don’t

Ashley Mckibbin says:

Wait what was the tech pants called? I missed it 🙁

emily rojek says:

Could you suggest some ab workouts to do that will make me sore? I have been doing the elliptical and then some other workouts but I don’t leave sore, maybe I should do more reps but I am not sure and could you do a video maybe about motivation to stay on track with healthy eating

Chelsea Dunn says:

Guy friend is so cute!

fizhstick k says:

thicker lol

prettygaby18 says:

Is she not vegan anymore?

Chandler B says:

Anybody else try doing that fake smoke trick from the other vlog?Hahah

LiveSophia says:

I’m loving your vlogmas so far!! Im a Maine blogger and vlogger and I’m doing VLOGMAS over on my channel if you want to check it out! (:

Lizzie White says:

where do you go to college?

YoungForever2017 says:

Thicker oatmeal, I’m bing watching your blogs

Christina Lewis says:

Her jacket was so cute! How are you guys not broke?!? I buy one thing from lululemon and I’m nearly broke haha

flutters of flight says:

I live near the Pru! ahhaa you should have a meetup!

amelia recupero says:

IM STALKING, BUT OMGGGG I LIVE AROUND BOSTON!!! I go to that brandy all the time. AHHHH u are literally my fav :))

freshcatbeez says:

what is the name of that grey lululemon tank? I need it!

Madison says:

Looks like Pearl street in Boulder 😀

Anna Martin says:


Beautybybriana210 says:

Your sister seems really mean, your so sweet and she always is mad

Olivia Noles says:

I wish we had a sweet green here in the south! It looks so good!

jaydra hamid says:


Julia RW says:

Thicker and my roommate puts almond butter in her oatmeal too! I just put brown sugar in mine

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