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Samantha Clements says:

I’m wearing that clay mask as I’m watching this lolll.. seriously the best one I’ve ever come across

irlmatty says:

okay youre so pretty

Unique Praise says:

Hey, do you remember where you got the spin brush from? Does it also come with other brushes or is it just that one? Also if you find it, can I have the link? Thanks!

Andrea Anonymous says:

Carmex has Lanolin in it. Lanolin is sheep sebum/fat. Since you avoid eating animal products, I thought you should know.

M Kaur says:

I wish I could order all those products online but after taxes it is priced ten times more than the mrp :/

acousticsoul_117 says:

OHH girl…I am subscribing to your channel,you are so cute and adorable and funny haha

Liu Peihua says:

you look like Elizabeth Olsen so much!

Nayelli Whitehead says:

I love you.

heidi4442 says:

No sun screen?

Almina Aksucu says:

i feel very ugly

Cristina Tacaciu says:

An SPF cream is what’s missing , better start sooner than later

Eyy-Its-Me XD says:

oooh, r u into tentacion’s music???

Marissa Kim says:

Neutrogena sucks!

Kenny W. says:

I love your skin so much this will help me so much

Willow May says:

Do you use a fake tan or tan naturally? Could you make a video on skin protection and how you keep such tab glowy skin?

Sally Alsaadi says:

From where did you get the biafine act ?

Mandy Mican says:

Some of those brands aren’t cruelty free meaning they aren’t vegan. Are you just plant based? Some people think vegan is just what you don’t eat but it’s actually a life style. I thought I was vegan at first before I found out I was just plant based lol didn’t know the difference

Almina Aksucu says:

i feel very ugly after seeing this

jacquie d.r. says:

Neutrogena tests on animals!! Just letting you know since you are vegan!

JessErin says:

Your hands are huge

morena romao says:

You’re sooo cute i love u

Shuang Li says:

Could you please tell me where can I buy the biafine cream?

tupeuxpastesst says:

Biafineact is not a daily cream, it’s a drug. It is used for skin wound and I know what i’m talking about… I’m french. I read on a medical website that it’s not recommended to use it as a moisturizer, so be careful

JujuLove7079 says:

Would love to see your career in future!

alex carpenter says:

Please post more !!! You inspire me so much

Kerstin Lee says:

Can you give the names of all the products you use in your description. This is definitely one of the best skin care videos I’ve seen and would really like to find these products.

Yvee Aleia says:

you are one of the most beautiful person i’ve seen on screen ❤ subscribe! ❤

Ember crane says:

5:08 fayshe brush

Liya Atanasova says:

Where do you get extra brushes for the Vanity Planet Spin Brush, I didn’t see them on their website?

Yun Kim says:

you live in hawaii?? woow~ I’m doing a hawaii project at school^^

kysha lambertis says:

I moisturize my skin with oil..

Jasmin e says:


JustDreamingLife says:

you’re 17?

Iria Rael says:

Beach water helps so so much to skin!! And you are from Hawai, so maybe for this one reason you have that incredible skin!! As me in Summer because Im from Barcelona

Celina Huynh says:

do u not use sunscreenwhen u live in hawaii????

Millie Wilson says:

I would 100% recommend KORA – it’s all organic 100% natural ingredients skin care brand. It’s amazing and has cleared up my face so well. It caters for all skin types as well – dry, sensitive, oily, combination normal etc. It’s amazing highly recommend for anyone wanting an all organic skin care brand (slightly pricey yes however not ridiculously considering it’s natural ingredients, cruelty free and 100% vegan)

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