LUNCH MEAT FACE MASK?! First Impressions ♥ Korean Modeling Face Mask Review

Hehe thumbs up for the Mean Girls reference! 😀

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These modeling face masks have been around for a little while, but I feel like they’ve been getting more popular. They’re definitely a weird and interesting beauty product. I’m not sure if I saw a massive difference, but they’re a fun mask that you can do with friends or if you just like picking at things. haha. As always, please don’t forget to rate, comment, subscribe and share with your friends and family! I love you all 🙂



Sarah says:

You have beautiful skin. 🙂

bionka quezada says:

I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU’RE 23 ! You look 16

lady rodriguez says:

I just watched Wengie do a video on a similar type of mask and she loved it. Thanks for sharing the info! I’m going to check some out

Karla Quintanilla says:

Morgan I can just watch you all day and not get bored! You are really entertaining and beautiful I wish I could meet you ㅠ.ㅠ

Stacey Ward says:

With your natural light before you have the product on your face…

curry says:

is that the memebox brush in your shower? Im planning on buying it but there’s a cheap one in TJ Maxx.. Which one do you think is worth it??

Lenysa Rodriguez says:

I peeped the face brush behind you! I have it in my cart at meme box. Lol I think I’m paying for it now. It has so many good reviews and I’m really for a gentle face brush. How do you like it?

SoAnLoves says:

Idk why I always laugh at random things you do. Like that cough or whatever when you tried to smell the white powder lol *I’m in love with the coco *

ninaocontrario says:

is it just me who thinks she kind of looks like song jieun from secret? *o*

Love for Kbeauty says:

I would love to get some more reviews on these types of products, have you tried it more then this time? have you tried any other types of modeling masks?

sanablue1 says:

Now that’s the peelporn 😀

Stacey Ward says:

Also BB bags yay!

Mari B says:

Congratulations on 100,000 subscribers you deserve every single one and more! I love your videos and thank you so much for taking the time to make them 🙂 Have a great day you beautiful gal~

Rita Ordaya Lock says:

lol xD Morgan you are so funny x3
it looks like glue xD I used to put glue on my hands and wait until it was dry to remove it x3

Sabrina Lazo says:

I like this video don’t know we’re to get the stuff tho and also I wanted to buy some of your headband but when I clicked on the link it said user doesn’t exist

Kyle S says:

I was like…..there is no way meat on your face could be healthy.

Marisa McGowan says:

Where do you get the bowl and spatula for the modeling mask? 🙂

Elise Del Rosario says:

You’re so cute when you tried to make it fall off by itself ❤️

minutetomyn says:


Not Bad says:

ahh, skin goals~ and you’re sooooo beautiful

Kathyyy says:

You got great skin!! So jealous!! >.<

anna ant. says:

shes 22 years old? omg she looks much young how lucky she is :O

skylenified says:

Lol lunch meat face mask. That did look like a lot fun. Now to add another product to my to-buy list!

Ezra Augusto says:

i feel weirdly relaxed when you peeled the mask off lol thanks for the in depth review!

bambis46 says:

I did this – ALL the instructions were in Korean so I left it on too long. SCRAPING it off – and it being ALL I’m my clothes and in my bedding – later. ROFL Don’t leave it on to long!

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