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This week on Beauty With Mi, our host, Mi-Anne Chan tries the travel routine of a former Victoria’s Secret model. Co-founder of Wander Beauty and model, Lindsay Ellingson teaches Mi-Anne how to keep her skin in prime condition while traveling. Watch this episode of Beauty With Mi to learn how to have a skincare routine like a model!

Products Used:
Bioderma Micellar Water
I-Pekar Tissue Repair Serum
Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Water Cream
Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Face Oil
Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks
Jade Gua Sha Facial Tool
Slip Silk Sleepmask
Wander Beauty Micro Brow Pencil
Wander Beauty Dualist Concealer
Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara
Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Blush Duo
Wander Beauty Wanderess Fever Palette
Wander Beauty Glow Getter Mist

Explore the craziest trends, most unique treatments, newest products, and strangest subcultures in the beauty world alongside Refinery29’s very own beauty writer, Mi-Anne Chan. We dare to find and try the fringes of beauty — for better or worse.

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amberdoe says:

Not going to lie this video kind of feels like an ad for wander beauty

BOMB.COM says:

Great video! <3

Emily Jimenez says:


madelon 0404 says:

one time my sister did her foundation in the airplane and the pump exploded foundation everywhere and it was really akward

Boop Loop says:

Mi-Anne, I’d love you to try a 100% natural skincare routine. Like raw honey as a face wash, a natural toner, etc. I think it would be interesting!

Jada Ony says:

I like her , she seems sweet. Nice to see a model have entrepreneurship.

Ines Casillas says:

she applied all her makeup with her fingers and didn’t use any type of set up powder LOOOL honeeeey what is you doing ….

Charlotte Hui says:

The gua sha (guat sa, in Cantonese) she uses is a Chinese tool that parents use on their kids to relieve colds and improve circulation (some elderly do it but my mom doesn’t recommend it because their skin is thinner and easier to break) but I didn’t know it could be used for your face as well! I might try it myself, because it seems really useful. Thanks!

Jenn Truong says:

I plan on getting those gold eye masks for myself for Christmas!

Carrie Post says:

These items sound amazing but are way too expensive for the average person even the ones on Amazon. Maybe something regarding drugstore finds that are comparable to luxury brands.

carableu says:

Lindsay has perfect skin and hair!

Nihilism Is the Only Way says:

I thought that was Emma Stone in the thumbnail!
And omg I had to stop wearing my CONTACTS on the plane even because they would get so dry I couldn’t open my eyes comfortably by the time I got to my destination (yes, even with eye drops)

Jennifer Goehrig says:

Do a show on natural deodorant. The aluminum is really bad for us. Linked to cancer and alzhiemers. you have to detox your pits with certain masques and then find a formula you like.

Jennifer Dp says:

Mi is awesome!

a clementine says:

audrey hepburn! she had amazing makeup

Alexandra Rechner says:

she reminds me so much of emma stone

Jasmine Stevens says:

lol the concealer has 4 shades, of course… no WANDER ive never heard of it…its not for me lololol

Lufy C says:

I put on dr jart sheet mask on my long flights and from my london-paris train ride! Have to not give a fuck of what ppl think because my skin needs its hydration.

Martha Holt says:

They’re as beautiful without the make-up as with it. Incredible.

Nihilism Is the Only Way says:

Is wander beauty Victoria secrets new makeup line or something?

lexuscarrington says:

Very nice video, I enjoyed it!

bobo bo says:

Can u try an infinite beauty facial

justling7 says:

so did you break out after that flight?

Ronnie Feng says:

The guest Lindsay is like the whitest, most basic person I’ve seen on the internet lol

Cecilia Bræstrup Ettemadi says:

Sponsored by Wanderlust!

Nóra Bánfi says:

Her chest is very damaged of the sun I’m not trying to be rude here. Girls always wear SPF a minimum of 30!!! Face, neck, chest, back of your hand!

Eva Streit says:

wow, that girls up tight! whheeuw..

laila gabrielle says:

Onn the thumbnail, lindsay looked like jade pettyjohn lmao

JsoloMeDiA says:

Got headphones?…. Go to Spotify…..”A metronome sang farewell”…… The views might need a makeover..

The Little Lifestyle Vlog says:

This is amazing! The makeup looks so natural! Xxx

Aria Eireen says:

Please try a japanese or korean skincare routine and may be try to do a makeup like a catwalk model

Sophia Saracino says:

I have their mascara and it is honestly the best mascara EVER!!!

James Taggert says:

ladies and look, cant be separated…..

ɐɹɐz says:

Mi Anne gets all these treatments because the industry knows that she’s too ugly for the job

Refinery29 says:

What other routines would you like to see Mi-Anne try? Let us know in the comments.

Rose Fall says:

Airplane air is only partially recirculated. It’s cleaner than most of the air we breathe on a daily basis

CC Chen says:

Gua Sha is 刮痧。✨

埃塞克斯南希 says:

I’m here because… btchplease, YOU MEET LINDSAY???!!! OMFG!!!! :’v

Vivien Maron says:

My mentality is that I’ll never see those people again, so I really don’t care 🙂

Jason Tillett says:

She doesn’t live on the upper East side?

vikakui says:

such a looong routine and still her face is not perfect… thought that I was mistaking somewhere!! such a sweet girl though

Like So Pigmented says:

it must be so expensive

Handi Ali says:

this flight-skincare-makeup-routine is luxurious all the makeup are in gold containers like having heaven on the plane

It’s awesome ❤

Olivia Harrison says:

I would love to see Mi-Anne try more CBD products. I’m intrigued!

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