I Lived Like A Victoria’s Secret Model For A Week | Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan.com beauty editor Carly Cardellino lived like Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lily Aldridge, for an entire week… here’s what happened.

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ArtisticBlood says:

She looks like lily

Annu Rai says:

despite all these she is hideous looking. what’s up w the white hair grandma?

Josefin Johansson says:

The Victoria’s Secret models are So skinny, it is not fair that society tells us that this is the only body type we should look up too and want. And it’s certainly not realistic either. I think Carly looks beautiful. Lots of love to all of your different body types out there! <3

Silver Pony says:

Carly could be an actual model, she’s really pretty 🙂

Ashley Buckingham says:

She’s really pretty

Samuel Ng says:

WHAT A BORING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany Li says:

Carly is really pretty!!

Space Lemons says:

I thought that was a real model at the beginning lol

Marina says:

why is there much planning involved? you GET your food, and go to your bb appointments and beauty treatments.
a high schooler trying to look her best (work out, eat healthy) and do good in schoolat the same time, there is much planning and time management involved.

Angelo Rodriguez says:

She looked like Blond Kendall Jenner!

Nina Richards says:


SheepCake Wool says:

Just subbed to u guys

Chandni Bainz says:

She looks like Kendall but I can’t put my finger that how she looks like her.

Whatever Goes says:

I wish

Remi xxx says:

She have one of the most beautiful smiles that I’ve ever seen in my life.

Keep Going says:

2:36 she looks trans like that

Thesummerset Islife says:

And I still look like a greasy hair ball. If there is a god. That dude hates me lol.

Marilia Olmedo says:

her face is ugly is not too femenine

Foody Yummy says:

She looks like Rachid Badouri

Olivia Jazwick says:

at 1:21 she honestly kinda looks like Marylin Monroe

summer holiday says:

why the negative comments? she’s gorgeous!

Taylor Chilingarian says:

She looks like a vs model tbh

GeekyFleeky says:

It sucks that I’m 5 ft & have no chance in being a Victoria Secret model

Ashley Nicole Delavin says:

She kinda look like Kendall Jenner ❤

Queen piri says:

who thinks she looks like Kendall Jenner..

babyparabola says:

She looked so much OLDER with that makeup & hair! Like, well into her 40s.

Ari says:

I know it’s stupid and it’s a very aesthetic dream but I want to be a model. I want to have that perfect hair, and perfect body and I freaking want thigh gaps!! I’m not fat I’m just..”normal” and I hate it. I want to be a damn model now!

Raquel Miller says:

What the name of the song at the end ?

Giorgia Bliem says:

2:13 this is fucking friendship.

beatriz castaneda says:

She is so beautiful!

Julia Lunsford says:

Why all this hate though like, the majority of these comments are of jealous people and people who are criticising her looks like damn what does her hair have anything to do with you’re life?

bellatrixevans says:

She reminds me of Mary Kate from that one CollegeHumor series

Claudia rivas c. says:

this is how will kendall jenner would look in a few years

Bent Metal says:

She’s actually more beautiful than the model she had to live like! Why not hire her VS?

candy lcl says:

Haha ur did a good job 🙂

hospitalcakewalk says:

it’s a shame to do all that work and keep those eyebrows

Mark Is Senpai says:

I bet she was starving

Gherca Marina says:

lol white hair and black eyebrows haha not pretty

Ashley Clark says:

wow this is my life time dream and I hope it truly ones true!!!

kepoh sangat says:

that hair. ughh

l.xtasy says:

wow….a personal trainer who motivates you and encourages you all the time, healthy meals deliver directly to your door so you wouldn’t have to shop or cook or even think about that, people taking care of your face, body, hair and everything so you would look your best…that really sounds like a hard work #sarcasm

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