Model With Down Syndrome Challenges Beauty Stereotypes: BORN DIFFERENT

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THE first model with Down Syndrome to front a beauty campaign is hoping to shake up the industry and prove that “beauty belongs to everybody.” Katie Meade is the first to admit that people with Down Syndrome, as well as other disabilities, are largely absent from the beauty and fashion industries – and she’s determined to change it. The 33-year-old made history last year when she became the first ever model with Down Syndrome to be the face of a beauty brand and her career – both as a model and as an ambassador for people with learning disabilities – continues to grow. Growing up, Katie loved putting on different outfits and playing with lipstick, and had always dreamt of becoming a model but it wasn’t something she believed would ever happen to her. Now that it has, Katie is passionate about encouraging other people – whether they have a disability or not – to consider themselves worthy of a place in the beauty and fashion industry.

Videographer / director: Rachel Mummey
Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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SavannahhannavaS Life says:

She’s really cute and pretty her smile could light up a room

Natalie Carpenter says:

she’s probably the most intelligent down syndrome person I have ever heard.

Jessica Buckley says:

‘Challenge beauty stereotypes’? Uh, no, you put make up and nice clothes on ugly, it’s still ugly.

judy Osborne says:

She is so cute. I love her attitude and her desire to help others. She seems to really enjoy what she is doing and has a lot of love and support in her life to make sure she is not taken advantage of. I hope to see more of hoe she is doing in the future and more stories like this one including others with Down Syndrome.

VH creations says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE THIS! ❤️ this is an inspiration

Amia's Kids Video says:

She’s beautiful with a positive outlook in life. So, what’s up with the negative comments? Jealous? Get out of here!!!

Richard Head says:

Corky Thatcher eat your heart out!

Jini Moniz says:

She’s so beautiful inside and out, intelligent and inspiring. I hope more people like her exist, break the cycle. truly amazing.

Marisa Gonzalez says:

she’s adorable

Mar. WorldPeace says:

she’s so fashionable

Cutey Peridot says:

So pretty!!

Veruca Grimes says:

the pin up look really suites her

Steve Perry says:

Disabled people can do anything.

RedRock Asrama says:

beautiful girl with a gorgeous attitude.

Bronte Richardson says:

She is stunning!

I Was Here says:

Aww she’s so cute

rockobaracko says:

shes very beautiful

yun-rui c. says:

i definitely see abit of “pinup” when i look at her model photos, reminds me of vintage american modelling and i absolutely love it! she’s so beautiful

Michał Altawil says:

she speaks so well!

Bree W says:

yes she is cute & looks normal to me,Congrats 2 her.

toybox6 says:

Truely inspirational (:

Mena xD says:

She really looks beautiful ❤️❤️you go girl!

Evie Margaret says:

She is SO beautiful! She makes me smile. People need to learn from her!!

MeNaMeLogAn. says:

but she’s not ugly. She’s very beautiful

Jeremy Atkinson says:

I think down syndrome is hot.

Kitty Kat says:

I’m gonna say it. I don’t think she’s pretty at all.

Skyler Anderson says:

My facts:People who have diseases are MORE BEAUTIFUL then PEOPLE WITHOUT DISEASES

MY WORD:She is beautiful just the way she is

Nick Diciurcio says:


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