Model Beauty Secrets

Mariacarla Boscono, Raquel Zimmermann, Meghan Collison and more of the supermodel in W’s September 2014 issue open up about their routines

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Model Beauty Secrets

Featuring: Mariacarla Boscono, Raquel Zimmermann, and Meghan Collison

Film by Alec Maxwell. Styled by Edward Enninful.

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Armageddon4 says:

does anyone know how to lighten eyebrow as mariacarla? she is so perfect with black hair and lighten eyebrow

Tay Genius says:

Who is the girl at 0:55??

Bailee Walsh says:

who’s the girl at 1:13? 

Bjork- Min Yoongi's Honey says:

they take my blood and inject it into my face. it’s great.

Noor Shannaq says:

0.40 lookef like Miley Cyrus

Char Victor says:

The secret is have good genes. Lol

Denya Gantenbein says:

most of these socalled models are ugly as fuck. However, how fucking stupid this video is? They do all things from massages, treatments, botox, fillers, surgery and they come here saying their secret is to wash with cold water? Give me a fucking break.

pridenr1 says:

follow @nr1selfies on instagram for most cutest selfies on instagram ;)!!

Kei Gee says:

Must be nice to just wake up looking like that.

#focus_ on_me says:

They are all ugly….

Dav Apar says:

mariacarla is crazy

hilda martinez says:

Who’s the girl at 00:50?

Amanda Brues says:

Why do models always talk like this?

minakayla says:

Mica Arganaraz is LOML. she’s gorgeous just like that I love her.

Andy A says:

None of these people have nice faces…good bodies im sure but…

Zlata Smith says:

who’s at 0:18?

it is judgment says:

for those of you saying that none of them look good or have nice faces, they are specifically chosen as models because of how their face looks. when you see them on covers or tv their faces are beaten up with makeup and photoshoped.. they look for skinny faces that are basically clear so that they can shape them their way

sgm123 says:

00:18 what the…??? that’s a STRONG face!, like STROOONG in the face!!! And you know Raquel Zimmerman is full of it, she’s been modeling for like a 100 years, moisturizing is just 1 of the things she does.

alex H. says:

filip my baby

Pure Moonlight says:

So… they basically do nothing… Just naturally beautiful.

gellethecat says:

it just frustrated me ya know cos thats it thats what they do–nothing to look good wow i did everything i could to be pretty but nah 🙁

sarah agus says:

This video is a joke right? I mean, it’s sarcastic

mit suko says:

” i wake up like this ” lsahatieqyedgss

Krist Reid says:

enamus on kõõmad

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