Margot Robbie’s Beauty Routine Is Psychotically Perfect | Vogue

What does it take to become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading ladies? Australian-born Margot Robbie has an idea: for starters, a studied beauty routine so precise it borders on psychopathic. See the 25-year-old discuss the importance of being born with a six-pack and the beautifying powers of placenta cream in this American Psycho–spoofing original short directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost.

Directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost
A Supermarché Production in association with Moxie Pictures
Fashion Editor: Felicia Garcia-Rivera
Director of Photography: Michael Simmonds
Produced by Orlee-Rose Strauss
Editor: Paul LaCalandra
Production Design: Colleen O’Halloran
Hair: Ilker Akyol
Makeup: Jen Myles
Original Music: Jeremy Turner
Sound Design: Tim Korn
Music: Midnight Magic, “Work it Out”
Adaptation by Jessica Joffe

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Margot Robbie’s Beauty Routine Is Psychotically Perfect | Vogue

Featuring: Margot Robbie
Director: Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost


B D T says:

Why does her accent kick in at 2:08?!?!

Mia Bullock says:

i wonder how many people tried this

Aleksandra Kovalchuk says:

Как-то она плохо ухаживает, раз выглядит намного старше своих лет.

Dylan Nunn says:

Vegemite doesn’t go in the fridge…

Nec Tudor says:

American Psycho Female version

WalletCatFizz says:

Lol, she unmasked herself

Kayla says:

I know this is a parody but I find it so calming

I'm vegan says:


Gabby Rivers says:

This is so funny

Dick Masterson says:

she forgot to flush

Maays says:

I am shocked that she is 25, she looks in her 30s!

Mikas NMZ says:

She’s perfect

Stephanie Smith says:

What’s the sonnnggg aahhhb I cant find it anywhere

Victoria Ramos says:

This gives me black mirror vibes

Mikaela Grace says:

We need a 73 Questions with Margot.

Isaac Jones says:

what dyou call a catholic running out on communion?
Christian Bail

Katherine Caspersz says:

I love this video. And I love the way she dances at the end!

Fatima AlMazrouei says:

is it just me or i find her voice very soothing

paige serigne says:


Wendy Sullivan says:


DeeDee570 says:

She’s 25?! Omg I’m 24. We could be friendssss!!! lol

Misunderstood78ca says:

That satire thou…. but all I want to know is, are your nipple pierced?

Amelie Piggott says:

I got an add for cara delevine before this lol

Cody Sray says:

This is a PARODY .. of an American Psycho scene.. ya bunch a psycho paths <3

i8apoopsicle says:

OK so if she’s an Australian actress, why is she speaking in a North American accent? The only reason I can think of is to keep in line with American Psycho, however, this is Australian Psycho …?

glearful says:

10/10 would let her chop me in half

Song Bird says:

All the rich girls at school be like:

mcpizzahell entertainment says:

i fell of my chair when she looked at her signed hamilton poster

Eva Braun says:

Margot Robbie is a good argument for eugenics

Mia Bullock says:

i wonder how many people tried this

Nadine Summa says:

tooo good LOOOOOOOL a ridiculously beautiful woman with a great sense of humour..I LIKE

Afeena Nazeera says:

Look at that stunning blue eyes! Love margot Robbie!

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