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A DETERMINED mother has launched an online campaign to inspire women to embrace their stretch marks. Striving to be a swimsuit model all her life, Talmesha Jones, from San Antonio, Texas, struggled to accept her post-baby stretch marks when she gave birth to her only son, Chase, five years ago. Talmesha’s confidence was at an all-time low – often receiving abuse online, she would refuse to look at herself in the mirror. But when best friend, Johnathan Benton, convinced her to take part in a photo-shoot for the first time since giving birth, Talmesha decided enough was enough and that her stretch marks actually made her unique and special. Talmesha, 27, then launched the popular Instagram hashtag, ‘Tiger Stripes On A Tuesday’ – challenging the stigma attached to stretch marks and encouraging women from around the world to post pictures of their post-baby bodies.

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Alana Sims says:

I would also love to get rid of my varicose veins

Roxanne IamAwAkE says:

I had a baby at 18 he was ten pounds I was skinny and after I had him I had a million stretch marks and sagging belly I cried and hated myself and never ever let anyone including my husband see me for Soo many years now I’m 40 and I wish I would never cared cuz I don’t care what noone thinks now hahahahah!!

Joise Kramer says:

Your beautiful with or without stretch marks

Chelle Weatherspoon says:

Been there. But we are not our skin. You are beautiful!

wataki2 says:

I love how this same video posted on other sites have way more honest comments than this platform.

KoatsAndGoats TheEdgyGoat says:

She’s gorgeous even with her stretch marks.

Haylie Mead says:

Nobody’s perfect get over it stretch marks are beautiful

Blue -eyed says:

Hypocricy and lies. Its not beautiful end of story.
Truth and facts dont care about your feelings.

User Name says:

Considering how slim she is and taking her overall genetics, she could have easily lose the stretch marks…it all depends if you willing to get rid of them or be lazy about it and just “embrace it” ahahah! My sister had 2 kids…one after another and she worked her way out from the stretch marks + this girl looks under 30, so she still got her biological clock on her side to fix everything, if she is willing to!

Ashima Harji says:

I think she’s a very strong and positive young lady.

just says:

this is SOO much more “body positive” than the “fat positive” activists. she’s taking care of her body, no matter the flaws. that’s what is beautiful.

Lee Ann Crowe says:

Oh come on what stretch marks you can barely make them out, I’m more interested in fact that she’s a midget, and she’s just showing off her wealth

MIK says:

Why they are all liars?

wataki2 says:

She accepts her marks and saggy skin but not her natural hair and face without makeup? Gotcha…

AL CY says:

why … say hello to vanity humans

Kayli Mejia says:

PREACH u can have stretch marks and still achieve ur dreams and ur beautiful and girl those stretch marks are a thing you need to be proud of bc you have an adorable son so u do wat u do

Heavenly Vibes says:

she’s so inspiring

Simon Tafolla says:

Ill still smash

Florence G. Munyeneh says:

You are great Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cree Lynn says:

She’s gorgeous!

Khatia says:

she is so beautiful but i have to say something.i’ve watched so many videos on this channel sometimes i really don’t understand of these people.for example,girl with acne,this woman with stretch marks,etc.omg medicine is sooooo far today this is not problem to remove these imperfections,why are they trying to live like that.

Kitty Nyce says:

I totally started crying.. Ughh.. I need to do some soul searching and really embrace my body. I absolutely can’t stand looking at my stomach in the mirror. I have had a 6 pack at one point in time, but you couldn’t even tell because of all the extra skin it was extremely disheartening

haroon majeed says:

she is beautiful

DADDY Alex says:

Wait I didn’t know she had stretch marks I just saw beauty

Beaty pip says:


mrwideboy says:

She looks fine what do you expect if you have a kid ?

Misha Golston says:

Is she seriously doing this do she know what people would do for her body and every person has stretch marks lmao

ronnette Giddings says:

Thanks for this I know the feeling I’m happy to see this

Maureen Palmer-Mundy says:

U r gorgeous

Jenny Mosca says:

Come on..she looks great…I don’t get it

Rhynda Watson says:

We all can’t afford Kim k or black Chyna etc….surgeries to fake bodies after child birth, nor would some of us subject our bodies to the knife for other people’s idea of beauty, real women sometimes get stretch marks. Awesome woman for excepting herself natural self.

Mrs Maddox says:

Stretch marks ARE NOT cute. PERIOD. Good for her that she’s happy though

Peach Rose says:

Remember- everyone has stretch marks. If you make fun of someone for them, you’re making fun of yourself.

She’s gorgeous and I wish I was that confident and attractive♡

KILLuminati410 says:

Such a beautiful young woman


She is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love her so much!! New Role model!! Very inspirational!! Heartwarming!!

Yellow Night says:

That does not look like stretch marks… I have some on my sides. She has loose skin in her belly button area

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