This is what I do to my face on the daily!

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Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash-Redness Reducing
Olay Regenerist
Eletone Cream (prescription moisturizer)
Pond’s Cream (cheap moisturizer)
Adapalene Gel (acne medicated cream)
Simple Eye Balm
Fresh Rose Water
Stridex Pads with Aloe
Yes To Cucumber Makeup Wipes
Albolene Cream (makeup remover)
Biotin supplements
Women’s One-A-Day vitamins


Julia Lindsay says:

do you use the eletone every day???

Ec123 says:

You seem nice 🙂

whatisthepurpose says:

this sounds sponsored af

Teletubby says:

It’s good to know you don’t need super expensive, hard to find face cleansers for beautiful skin- even as a model 🙂

Jacob says:

Who isn’t a model nowadays

Valentina Agudelo says:

shes so pretty!!

un nötig says:

one suggestion: try to be a little more natural 🙂 i feel like you try to talk as if you were in an ad or something…. just be yourself

Dima says:

how to love myself???

neidyne C says:

could you do a video where you show us exactly how you wash your face apply your creams etc?

Sophia Bernal says:

You’re so gorgeous

Annie says:

I feel guilty when I use disposable pads and wipes, cos it just goes in landfill. I’ve stopped using wipes but haven’t found an alternative to pads yet.

j shep says:

This is why you are more beautiful than some Kendall Jenner type. You’re honest, you use drug store products which the majority of your audience can afford and you’re no phony. Keep up the good work, new subscriber here! And I belled you

Casey Conner says:

Be careful and try to stay away from all the skin care products with perfumes and chemicals you dont want to expose yourself too. Natural oils as a night time moisturizer is great like jojoba oil or sea buckthorn oil.

Elsa Engesser says:

I love doing new skin care things, but i have extremely sensitive skin and I’m allergic to cucumbers, roses, and dairy (you’d be surprised by how many products have some form of dairy) such a first world problem

Sara A says:

if you have acne, don’t take biotin. its known to make acne worse. try biosil, a biotin free silica supplement. it also helps with hair, skin, and nails, without causing breakouts.

Sarah S. says:

i love using coconut oil as a makeup remover, just massage it into the face and let it sit for like a minute. it works wonders. also, i use a rose water witch hazel (thayers brand) as a toner and a sulfur face soap day and night. The face soap is definitely my game changer though. i’ve also recently tried a sample of a mushroom face serum from origins and am sure as hell buying a full sized bottle next pay day cuz that shit made my skin so freaking smooth and supple. aside from vitamins, make sure to also drink plenty of water and get enough rest.
btw, I have a sensitive, oily/combination skin type

piggiesmalls4 says:

You always sound like you’re reading from a script

Morgie Kolp says:

You’re lucky to be able to use Neutrogena. I bought their sensitive products and I turned into a hivey tomato! Hehe.

Briona Young says:

You are blessed

bts's bestfriend says:

her:right now im literally only wearing moisturiser

me:I think I lost my self esteem , has anyone seen it anywhere?

Suki says:

You probably won’t see this, buuuuuuut I’ve started getting lots of acne ever since 9th grade, and It’s really bugging me. I’ve tried everything. I have dry skin but I didnt know that I would get this much acne. Did you get acne as a teenager? How did you deal with it and when did it go away? Thank you for being such a great role model for me, your really helping me bring my self esteem up.
Lots of love from Chicago❤

Charity Fleites says:

FYI LOVE LOVE LOVE Ponds Moisturizer, seriously it actually does WONDERS. I got a little travel kit which was almost $2 for the little bottle.

Ever Life says:

I love how down on earth you are 🙂 you’re great!

D.plainmakeup says:

You are just adorable, I love your videos

Charity Fleites says:

What may seem ugly to you, may be gorgeous to another. Another one’s beauty doesn’t mean you’re ugly. You’re beautiful in another way. Like me and my twin, we look nothing alike, but we are both pretty in different ways.- victoria mora (another youtuber) FYI, I’m also a twin!

grachious says:

For you I’d recommend a mousterising mask once a week ( a good way to de stress) and sunscreen with a hat during mod-high uv. 🙂 Do as much reading on your skin type that you can and you’ll still look good in 20 yrs.

SIRiMAC says:

I agree with the neutrogena oil free face wash! It works great for me too!

LeeAnne Evans says:

suhhh dud

Mason Styles says:

that cheeky wink at the end deadd

bella moon says:

I know no one is commenting on anything else rather than her beauty, but for me applaying a 99% pure Aloe Vera gel to my face before bed really dries out the pimples but humects your face, which is really cool. I sleep in it and take it off the next day with regular face moisturizing soap.

pakou yang says:

fuk this shit im going to korea to get plastic surgery,

makena stylinson says:


Madison Callaghan says:

i adore skincare and here are some of my tips/fave tricks

my #1 please try if you have acne product: *art naturals acne serum* bruh. just. words cant describe this stuff. I dont have chronic acne or anything, just unfortunate breakouts here and there and this stuff heals them SO QUICK and it just gives you this amazing glow, I only use it on areas i’m scared of getting acne on so yea and just wow, its cheap and you have to try it if you want to deal with teenage acne. Its natural ingredients and it just works wonders to heal and prevent.

I love tea tree oil for pimple spot treatment, its natural and works really well to kill bacteria and to reduce redness

I love argan oil around my eye area, im only 16 but I want to keep my skin from being damaged, its also AMAZING on ur hair, it is the only oil i have tried that doesnt make you look greasy and it gives your hair this frizz free shine omg just yes

I also put castor oil on my eyelashes every night and dont let anyone tell you that you can make ur lashes grow longer, each hair has preset DNA that tells it how long to grow so yea, but the castor oil helps keep them hydrated and strong so that they dont fall out as easy and they can deal with mascara which is very damaging, I feel like it makes them grow closer together too to make it appear thicker. Great for brows too.

I like witch hazel as a toner because its fairly cheap and it closes your pores and kills germs

for face masks, I do Indian healing clay powder which is very cheap, (its the clay base for all mud-ish face masks) and I mix it with apple cider vinegar, and i sometimes add tea tree oil for acne or lavender oil for the nice aromatherapy, or peppermint oil to increase circulation in my skin and then I let the mask almost dry and I wash it off for smooth, clear skin, You can really feel it sucking the heck out of each pore, its a great mask and a great overnight spot treatment as well if you have the time to mix it up.

I moisturize twice a day for sure and sometimes use a vitamin C serum in the morning under moisturizer to protect my skin, especially in the summer months.

bts's bestfriend says:

I should stop watching people I would look like shit next to .

crystal dahmer says:

she has a skincare routine longer than Patrick Bateman’s in American psycho ………. I’m going to follow all of it

Time Bomb says:

Wowowowow all you wear is moisturiser wowow

Lauren Leatherbury says:

What masks do you use? I saw you with a sheet mask on snapchat and I’d love to know!

Hazel Lovelock says:

i just looked up the rose water toner…. £66!!!!! i dont have that sort of money to spend on a face wash!!!!

Alice The Dreamer says:

you are breathtakingly gorgeous, tbh

Jazzymonster 104 says:

I have been using witch hazel, tea tree oil and aloe vera gel… i really recommend them!!

Amrita Maheshwary says:

hi this is amrita I want to know how puffy eyes can be cured

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