I Was Body-Shamed By A Modeling Agency

“I just wanted to cry”

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Giorgio Armani – Alternative Views: Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20
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Angel Chen – Runway: Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20
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Agnona – Runway: Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20
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Gabriele Colangelo – Runway: Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20
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London Fashion Week February 2018 Protest
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London Fashion Week February 2018 Protest
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Weight scale.
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SimplyBe ‘Curve Catwalk’ During London Fashion
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Curve Style Fashion Show 2002
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Stephen Carter says:

Perhaps you should find another line of work?
You wouldn’t expect a 5’7″ bushman from South Africa to make a splash in the NBA .
It doesn’t matter how passionate he is about basketball, a 5’7″ South African bushman doesn’t have the genetic makeup recruiters are looking for.
No one is going to pay to see *’Affirmative action’* type basketball players *(or models)* living their personal dream.

The Dark Reviewer says:

Don’t pull the race card because you were not serious about Elite modeling. You know what the requirements are for modeling at that level. The reason he made a condescending statement to you is because he questioned your will and judgment. Let’s be honest here, you knew you did not meet the requirements or you would have tried out for the elite modeling way before this con game happen.

Susan Smith says:

The guy sounds like an arsehole. Brave lady. The modelling world seems very unhealthy.

Jay says:


Ronda Gatts says:

She’s alright… not bad looking… BUT
her head is too big and oval shape. She
also has a somewhat prominent jaw-line.
Her eyes are too small and her face too big.

Ideal model facial characteristics =
– small round or heart-shaped (high cheek bones) face
– big eyes, small proportional nose
– full or at least partially full lips
– etc., etc.

PaiN ExoTiC says:

It’s their business. No one has a right to tell you how you should run your business. If they dont want skinny and obese people as models, that’s THEIR choice. It would be like me walking into a cafe and demanding that they start selling raisin bagels. What right would I have to do that?

Berlin Wall says:

How is 3:44 a curvy model? Looks like the average healthy weight woman

Olga Kubiatowska says:

So basically you gave outdated info, agent told you to get back to way you were so you’d fit the requirements, showed you the measurements you were supposed to have. You brought race into this because of one photo of a model. And started whining. Now you whine that new models need to have strong back which is good advice considering you yourself seem to lack one. I don’t understand BuzzFeed anymore

Chrisvie Nsikou says:

How is that body shaming exactly? She was naive to think that she’d just be accepted. She’s seriously annoying me because what she’s saying is so stupid . That’s the agent’s job, he’s done it to other girls.What makes her so special?

This is why girls are seen as weak! Cause of senti people like herself.

{Beautiful Atrocities} says:

I mean don’t get me wrong this video is sad, but I have African friends who are skinnier than me, but don’t get me wrong the size he was pushing on you was unhealthy.

victor assessing says:

That had nothing to do with race, they had standards and requirements that you did not meet. They reached to you on DM and seems like you had false information on your bio. Stop crying wolf

Wadell Thompson says:



Morpheus says:

I’ll say it, she strikes me as someone who is only black when it’s convenient for her and there is some ‘wrong-doing’ against her. If you are in the profession as a model, you are going to be evaluated by your size and looks, this is nothing new.

shiro_ suzaku says:

First off AS A MAN i wouldnt want to see your face in a magazine thats probably what the dude was thinking when he saw u with out the filter and from what u said just now he sounds like he knows what hes doing ..Ps good luck on your journey to the mirror tommorow

truevpcool says:

Don’t let someone define what you should do or how you should look. I’m actually happy you didn’t sign to the agency only because I feel like they are definitely the type to put women down just by saying oh you need to work on this you need to fix this you need to do this if you want to be with us. And that’s not how it should be I feel like the agency is mentally abusing to women telling them that there not good enough.

Dust Cloud says:

You were not forced, you lied on your resumé.
Wasn’t about ancestry it was about your resume.

Eva Lammers says:

“That girl is able to do that because her ancestry did not come from Africa” – that girl is probably able to do that because she has an eating disorder/is under a lot of stress, much like yourself when you were a 34 inch hip size. The modelling industry sucks for every single girl. There are too few women of color, specifically of African descent, but a 34 inch hip on a grown woman is an unattainable standard for most women. The industry needs to change all the way.

João Rodrigues says:

What is wrong tho she’s gorgeous and her body looks like what agencies would like

Mimi Laloutre says:

I’m black and i don’t have butt too –“

Caitlyn Liu says:

she could’ve not lied online about her measurements. and if it’s that selective of an agency why are you acting like u expect the job, despite the competition and knowing u don’t have the requirements

Candy Life says:

She is legit the perfect person, she has an amazing body, I wish I had that body, she seems so nice and she has a nice face. The person who told her all of those things are horrible.

HAGAR says:

She was given constructive criticism on her appearance/clothing and told what their standards are. She got in her feelings. Then, she was shown a model who fit their standard and used racial stereotypes to justify not fitting in their standards and wanting the job anyway, (even though she said earlier in the video she was that size at one point, so her point about it not being possible doesn’t make sense). Then she calls her mother and cries…
Even as a young girl myself and understanding her emotionally, I can’t help but think she has an entitled mindset. I used to get bullied for being fat all of the time, which motivated me to work out and get fit. If there’s a positive outcome out of a minor negative experience, then there’s nothing for you to complain about.

Let’s get 1,000 subscribers with no Videos says:

Girl she is GLOWING

QSquare says:

Loved this!!

kelly says:

i have a lot of thoughts about this bc i currently work as a model manager… i’m curious if she only got to interview with this one agency. the basic thing about models is that they’re the very small percentage of the population who embody/help create this image of elevation and exclusivity. while to me personally this is not necessarily a certain measurement, it unfortunately remains the status quo for a lot of agencies as designers work with sample sizes that have yet to change.

on another note, the spiel about dark-skinned girls was awkward… just because there isn’t a dark-skinned african-american who’s “made it”, that detracts the successes of other dark-skinned girls who were born elsewhere? i don’t understand that bit but ok

mom a says:

2:13 u flat tho??

100 subs with one vid yes says:

You are beatifubeatiful

Joe Troiani says:

Ugh. She was offered advice to improve her chances at a modeling job. She was treated the same as any model who wants to work at that agency. The entitlement is crazy!!! Try another angency and stop whining.

inquizative44 says:

From what I understand, the clothes they model come in certain sizes and this is why they require certain body dimensions. Am I wrong?

vissinada says:

First of all… she is gorgeous and she is not plus sized! Second I thought we were past this… obviously not!

Doug V.O.R. says:

Ehh… she’s ok looking… but on the other hand… like i’ve been saying… you twirlers, curlers, looking to bring in these beautiful babies need to hurry up… cause now we wanna see the beautiful ones as well… & that’s according to how YOU feel!!!

Omega1andonly says:

So the guy was honest with her & that’s body shaming? Besides saying he was looking for a 34 hip he also said he sees a young woman who doesn’t know how to dress, he’s trying to help you. If you had trouble there, then you’ll have trouble at other agencies if you don’t want to do what they’re telling you to do. You can’t go to an employer and tell them how things are gonna go

Andreea Tiganovschi says:

If you have big butt is bad,if you have small butt is bad

andrea pacheco says:

You booked six shows for fashion week because you are stunning and because a 34” hip measurement shouldn’t make or break you. You look slim, fit, and most importantly you look healthy.
Stuff like this makes me wish I had pursued fashion design in college when I originally wanted to. I’d cast models with no height requirement and without taking measurements until I needed them for the clothes. I’d want my runway walked by women who looked real and by women who, like you, are tall and slender models but STILL look real.
Keep getting those bookings just the way you are. Anyone who tells you that you need to “improve” your body or want to work for something more is insane.

Cedric Bethea says:

Why do I keep getting rejected for the NY KNICKS I’m 5’2 and 140 pounds. I should just show up and be hired just because I’m Black. They shouldn’t have any standards. Lady please get over yourself you’re just another average Black women.

Molnár Györgyi says:

Honey… Do you know what body shameing is? Because this is NOT! It is a pointless whining.
Every body knows that modeling agencies based on measurements. This is how modeling agencies works, they have standards. Everybody knows it! And you did not fit. This is not body shameing. Should I cry because I’m short a I’m not fitting either (and never will)? And how to earth could you send your old measurements? I mean seriously??? You technically lied to them. He said you are beautiful, just do not fit their standardrs. And why the earth did you bring up race? I know Buzzfeed morons have no idea what real racism is, and thety think every white person is racist a_hole (even white workers) but still… this is in sane! (He even said yout >>>skin<<< is beautiful.) At the end: this is not about body shameing, and not even close to racism, it is abaut a modeling agencies standards. So please stop playing the victim.

Darcy Collier says:

No idea where the vs headquarters is bit from what she explained it just really reminded me of it


Body shame for a few cm? this is bs…

JasonDrvmz says:

So maybe she should just stay in the house and not go outside so she can stay inside her little safe space snowflake bubble. Smh… I mean heavens forbid a modeling agency has standards… Damn SJWs are pure cancer

Berlin Wall says:

Having African ancestry doesn’t automatically mean having big butt and hips. There’s tons of naturally flat black women

twinkharrylwt says:

First of al, I’ve been modeling for 2/4 years with biggest agencies around the world.. they were doing great things for me untill I was ready to fet my US visa and they just didn’t work for it, I changed to a little bit smaller agencies but still with the big names like cara taylor and stuff and i get better jobs, big agencies don’t mean great agencies..

those pictures weren’t curvy models, those were the plussize models..

it’s not about how many shows you walk buy which shows you walk..

you don’t need expensive clothing to ‘look’ expensive.. and I’m not the ‘right’ measurments and haven’t been for ages.. I’ve still done balenciaga campaign and vogue and other magazines.. it sometimes is an excuse by agencies i feel like.. most beand i work for are unisex and the guys can have 95 cm hips while girls need 87 cm and they get the same damn clothing.. I’m finished this summer with modeling, has been a great time but I noticed I lost my own confidence and after 4 years the ‘fat’ talk did get slowly into my head, I’m now doing everything again because I love it and I want it and I’m trying to remember myself everyday I am worthy enough and if you know it yourself again you’ll get great jobs again..

Shock says:

if you understood the history of the modeling world then it all makes sense that you were rejected!

A D says:

She made a lot of good points in this video, but I think it was unnecessary to bring race into this.

h a n n a h says:

I know that they don’t know what you went through and from people like that they don’t care if your healthy or not. I just want to say that I don’t want anyone to make themselves unhealthy just because someone said they have to be a certain size.

peter parker says:

I’m tired of the NBA discriminating against me

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