How YouTube RUINED My Modeling Career!

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Turtlegeek says:

proudest decision was deciding to record an album

Arianna Simien says:

broke n happy though!

thomas barkley says:

Wow you are really brave.

Ben Harris Jr. says:

Awesome video!

Holly Gowins says:

Mad love, respect, and greatfulness for choosing us. Thanks so much.

Rayann Moore says:

the proudest thing I have done is coming out and saying fuck Donald trump lol no I have never been sooo happy to be lezz cuz I love vag

care4souls says:

I’ve been told the same thing by a talent agency concerning not wanting the same looking (black) talents. He was even reluctant to sign two red haired girls.

Tgirl Lannister says:

oh mi gosh I absolutely LOVED this video! ur so cool and real and u speak the fucking truth and I love it! Your videos are life and stay awesome <3

Christina Ma says:

I made the decision to go to grad school! It sounds like nothing but I know what I aspire to be and I know how to get there! loved the video, you’re so refreshingly adorable! Happy 2017! Your hair looks great!

Agata Janik says:

or they white? wtf? I love you , I watch you but that’s the stupidest thing you ever said

Rayann Moore says:

Haha love you you are funny love your channel already

Sara Carvajal says:

glad you didnt sell your life! I love your personality, keep Shining baby!

kkassidybae says:


Samiha Marie says:

the best decision i ever made was to leave me ex husband n live my life authentically as a lesbian woman… i let go of the fear of what everyone else would think or say… especially my muslim mother that raised me strictly in islam… i am finally ok with who i am n what i want for myself… as long as my children are ok with me n my choice im ok cuz my actions only affect them n myself…n even though i havent found that special lady yet…I just know i made the best decision of my life to allow myself to be open n available to the possibility of authentic love

Light House says:

smart person with integrity

malaykav says:

You’re gorgeous beautiful and an inspiration. I hope to have that joy some day. I know I will!

Rayann Moore says:

you remind me of myself lol

Katie Simpson says:

Mad respect for you girl!!! Stay true to you!

Drill Movement says:

this a boy or a girl???

ty Cole says:

how do you become a model?

Mariana Fernando says:

“There just really cute or their white and it’s great” Okay if that isn’t trueeeee

Aliah Rose says:

I fucking adore you

Eleni Eliades says:

Being androgynous also I am at a place in my life where I can actually laugh to myself as I correct people if they call me ‘” sir ” or mister I will let them know that I am female. When I lived in San Francisco a woman called me “mam-sir ” which was a new phrase I’d never been called nor have I heard before. It took me by surprise to the point that I began laughing as I said “excuse me..?!”. I’m quite thin and have some muscles from just walking around a lot in the city and from dancing. Go through times of wearing lipstick and different hairstyles etc. Anyway, I really appreciate hearing from another androgynous lady who is so comfortable in her own skin (which I must say is beautiful ). You have a strength of character about you which creates this wonderful ‘devil-may-care’ attitude. Been stuck in a deep funk lately. . .but you made me smile. And to have that ability to make another person you don’t even know smile, laugh says a lot about the choices you’ve made as in creating your own YouTube site and posting your thoughts to so many people around the world. Keep doing what your doing ~

Neghie Thervil says:

Broke and free will always beat rich and miserable. I quit my job in ’09 and never looked back.

lalalolo mikey says:

Aria Montgomery and Ezra fitz pll don’t know if I spell it right

RenaeMUA says:

honesty one of the proudest decisions ive ever made was joining youtube. I only have a little over 200 subbies but Ive worked sooooooooo hard for that. im in charge of what I put on here. im proud to say its mine and the continuous support is coo too! im a freaking NONCONFORMIST, im not built to have a boss. hell, I have a problem with authority. I need space..i need independence. and youtube is def a way to get there. it takes a lot! A WHOLE LOT!!… but only the strong survive! lol… no seriously! youtube aint easy, nor is it cheap. but for me.. its sooooo worth it. ill reap its true benefits one day..but until then… im having fun. im learning a lot and its ppl like you that truly INSPIRE ME! frfr I wouldn’t say I feel completely free..YET. but a bitch is on her way! heeeylol

randall calloway says:

Sounds a little Evil to me, I probley would have signed it I’m hardly on if n Facebook anyway…. Depending on what else like I would have to read it all…

Mrs Salima Rose El-Amiin says:

Peace & Blessings beautiful soul. Good for you! Money is not everything and because you stayed true to your heart there will be even bigger blessings for you in the future. I saw the collaboration video you did with Camille and instantly fell in love with your spirit.

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