Sooooo trying to follow that braiding tutorial was sooo hard…
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Stacy White Face-Fonseca says:


Mary Angel says:

No more like this, please. You did not seem like your authentic self in this video. Don’t know what it was but it felt like you were trying too hard or something. Love you always, just hope this is not the new normal. Your first stuff on YouTube was pure gold. Would love to see more just like that!!! Don’t get mad people, he asked if we enjoyed it. Just my opinion.

Emily Probst says:

“She has such strong arms, good for her,” but on the real, braiding your own hair is a work out. These trendy double french braids got me flexing harder than the bros lifting 250…

Trine’e Morgan says:

You did much better than I did!! LOL

Marco Resendez says:

Aegon Targaryen as fuck.

ronnette harvey says:

Take that jacket off. It puts strain on your arms. I was sad when you said your arms hurt and you barely got started

Patricia Bailey says:

You look like Dragon Mother in that wig. Xxxx

Christine alexandra says:

That hair reminds me of that movie White Chicks. Lol

Winterfairy66 says:

Funniest video!!! I was thoroughly entertained watching you braid your wig!!

Ashe R says:

for the first minute i was trying to figure out why you looked so familiar until i realized that that wig makes you look like lucius malfoy and now im crying

Dee says:

You are a hoot! I love you, you adorable hair stylist diva! You rock!

Stacy White Face-Fonseca says:

Do a better job

Aleisha Davis says:

I havent laughed so hard in so long!!! Im crying!

Drishya Pandey says:

When it fell out,I died!

Adams Videos says:

The lady just basically said braid, and he was like “What? Omg no I can’t do that “

WoogiebearBaby says:

This had me in stitches!

Luke Baz says:

Welcome to the channel Kesha lol

Akuma Warcat says:

You look like a stunning Legolas 😀

Shridra says:

The thing is that you’re used to standing behind a person and seeing what you’re doing the whole time. If you regularly do braids on yourself, you learn how to do it by feel a lot better =) I regularly do French braids or Dutch braids on myself and my first were HORRIBLE, but now people think someone else has done them lol

AmyLaChipotle11 says:

This was sooo entertaining and hilarious!!! You and your locks were too frickin funny.. Uncontrollable laughter literally half the time ❤️❤️

Kirby Kush says:

This is the best video i have ever seen.

Natalie I says:

Me searching up how do a fishtail braid and you like oh I do this so then you try and then total disaster

Baeked mochi says:

The way he says “what?” jdjxjcjx

Hana says:

I still can’t believe Nina made that tutorial less than 6 minutes

Shelby Hepler says:

you look like Thranduil from the hobbit movie with that blond wig and its great

Brooklee Elfen says:

At 7:38 you leaned back and a clip got stuck to the wig lol

Maryam Gamal says:

Actually he is a bit annoying .
But I like watching him.

Katie Martin says:

Am I the only one who wanted to over there and brush that wig

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